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SNOW again!

.                 I bent the rim of one of my wheels. ...just s little.

.                                                            It's okay!  It's okay!  I'm good.   Car works.

We have coffee.   That's the important bit.

Kaylee is feeling a little betrayed.  That white cottony stuff out there is
definitely Not warm and snugly.



Mar. 7th, 2009 09:22 pm
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I usually work 4 hours on Saturday.   Yesterday I had to put in an extra half hour to make up for losing a half hour on Monday.   Monday was MLK day, and while we were closed all "direct" employees had to show up and take on various tasks.  I think I mentioned that I entered 370 trailers on one account.

In any case, the supervisor of the day really didn't want to put in a full 12 hour day, that's what she would have had to do.  so she shortened the day for everyone else and had us make it up Saturday.  Problem is the make up day falls into the next pay period.   So now we are short this pay period and get overtime next pay period.   I have no problem with that.

Yesterday, after work, was busy though.  I had to work out the Treasurer's reports for the Tai Pan Corp Board meeting.  There was a bit of missing information, but I believe I managed to calculate a decent guesstimate from the info I had.  It took all afternoon though.

Juli arrived home at 5:30 and we loaded up all of the Christmas gifts for the gang in town.  Then off to the coffee shop for road coffee, only to realize that I had left the Treasurer's reports back home.  Back to the house and Off to the party. 

Edd, Amy, and Lady K hosted our late Christmas Party,  {Thank you so much, by the way.}  which was canceled in December due to Snow.  We had a great time!  Quick board meeting.  Gift exchange.  Good food!  Cello entertainment by  [info]geojlc

A ghost Story by [ profile] typographer that takes place in [ profile] chuck_melville  's Felicia world.  And a MR. COW story from chuck, directly from under his hat!!


The Party was great fun!!!!!

Thank You Notes:
Thank you to my friends for the cool gifts!!!
Marshmallow shooters presented by

[ profile] jeffreycornish and [ profile] geojlc sent tiny marshmallows flying all over the living room for a good 45 minutes. 
Cool book of the mosquito fleet from [ profile] miko2 .
Great cetacean space workers painting from both [ profile] typographer and [ profile] miertam , brought all the way from Orycon.  
Lighthouse scrimshawed [I think] on piano ivory from amovedivus and jwyldragon as well as gift cards for book stores.
Fry's gift card from [ profile] bluesmancd .
Curious T-Shirts with ships and a slogan about finding everything at the circus from Edd and Amy.
[info]typographer and [ profile] miertam  gave Juli a Galactica soundtrack which she is very pleased with.
Ieve gave us both cat toys, I mean book marks, which will get much intended use, and may get some unintended use.

Thank you all!


I love getting Juli her coffee in the morning!   While I was off to the coffee shop, driving off through the snow, yes we had snow, she made cranberry-orange scones.  Yum!  So we ate Cranberry-Orange scones, snuggled up to our coffee, and watched Caruso on the DVR.  It's an okay bit of TV fluff.
I almost decided not to go to the gym for that promised full workout, but I got to thinking about NorWesCon and wanting to have the energy then.  So I decided the workout was an investment I could not ignore.   Good choice.

After the workout I remembered that, not only was tomorrow the 26th, and time for a card for Juli, it was also the first day of the Chinese New Year.  So I walked across the parking lot  from the gym to Hallmark in the strip mall. my gym clothes. sweaty gym clothes. the cold and snow.    Suffer for Love, people!  Suffer for Love!

I've got a few more hours of the day to get more stuff done.  There are a number of choices.  I just can't be stymied by indecision.


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... and failing dismally.

It's snowing again.   Cliff Mass   UW Meteorologist, says it's diabetic snow [thank you for that link [ profile] typographer ] .  It starts falling as snow and melts on the way down.  The process of melting cools the air and we get snow again.  It's suppose to change to rain by midnight, but right now we have a little less than an inch.

I managed to get almost all of the outdoor lights down.  All that is left are the icicle lights on the second story.  They can stay there until the weather gets better.  Juli and I did work on "Yule Graand Pundering".  The artificial tree is down.  I spent the rest of the afternoon binding up the strands of outdoor lights.  We lost half of them to faulty connections.  I want to change over to LED lights anyway.

GOOD GRACIOUS it's white outside!  

Tomorrow I start as a direct employee.  When I started hunting for a job I had to scrounge for my Social Security card.    Back in 1983 I didn't need it to start work for my parents.  Not only did the I-9 form not exist, but even if it did my bosses could vouch for my citizenship.  So in 2007 I went out and got a replacement ss card.  Two hours after I came home I found my original from 1969.  It was a wispy thin piece of future dust, but you could read it.  At least now I have one that is not in danger of disintegrating with a sneeze.


Now I need to get dinner in and dinner planned for the week.

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I've had my Subaru Sport since 2001, and I've been really itching for a chance to get a Winter Challenge.  There has been snow in the past 7 years, but either I haven't had to go anywhere or there just hasn't been enough snow.

There is now doubt, we have enough snow.  We have a cumulative total [unofficial] of 18 inches.    Yesterday I shoveled out the driveway in preparation for the morning commute.  I got up early, showered, shaved, and shined.  Then I stepped out to the car.  First I needed to remove the paltry 2 inches that had accumulated overnight, both from the car and the driveway.  Then I climbed in and eagerly turned the key. 

The car coughed once, then hummed to life.  I let it run for a while, defrosting the windshield to a crystal clear perfection.  It was time.  I put the Subaru into reverse...

... and spun my tires.  All four.   I hadn't thought it was unnecessary to remove the snow from beside the car since the pavement underneath was bare.  Reluctantly I turned the engine off. 

More shoveling.  A little sand.  And it was time again.

This time the car shuddered a bit, but easily scrambled up and out of the driveway into the street.  I gleefully hopped out and closed the garage door.  I left it open so I could put the sand and shovel away.  Then back into the car, shift into reverse, and slowly shudder sideways to a stand still.  4 wheel drive does no good if you are high centered in the snow.  My grand adventure, with power to spare, was defeated by low ground clearance.

More shoveling.  

After an hour and a half I got her loose.  but by now I was a half hour late for work.  My work clothes were soaked and muddy, and I was in desperate need of another shower.   ...and I was dead beat.  I pulled the car back into the drive and called off for two hours. 

I eventually got back out of bed at 9:30.  I realized that my efforts had succeeded in releasing my car, but totally blocking Juli's. 

More shoveling.

Another shower.  Called in and found that they were really in need.  So this time easily got the Subaru out and headed for Gig Harbor.  As soon as I got out of the neighborhood the roads were fine.  I got there and found that I was the one that came in from farthest out.  Everyone else further out or in my neck of the woods had  called off.  I lost about 4 hours work.  Got a good work "out". and now I know some of the limitations for the little Subaru that almost could.

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Juli and I spent the day in.  Juli called of opening the store and kept everyone home, and today is my day off.

We were watching the snowy Seahawks game against the Jets.  It's Coach Holmgrens last home game with the hawks.  Then the power goes out.  I got Juli set up with a radio and decided that I'd better be responsible and shovel out the driveway in case I go to work tomorrow.


Then I walked about the neighborhood with my camera.


Then there is important cold weather gear.

The kitties are convinced that all that snow must be very warm.

"A Christmas Carole" staring Basement Cat as Jacob Marley.

Where Am I?

Dec. 2nd, 2007 11:13 am
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Well....    I like my job.  I like to help people.  I suppose that I like it enough where those people that are irritating don't bother me enough even to note them in the customers suck live journal.  Tuesday we're having some super high muckymucks visit.  I've been asked to be a show piece.  I told them that I would turn up my hearing aid [sarc] and put on my game face.

Snow!!!  We've had enough to make the scenery look purty, but not enough to cause excessive problems.  Kitsap was mentioned in the news for the number of spinnouts.  I headed out early this morning to get coffee for Juli.  Not much to worry about for driving, in fact I'll still say I have had no experience in snow driving in my subaru since I bought it in 2001.

Hmmm.   I've had four different vehicles in my life.

1972 Pinto hatchback:  I learned to snow drive in Bellingham with this one.  Even though it was rear wheel drive, the weight ratio on the axles was nearly 50/50.  It was great driving in the snow.  The only problem I had was on the second day of cold weather when the fuel line froze up.  It was a simple yet time consuming fix.  I dropped in some fuel additive and pumped the gas peddle every 10 minutes for an hour.  Then she started, no problem.  Love driving in Bellingham in the snow.

1984 Toyota Tercel Hatchback:  Loved to drive in the snow with this one.  We had a BIG snow in 1985.  I volunteered to drive all over Bainbridge Island to pick up our associates and bring them to work.  I had that buggy for 14 years, until it was rear ended on Sedgewick on a dry spring day.

1995 Dodge Colt hatchback:  Sucky car, even though the previous owner tricked it out with sport wheels, tinted windows, and detailing.  It would rattle for about thirty seconds after hitting a bump.  Snow driving?  Never had a chance.  Actually I didn't want one.  I had that one for 2 years until it was totaled by another driver on Sedgewick.

1997 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport:  As I've said, I haven't had a chance yet.  But with all wheel drive it should be very good.

It's raining now.  Juli doesn't have to go to work until 2:30, so we're relaxing and watching the Hawks play.  So far we're ahead, but it's getting ugly.

We've been discussing Christmas gifts.  It's getting late so we need to scramble a bit.
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. * . * . * . * . * . *
* . * . * . * . * . * .
* . * . * . * . * . * .
. * . * . * . * . * . *
It's Snowing!!!!!
. * . * . * . * . * . *
* . * . * . * . * . * .
* . * . * . * . * . * .
. * . * . * . * . * . *
* . * . * . * . * . * .
* . * . * . . * . * . *
. * . * . * . * . * . * .
* . * . * . * . * . * . *
. * . * . * . * . * . *
. * . * . * . * . * . *
* . * . * . * . * . * .
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The weather models have advanced enough where there is now no mention of snow.
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Meteorologists are not ready to forecast snow on Wednesday.

From the discussion:
It is possible that a vigorous system dropping S out of Canada may bring a threat of showers over the County Warning Area on Wednesday. However the models continued to have difficulty with the track of
this feature...thus have decided to keep the forecast dry. If this system does track over the County Warning Area...the precipitation would most likely be in the form of snow across The Lowlands as the air mass would be quite cold.

I think I would have enjoyed being a meteorologist. I enjoy tracking weather.
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I'll be taking advantage of the School information and I'll wait a couple of hours before I go to work. The news is nothing but ice and skating cars here in Kitsap. Better safe then sorry.

Snow Sensor

Dec. 1st, 2005 11:00 pm
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11:00 PM

It's Snowing Once More. It has been for the last two hours. Wee

We have a Atomic Clock that picks up the signal from Colorado. It also picks up the temperature from a transmitter I have attached under the deck outside. Last night I mentioned to Juli that the batteries in that thing have been going for the last two years, and they were still going and going and...

A half hour later they quit. In the process of replacing them I dropped the sensor. It broke. I've since discovered that It cannot be replaced.

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1:15 PM

Everyone here at work has wussied out and gone home, except for Russ who's walking. I live the furthest away, and I'm still here. Reports of two inches in Silverdale, and an inch out the surface streets.

It's dark outside and there isn't anything for me to do here, so that means I'm going home as well. Juli is working still, and will keep working until the end of her shift. I know her. This is nothing to her. She spent most of her formative driving career in California so she has no problem with snow.... no wait. That doesn't read right.

Anywho. Everyone enjoy the white stuff if you have it.
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It's 11:40 AM here in Poulsbo and it's snowing quite heavily. It's not sticking yet.

I've learned a bit about Snow Weather in the PNW, and what factors are necessary. This I've found interesting. There are two factors needed to create a snowfall.

1. The air must be dry.
2. It has to rain hard.

So very wet and very dry. Go figure. This is how it works. A cold air mass needs to be in place and has to dry out the air. It can be around 36 degrees or so. A wet air mass needs to override the cold air and dump its load. The dry air absorbs the rain causing the air to lose energy and cool further. Because the air is absorbing the rain it needs to rain hard enough so that some of that precipitation makes it through to the ground.

There are other ways to get snow in the PNW. I just thought this wet/dry factor was entertaining.
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This means nothing...

...but here it is, direct from the National Weather Service.


Expires 6:30 PM PST on November 28, 2005

Statement as of 10:17 AM PST on November 28, 2005

... Heavy Snow Warning in effect from 6 PM this evening to 9 am
PST Tuesday...

The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued a Heavy Snow
Warning... which is in effect from 6 PM this evening to 9 am PST

Snowfall totals of 4 to 7 inches are expected tonight and Tuesday
morning. The heaviest snowfall amounts will occur over the higher
terrain close to Hood Canal... and the lesser amounts will occur
over the Kitsap peninsula along the shores of Puget Sound. Snow
should change to rain and taper off around mid-morning on Tuesday.

A Heavy Snow Warning means significant snowfall is occurring or
imminent. Significant amounts of snow will make travel dangerous.
Only travel in an emergency. If you must... keep an extra
flashlight... food... and water in your vehicle in case of an


So for us, in the land where drivers panic if a snowflake hits the windshield, were in for a little fun.

...and I love it!
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Thanksgiving was entertaining. We had 15 people. Juli's mom joined us, which is always fun. My Aunt did strange and chose not to show. She didn't want to face the noise. My Uncle went on and on about doomsday and Politics, same-o same-o. He's a character and it's all fun there. My nieces and nephews are putting their lives together very well, and entering adulthood.

Friday I planned to relax and read some, maybe putter about the house. Unfortunately I relaxed too much and sort of missed the day.

Saturday and Sunday I spent the daylight hours putting up outdoor lights. I managed to find a replacement artificial tree for our ten year old tree. Only $40. The ten year old one was $80. There ya go. My neighbor across the street was out hanging his lights, as well as most of the neighborhood. He was having trouble keeping his lights lit, climbing out on his roof and twisting each bulb. Finally he had success which brought a cheer from me and another neighbor at the same time.

I had to get up on my own roof. It's the one time of year that I will face my fear and hang by my toes from a height. I still have a few lights to get up, but those are all low to the ground. I've decided against lawn sculpture. They turn out to be more expensive then regular lights in that they fall apart and get rusty. And they are hard to store. Don't need any of that any more.

There is ice out tonight and the weather watchers are talking maybe snow on Monday night. 1 to 2 inches for most people and 2 to 4 for us here in Kitsap. Weeeee


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