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Good By from Cannon Beach.

It's about time for us to check out.  The rain is starting to make it's way ashore and the weather Radar says the rain is significant.  THe waves are a little bigger.

We'll be off to the Pig & Pancake, because that's just how we roll.  We may walk the beach or the town, but the weekend is drawing to a close.

Juli has started her third book.  Naomi Novik's "Black Powder War".
I've started my second.  Carrie Vaughn's "Kitty and the Midnight Hour.  [Werewolves, Vampires,  and Talk Radio in Colorado.]

The weekend almost did it's job of causing relaxation.  I could do with another day.  But Monday comes.

Next bit of breather...   NorWesCon.

Last Hours

Mar. 1st, 2009 08:38 am
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Happy March everyone.

We're enjoying our last few hours here at the beach.  It's raining lightly.  The tide is out and the, "Don't go out on Haystack Rock!!" car is out there with pamphlets and nature walks.  Juli is still snoozing and I'm reading another book.  We have our slider open and we are right next to the stairs to the beach.  So I hear the conversations as people head down for their beach walks.  "No it's too cold for swimming."  "Get Karly's  leash!  Get his leash!  Karl!"  *bark bark bark yap bark!*   "Don't Feed the Seagulls [that sounded official]"  "seagulls:  Mine!  Mine mine!  Mine!  Mine!"   "I got up before sunrise and watched the world come alive."  "Coffee's ready!"



So now we're going to lounge a bit, and then check out and go to breakfast.   ...or lunch.

I finished "The Accidental Sorcerer" by K. E. Mills [a.k.a.Karen Miller]. )



Feb. 28th, 2009 05:18 pm
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I'nit Sweeet?

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Back in 1996 , when Juli and I took our first trip down the Oregon Coast together, we were held up in Gerhardt on our first night, just north of Seaside.  That next morning we saw a giant billboard promoting "The Pig and Pancake".  I told Juli, with a name like that it's got to be good.  So we stopped in Seaside and got in line for one of the 240 tables in the restaurant.  We we're not disappointed.

The Pig and Pancake has a bit of a history.  It started off as a 35 seat restaurant that had to close at 2 PM so the Italian restaurant could take over for dinner.  Since then it has grown to take up a city block in Seaside, a large space in Astoria, a choice location in Cannon Beach, and as of late, a new location outside of Lincoln City.

Juli and I always make it a point to stop at the Pig and Pancake whenever we are in town.  Today however, they served to disappoint.  The hostess stood at the door with her arms crossed looking board.  She guided us to our table and tossed the menues higgly piggly.  It sort of set the tone.  If I were a restaurant reviewer I would have started to look for failings and I would have expositoried all over them.  The bacon, slightly overdone, I would report as "cooked to ash".  The coffee, spilled slightly, I would have reported as "slopped into the cups".  The mood so set, I would report as gloomy and despairing.  It only goes to show what an important job the host has.

We will still return to the Pig and Pancake in the future.  It's tradition.

After breakfast we wandered the town a bit.  A lot of stores we used to visit have emptied.  Others have changed.  Bruce's Candy Kitchen has expended and is thriving.  Apparently in bad times people will not give up either alcohol or candy.  Our favorite gallery "The Haystack Gallery" has changed a bit.  There are still a few good things in there, but it's not what it was.  There were some great shots in another gallery of Snow at Cannon Beach.  Made me drool, and also demonstrates a good reason to get up early in the morning.

Now we've returned to our room to hear the Ocean and read our bountiful books.



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After spending 3 hours at Powell's World of Books we drove out the Sunset Highway, up through the snow, and down to Cannon Beach.   Our room is fine.  It could be better.  We're on the first floor next to the beach access, and the bed is a pull down without reading lights.  It's got a couch though.  And a gas fireplace and the sound of ocean surf.   ...and isn't that why we're here.

While we can receive email, we can't send it.  So here's as good a place as any to communicate.

It's all good.



Apr. 5th, 2008 03:21 pm
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"I'm going to tell grampa that you turned into some freaky alien monster thing
and went swinging off into the forest, when he told you not to!"
Sometimes cartoon have the great quotes.

I had four hours of work and 6 calls.  Mostly because I was off line and answering email.

A few complainers.    But lots of good questions.  And some orders.   My boss told me there was a mistake on my part that I recorded, but couldn't tell me what account it was in.   So I can't figure out what was going through my head at the time.

Today I laundry!  Today I mow!  Today I weed!  Today I prepare to head to the Ocean Tomorrow!  Whale Watch thanks to [personal profile] miko2.

I've got my new camera strap, and batteries for the box.  I've got to clean out the camera chip and make sure I've got a change of clothes.  

Initially I was a little hesitant about taking the time, but I need to get out.   ...and it's the Ocean.


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