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Most of my posting has been on FB.  I suppose I've neglected LiveJournel a bit.

I've been busy despite not having a job.  A lot of my time has been online job hunting, but I've certainly kept busy in other ways.  One thing I've done is try to keep to a schedule.  It would be so easy to sleep in every day and slug about, but it certainly wouldn't be healthy. I keep to Juli's schedule.  Of course her being in retail means sometimes getting up at 5 and sometimes up at 9.

I've done a few Volksmarches.  I did one in Federal way called the Hylebos Wetlands.  You can see images for that here.
You don't need to be a member of facebook to see those.  That's a facebook page.
I also did an attended volksmarch in DuPont  with a peek-a-boo view of the Nisqualy Delta.  You can see images for that one here.
I also did a repeat volksmarch in Port Orchard, just to warm up.  Not so much to see, but here are those images.

There are two types of volksmarches.  One type is a year round event where you go to a location, a hosting store or someones front porch, pick up a set of walking directions and walk the walk. 
The other type is an attended event, where on a certain day or a weekend a host club sets up a table, signs people in and gives them a set of direction. 

In other projects, I've slowly worked on the garage to get all the trash out of there.  It's been so full we couldn't move around in it.  We had a furnace breakdown and the tech had to get to it.  That sort of put an imperative on getting that under control. 
I've also taken on getting the lawn to turn green again.  It's been brown since the big snow of 2008.  I rented an aerator.  Premier Rentals dropped it off yesterday at 10:30.  I was done with it by 10:50.  WOW!  That thing bucks worse then a rototiller.  It punches little inch long holes into the lawn.
I went down to Home Depot in Gig Harbor and loaded up more bags of recycled compost then the Subaru aught to have carried, but it handled it just fine.  This recycled compost is from the Everett plant.  If you put out a yard waste bin for recycle, this is what it gets turned into.  Sure, you have to buy it back, but then the recycle place can't do it for free so...   I suppose I could compost it myself, and I even started to do that for the first few years, but the "snot pile", as [ profile] dehd calls it, was getting unmanageable.  This way it comes back nice and dark, good stuff.
So that's all spread and seeded and raked, and nice dark footprints are tracked across the carpet.   ...oops.    And the carpet has been cleaned.

So, yes, I've been keeping busy.

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It took me a while to get it in gear today, but as soon as I got out I accomplished a few things.

The lawn is mowed for the first time.  It's still in tough shape from the snow of 2008/2009.  I never repaired it back then. 
I had to lay down some moss death on it though, and I have some grass seed to add.  There are two new spring heather plants in place to mirror my neighbors plants.  It looks as if the Lithadora on the rock wall will either need to be replaced or babied a bit.

I bought a new toilet seat and installed it.  The other one was about 8 years old and loosing its finish. 

Tonight Juli and I will be going to dinner with her family.  One is her nephew from Alaska, whom we haven't seen for about 15 years.  That was before Juli and I were engaged.

Juli's mother told her we were going to Dave's Dinner in Sea-Tac.  She was about to give directions when Juli started to laugh.  Dave's Diner is one of the NorWesCon Hang-Outs.  It's kitty-corner from the NorWesCon hotel.

On the NorWesCon issue....  There is still a possibility that Juli may be able to go.


Mar. 6th, 2010 04:07 pm
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I'm a bit wiped out from the 8 mile walk yesterday.

Yet today after work I tackled the Scotch Broom on our hill.  In my heavier day taking on that job would have wiped me out.  Today, already wiped out, I managed the job without additional ill effects.

This is going to be a good Summer.  Last year the Lilac bush had 2 bloom clusters.  This year every bud on the bush is a pending bloom.
I need to get the hydrangea bushes de-headed from last year.  That wont take long.  The mailbox garden beds will need extra attention. 
I need another heather for the northern bed, I'll want to mirror what my neighbor has done.

This year will be the first summer with the yellow rhododendrons blooming.
The yard needs some designing.
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I'm drinking Black Onyx coffee.  Tastes like I'm on vacation.  Not like I'm at a convention though, that would be Boyds, Denney's Bestest Brew.  No, Black Onyx tastes like I'm outside a pastry shop, on a boardwalk, under an umbrella, by the ocean.   ...and I know where Paraguay is.

Today can be called "Anticipatory".  I drove to work in the daylight.  Saturday starts work an hour later then the other days of the week.  The sun was out.  Definitely the days are getting longer. 
My car works, so there are no worries.  It feels good to drive with a healthy car.
Four hours of work, then a return.  Juli had removed all of the Amaryllises from the Kitchen Window box.  As soon as I saw the light coming in I had to agree with her.  Even though the Amaryllises are 20 years old, they have to go.  ...or they need a new location.  We don't have many super sunny places inside the house.  I saw once were  Ciscoe planted a 1 year old Amaryllis outside, just to see what would happen.  I never found out.  That may be the way we go though. 

Tomorrow the Outdoor lights come down.  I might get some winter gardening in.  There is some work to do on the garden beds that will make Summer work a little easier.  I've got more work to do on the C.A.J. website some more.  I need to get the art room workable.  So I've got lots of things that need my attention, and the energy to do it all.
The weight
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Today was more of Get Thing's Done.

Love the weather we had!!!   I'm way out of shape, but I'm certainly ready to get the yard worked on.   SO today I started by....   finishing book 5 of the Kitty series.   I picked up book one at Powell's on the way to Cannon Beach at the beginning of March.   I liked what I read and picked up the other 4 the next week at Boarder's.   Then I saw from Amazon that book 6 was out so I grabbed it.

Unlike Juli, who will space out the reading of a series by reading a bunch of other books, I have no problem with total immersion.  I'll be reading book 6 from now until Norwescon, though I suspect I'll need to bring the Bujold 's next "Sharing Knife" novel  to the con.

My next task was to get garden bark and makings for a stew.  I needed to find a slow cooker recipe that could be completed on high and in 6 hours rather then on low and in 12 hours.  Found that on the web.   Then with recipe in hand, off to Freddie's.  

After the stew was assembled and cooking begun [and I must say it's smelling nice now], I swept the driveway of the snow sand left behind by the melting piles of December snow.   That was followed by intense hoeing of the primary garden bed and then bark spreading.  During the task I spoke with a few of my neighborers whom I haven't seen since fall.  We're all coming out of hibernation apparently.

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Today Juli and I went out to breakfast at FPH.  It just felt like a day to have pancakes and eggs.  When ever I do this though, I feel like I'm at a convention.  Maybe it has something to do with the bad coffee.  Still, the Swedish Pancakes with Loganberry's butter was very good!

I turned to in the yard right after.  It was still overcast and sprinkling a little, even though it was warm.  Perfect weather for weeding.  I cleared out two garden beds.  I'm beyond beginning to think that I should have kept that yard waste bin that was accidentally delivered to me.  The compost pile [ [profile] dehd  calls it a snot pile] is getting too big again. 

I burned out just as the sun started to come out.  Juli had been watching reruns of "Deadliest Catch" about crab fishing in the Bering Sea.  I stopped to watch a bit.  My brother says he and the other fisherman up in Kodiak claim it's all staged.   Yeah....  no.

I updated the CAJ website, or at least tried to.  I haven't turned on the CAJ computer for about a month and a half.  There were a few emails, a couple of praises and two wanting to know where they could sell their figurines.  "Sorry, can't help you."   While the website is prepared to be updated it is refusing my password.  I have a call into Telebyte tech support.  I missed their last call back because I went to cook dinner.

DInner!  Juli's sister-in-law  caught some salmon a while ago.  At Christmas we had some for dinner at the family gathering.  Jeff, Juli's brother, gave us a couple of fillets that have been in the freezer ever since.  I pulled one out yesterday and pan fried it with some seasonings.  It was a seasoning kit that I bought at Freddie's.  IT was a bit Cajun, but not overpowering.   We have one more fillet that I want to try [personal profile] typographer 's recipe on.

I called Telebyte back.  The fault was mine.   One more letter in the user name then I needed.

[profile] julesong has been helping me out a little in SL.  My character has changed a great deal.  I like where she's going.

Back to work tomorrow.


Tired Man

May. 18th, 2008 09:12 pm
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Yesterday I managed to get a lot done.

Yes, there was the "up early and four hours of work".  I brought a change of clothes to work, like I did last time.  There's something pleasurable about getting out of the uniform and into jeans and a t-shirt, and mussing up my hair, all while still at the office.

I drove to Edmonds to examine my Mother-in-law's new computer and install her old hard drive as a slave.  While I couldn't recover her old email and browser info [a simple task that is slightly beyond my ken], I did manage to find her printer problems were a simple click of a button and her email problems were not hers but the problem of the person she was emailing.

After working on her machine for a while I drove down to [personal profile] typographer and [profile] miertam's fir writer's night.   I was early.  I came prepared though, and brought my laptop.  I wrote a bit of a scene with three improbable characters doing an intervention on a fourth who was probably the more stable of the four of them.

There was many presentations at writer's night.  yea!  There is usually one or two.  Things are goot.

Today I slept in until 10:30.  I suppose that was expected since I didn't get to bed until 1:30.    I worked out in the yard until 3 whacking down scotch broom and pulling weeds.  The Lithodora is Very Healthy!!!  THis is a good thing.

Juli wanted bbq hot dogs for dinner, so I dusted off the grill.   Which reminds me, I should bring it in before the rains come.  

Now I'm very tired.  I may go to bed early.



Apr. 3rd, 2008 09:03 pm
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Lots of Calls still.

 We shut off the phones at 5 pm sharp.  My last call came in at 4:59:30.  It was a long call.  Honestly, I have to laugh.  I love irony.

So now I get a day off.  Yeay!  Then four hours on and another day off.  Gardening time.

I have lots of yardwork to do.  Lawn to mow.  Weeds to pull.   Books to read.  Stories to edit.  Music to listen to.

Juli will be gone tomorrow night.


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This Saturday is Fuchsia Saturday at Fred Meyers!!! Buy your fuchsia starts for cheep. Bring your own pots, and they will pot them for you in black gold potting soil!! ...or some brand like that... for free!

So since I will be working on Saturday I went down today and bought 10 starts. Yes, I potted them myself.

I have to start planning my yardwork. I could have gardened up a storm today, but I'm still enjoying my post con days off. I've got music playing and books to read and art to

I got my car back today. They called me as soon as they opened, around 9:00. All fixed for $1,850. Make the credit card melt. But it's doing good now. And they washed it for me. I should do that more myself. It's still a spiffy looking buggy all for being 11 years old.
Part of the deal with the loaner is that I don't smoke in it [no problem there. smoking bad], and that I top off the tank before I return it. 1.5 gallons. $6. Two days off and the job is done.

As soon as I had my buggy I went directly to Silverdale Barnes & Noble. I was looking for "Little Grrl, Lost" by Charles deLint. I'd seen it at Norwescon but held off because it's a hardbound. I can get a better deal at B&N as Juli pays for the year long membership. [and we buy lots, or I should say Juli buys lots].
Turns out that B&N does not plan to stock the book. They will order it, but walk in looking for it? No. I called Juli to see if she wanted anything. COFFEE! ...Oh and "Cat in a Red Rage" by somebody or other, and "Sharing Knife Book II: Legacy" by Lois McMaster Bujold. I found her cat book, but she was wrong about the Sharing Knife II being out in paperback.

I finished "Sharing Knife: book 1" yesterday. It's a fun book. It starts off with some action adventure. We [that is many on my friends list] heard Ms Bujold read most of the action sequences at Norwescon 29. The rest of the book is Character Interaction. It's still a great read.

I ran into some unknown person at B&N, and we got to talking. I got to suggest the 'Sharing Knife" to him which he picked up. He's read most of the others. We were both in agreement the Laura Hamilton has gone off the deep end. I suggested Patricia Briggs, but he's read them all. I suggested one to me called "Embrace the Night" by Karen Chance. I took a chance {PUN!} based on our discussions of what we liked.

That was my day. Tomorrow I find out what that car count test was all about.
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Yesterday I spent the day moving 4,800 pounds of rock. The project is not yet complete, but it may be as far as I intend to take it before the rains come in this fall.

So here's the look behind the fence. )
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Poor Juli has not been feeling well. She has had a cough for the past five days, and now she has a migraine to go with it. Fortunately she was off for the last two days. Unfortunately she's been sick during her two days off.

Monday I sat around and let my muscles heal from hefting and hauling brick. I felt a bit of a slug-a-bed, so I decided to clean up the kitchen and get out the large electric grill. ...the one we got for a wedding gift almost eight years ago. ...the one still in it's sealed box and never used.

WOW! So the menu was BLTs, simple light meal that goes great with summer. Cooking bacon on this thing [complete with bacon press] is so much easier then cooking it in the large iron skillet. Since the only thing I use the iron skillet for is cooking bacon, guess what gets to go away?

Tuesday I also had the day off from my Not-Work in Rollingbay. I had brick to return to Home Depot from my brick yard project and the two pallets that I had put a deposit on. I know my Subaru-Impresa-Outback-Sport has proved to be a champ when it comes to hauling, but 120 brick and two pallets is a bit much to ask. Sure, it would fit, but that would be close to 1000 pounds. The Subaru is only slated to carry 750.
So I had to break it up into two trips. I even got to strap the pallets to the luggage rack on the top of the car. I've never done that before. Cool!

They gave me a full refund, which I wasn't expecting. Usually they charge a 15% restocking fee on special orders, which this was.

Today was spent pulling nails out of a ceiling in the Rollingbay studio, "..and boy are my arms tired"

I've studied the space behind the brick [this one here]
and I've determined that some of the dirt that I've hauled away I need to haul back. I need to level off the field I intend to cover with rock. It would look ugly if all the rock slid down hill leaving the weed barrier bare.

I've started to see the completion of the job, and I've discovered that I need to start thinking about what's next. I've been off the payroll for a month now, and I've apparently kept myself busy. There are decisions to make, however. Fortunately I have plenty of time, but still... I have to be thinking about that next step.
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Today was both irritating and productive. It actually started off last night. I received a call from Home Depot at around 9 p.m. I was expecting a delivery of brick sometime today. They informed me that part of my order was not entered and that the entire order would be delayed until Friday. I had borrowed my father's truck so that I could be here when the brick arrived AND be able to go out to the quarry and get sand after the brick had arrived.

Scheduling isn't so tight now that I'm not working, though I am working with my folks to get their studio put to rights. I need to get that done and get the brick yard done before fall sets in. All of that needs to be done so that I can focus on myself and what I may do next with my Life.

Grump grump brick grump

Later last night my laptop started dying on a regular basis. The screen just goes black. [ profile] miertam suggested that, without a warranty it may be destined for scrap. Now it started looking more and more like that was its destiny. Being unemployed, I wouldn't feel right about buying a new one. I have the cash, a partial severance from work, but still, I need to be in the money saving mode. ...or more in the money saving mode then I normally am.


Wednesday begins )

Sand in my Teeth )

Sand Tech )

The Tech in the Dell )
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I've started the patio. ...or brickyard. ...or walkway. It's a field of brick!

The first step was to break up the glacial till hard pack. For that I rented a monster roto tiller. This thing.

It was suppose to arrive at 9. It arrived at 8:30. At 9:15 I was done. ...and I'm sure my neighbors thank me. I understand that the machine will sit in my yard until maybe tomorrow as the rent it center is very busy today.

The Deed.

This is where the brick yard will be. I've now documented the "almost" before pictures.

Day's End Addendum: I'm lame, I'm sore, I'm conquered.


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