Oct. 8th, 2010 10:15 pm
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Okay...  What should happen when we enter Salem at the height of their biggest Month long celebration?  A cat... a BLACK cat, strolls in front of our car.  ...crosses our path, as aloof as only a cat can be.   ...IN SALEM!   IN OCTOBER!  [dramatic music]. 

Our Final Day )
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Yesterday we had the Deluge.  Today was calm and partly cloudy.  Not only that, but New Hampshire and Maine both believe in Road Signs.  Mapquest never once failed us.  We thought we must have taken a wrong turn in Kennybunkport.   Seriously. 
Okay, things are pretty sad when finding road signs is a source of happiness.

Through the back roads of Maine. )
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Did i say we got wet yesterday?  I was sorely mistaken.

Right now we're in a New Hampshire motel in our jammies and working on drying out our jackets and shoes, and drinking all the free coffee.

The Relocation. )

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There is lots to do in Boston. We chose to sample bits of it by walking the Freedom Trail. There is a red line either in paint or brick that starts at Boston Commons and leads you around all the important historical structures and locations from the American Revolution. It's suppose to go for 2 and a half miles, but we managed to tack on 7 more miles by going off trail into cemeteries and churches and the tall ship USS Constitution.
Our Walk ... click here. )
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We left Rockland for Boston today.  We didn't go directly though, even though it's only 11 miles away.  No, we went East in search of Lighthouses.  

And, oh my, was the wind still in force!  While we were visiting the Scituate Light a number of locals came out to watch the waves in awe as they crashed over the breakwater.  And while it wasn't raining the salt spray covered us, our car, and of more concern, our cameras.  Hopefully they'll survive.  Will try to clean them up a bit tonight.

The Day, and a SPECTACULAR photo by Juli )

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Today was our day for Cape Cod.  It was mostly about going to Lighthouses, but it was also using lighthouses as an excuse for a leisurely drive through the back roads of the Cape.  And we discovered that, because there is a canal now, Cape Cod is an island.  ..though I'm sure it's not officially so.

The Cape Trip in Detail )
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We've moved on from Newport to the South Coast of Massachusetts.

Before we left Newport we went in search of Castle Hill Light.  That was the one we couldn't find last night.  It's interesting that the highway to the south end of the island is made up of two narrow cobblestone streets.  We still got lost.  No street signs.
But this time it took us to the spectacular coastline facing the open Atlantic.  The sun was out, the air was crisp and clear after the storm.
We had to ask directions from the grounds crew at Castle Hill Resort, and we had to hike through the woods out to the rocks, oh but it was worth it.  We were early in the morning and the light was incredible. 

From there we went to Bordon Flats Light in Fall River.  Great little spark plug with a nuclear cooling tower behind it.
From there we saw three lights in New Bedford, home of the Seattle Brides.
We stopped in Maputac---  Mattupuusce---  Meatsoba----   [digs through papers] --- Mattapoisett, and visited Ned's Point Light.

Finally we stopped in Plymouth.  We decided to blow the lights.  Oh we got pictures of them, so we can check them off.  We decided to check out Plymouth.  And guess what?  There's this rock!  I got pictures!  And it does...  these rock... things.
We took some photos of the Mayflower II.  Then we went up into burial hill to find some old dates in the cemetery.

Tomorrow ... Cape Cod.

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Today we reduced plans significantly to make room for the remnant of Tropical Storm Nichole.  We were under a High Wind Advisory and and Ariel Flood Advisory until 5 PM this evening.  So, no boat tour of the harbor and no car tour up through Providence.  That just didn't seem wise.

The Lighthouse Report. )
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We chose to make today an Indoor Activity Day, as it was suppose to rain buckets.
Just a side note on that last bit.  The remnant of Tropical Storm Nichole is hitting the Eastern Seaboard from the Carolina to Massachusetts.  They are having difficulty with timing, now they are saying Tonight and tomorrow--High Wind Watch and Heavy rains..about 2 to 6 inches.  Tomorrow may become an indoor day too.

I discuss The Mansions behind this link  )
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Today we left Groton, CT  for Newport, RI going by way of the waterfront.  There were three lighthouses we wanted to catch. 

Stonington Harbor Light,  Stonington is a cool town with very narrow streets and a very sea village feel. 
While we were at Stonington we accidentally found Latimer Reef Light in New York.  Just close enough to get a misty imaged.
On the way out of Stonington we got captured by an old cemetery.  We stopped and wandered through, and found quite a number of folks  with "Born" dates getting into the 1700's, and a few Civil War vets. 

Watch Hill Light.  Watch Hill is a High Rent District with some very pricey homes.  The waterfront was boutique-y but as the shop owners opened they were all of the same mind.  ...the season is over.

Point Judith Light.  It's a Coast Guard base, but we were told by all our research that the property was open to the public.  As it turns  out, yes, it's open, but you have to know that it's alright to walk through the open gate and wander about the point.  No, Really!  That's what the Coast Guardsman told us as he drove off.  If the gate was open then we could come in.

Our last venture was hiking out Cliff Walk.  Cliff Walk is a trail that lines the shore in front of Newport Mansions.  Did I say Watch Hill was high rent?  Rabbit Hovels when compared to these palatial estates!  The walk gave us peekaboo views of the mansions, but the Atlantic crashing on the shore was just as fantastic.
It started off as a paved trail for a number of miles.  Then it turned into some dirt and flat blocks of granite creating a bulkhead .  Safe enough.  Then it turned into some rough rock clambering.  "Time to Rope Up!"  We kept going, wanting to get to the end.  We got down to the southern point and back towards the end of the trail, around a very huge and beautiful stone mansion.   But the fog was rolling in and the sun was setting. 
...and my pedometer said we hag gone a lot farther then 3.5 miles, all of which we had to hike back.

Tomorrow it's planing to rain, so we're going to relax a bit and tour a couple of the mansions.  They are open for tour.
We Found Cliff Dragons! Maybe They Live Here. )

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Started off today by driving almost the entire width of Connecticut.   We were about 10 miles shy of New York State.  Though we discovered on Sunday, when we got lost in Boston, that signage out this way seems to be optional.  This makes for a crabby co-pilot.  Can't do her job without the proper tools.  We got lost in Stamford, but eventually bagged the Lighthouse.

Then we worked our way back East up the coast until it was too dark to take pictures.

Lots of downpour today, though none of the thunderstorms they thought might happen.  We managed to get by in the dry spells here and there.  It worked out pretty well, though the humidity is bad.  It's been about 75 degrees out here.

Tomorrow we relocate to Newport and catch the Cliff Walk.

Oh, and Laurann, yes we did make it to USCG New London, but it was not meant to be one of our destination, we were lost, and we didn't see anything because it was dark.  heh.

Oh.  Did you mean the Academy?  No, we didn't stumble into that one either.  We were on the waterfront.
PS: We know you all are breaking humidity records in Puget Sound. However over here the warm air and humidity have created the new traveling duo... Puffball and Thistle Head.
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Today was started off at the U. Conn campus visiting Avery Point Lighthouse.  We were surprised by our views of New London Ledge Light, so we managed to cross that one off our list as well.

Then we spent the rest of the day at Mystic Seaport.   WOW!

Brian would love this!  It's a fully functional boat yard that is devoted to the restoration of wooden sailing vessels.  Their big project right now is the, I think, third complete restoration of the last remaining American built whaling ship, the Charles W Morgan.  They pulled her out of the water in 2008 and expect to have her back afloat in 2012.

I had to call him and tell him what I was seeing.   He says this is what all the other historic restorations groups wish they could be.  

After wandering all throughout Mystic Seaport we went off in search of dinner.

... and, yes, we had dinner at Mystic Pizza.  The place is full of movie memorabilia, and the have The Movie playing on an infinite loop.  The pizza was okay.  It's deep dish.  I've had better.

On the way back to our hotel a Stripey Skunk crossed our path.  You know, I would really have hated to hit it with the car.  Don't like to kill things of course.  But the stink on the rental may have been a problem.
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Up at 3 am an hauled out to the airport.

The flight was a bit bumpy in spots, like out of Washington and over Toronto.

We landed in Boston at about 5 and got our car.

We got lost in Boston at about 5:30  and finally got to Groton,  CT at about 9 pm

Here is what we have learned....  Dunkin' Donuts is the Starbucks of New England.

It looks like we arrived just in time for the rain..   Thunder on Tuesday.


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