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Up early again. More weeding, as I mentioned.

I also helped out the neighbor's haul concrete for their fence, first laying it out, then hauling it back in as the sprinkles moved in with thunder in the distance.

I checked out Weather Underground [] for them. It was safe to move on for the afternoon, but over night is 50/50.

The fire I mentioned before was not due to fireworks. That neighbor apparently liked to burn trash in his back yard. The fire got big enough where it was threatening the house next door.
It's not that he was stupid. He just didn't know any better. I believe he got fined, but the fire itself was probably enough to "learn 'im".

Juli has been marinading steaks since last night. I've just finished BBQing them and eating mine. Mine was on the grill twice as long as Juli's. Perfect!!!!

Strawberry shortcake for tonight. I made shortcake biscuits this afternoon and sliced up the berries.

And now the neighborhood booms.

HaPpY 4tH of JuLy!!!
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Tonight Juli and I are watching baseball movies. Field of Dreams, A League of Their Own, The Rookie, things like that. Feel Good Movies. Later we'll watch the neighborhood and The Needle blow up. Poor Kitty.

The future looks bright. I have no idea what it will be. I know my job is ending, though I don't know exactly when. Still, I have the feeling of not being concerned. Something will turn up. Odd to have that outlook. It sounds lackadaisical, but it's not really. It just feels that way.

So what do I foresee? Well I've got some resolutions. I'll be returning to those monthly goals, those goals that I checked in on every week. It's been a while since then and I fell behind since I stopped, way behind.

So here they are.

Lose Weight
Currently at 201. Can you say Yikes?

Get Exercise
Go to the gym at least 3 times a week.

Get Enough Sleep
7 hours a night.

What of it? What do I want to do? Figure that out. Choose. Decide. The word "Decision" breaks down to "cut off from". So I need to cut myself off from some other choices.

Well, let's start with making an entry in LJ a day. that's something that I did a few years back. It was kinda fun.

Check in Weekly
Just to be sure.

Well, I Decision that's a good start. I should probably put something in there about a career. Again though, I'm not sure where that's going. There's another then...

Consider my next career.

Happy New Year to everyone. May the next one be better then the last.


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