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It's become quieter and quieter out her in Dreamwidth and Livejournel land.   Perhaps it's just that my friends list folk have found other places to post.   I Know I've posted more on Facebook then I have here lately.   Is this foretelling the end of this avenue of the blog-asphear?   I probably should consider backing it all up to my own hard drive.

In any case...

I've received a work contact from Juli.  Someone from WorkSourse goes to them with candidates for work on a regular basis.  He saw all of Juli's certificates on the wall concerning her 18 years of service and they talked about that for a while.  My name came up and she told him what I was doing.

He gave her a card and asked her to have me call him.   I've done that and now have an appointment.  He's going to step me through WorkSourse which he says can be daunting.

Meanwhile I received another decline, but this time it was not automated.  They said my resume was impressive, but that since I expresses a hesitance in telephone solicitation for fund raising campaigns they felt they needed to go elsewhere.  Likely for the best I think.

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Had a job interview today at 1:00

I got up at 6 with Juli and got her coffee.  Then I sat in the Fred Meyer and read until they opened.  Then picked up some sundry items, veggies for me and conditioner for Juli.

Then I came home and crashed for an hour and a half.  Kaylee, who usually runs away when I first enter a room, stayed on the bed and just glanced at me before going back to sleep.  She's happy we're home.  Tonight she sat on my chest  drooled all over my new con shirt.

The interview was reminiscent of three Johnson's interviewing candidates.  Just like that.  I rather doubt that I have that one though.  I'm grateful to them for allowing me to come in today rather then last Thursday or Friday.

Tacos tonight.  I made mine with lots of salad and more veggies then tacos usually get.

Still have a NorWesCon high going on, and creative energy pushing me in all directions.

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I'm battening down the hatches. I've been following all the future casts and Cliff Mass' weather blog, and now all the weather reports have caught up. It's gonna get wet! It's a real Pineapple Express extending all the was to Hawaii.
So if you have anything outside you need to do, I've read that you need to get it done before 3pm tomorrow.

Juli called from work at about 5. Her boss called out so she has to put in a double shift. That on top of the 6 days a week she puts in this time of year.
So I'll get the house decked a little more, perhaps some ornaments on her flocked tree.

Kaylee found the cotton under the tree, but hasn't figured out she is not being bad by sleeping in it.
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I'm drinking Black Onyx coffee.  Tastes like I'm on vacation.  Not like I'm at a convention though, that would be Boyds, Denney's Bestest Brew.  No, Black Onyx tastes like I'm outside a pastry shop, on a boardwalk, under an umbrella, by the ocean.   ...and I know where Paraguay is.

Today can be called "Anticipatory".  I drove to work in the daylight.  Saturday starts work an hour later then the other days of the week.  The sun was out.  Definitely the days are getting longer. 
My car works, so there are no worries.  It feels good to drive with a healthy car.
Four hours of work, then a return.  Juli had removed all of the Amaryllises from the Kitchen Window box.  As soon as I saw the light coming in I had to agree with her.  Even though the Amaryllises are 20 years old, they have to go.  ...or they need a new location.  We don't have many super sunny places inside the house.  I saw once were  Ciscoe planted a 1 year old Amaryllis outside, just to see what would happen.  I never found out.  That may be the way we go though. 

Tomorrow the Outdoor lights come down.  I might get some winter gardening in.  There is some work to do on the garden beds that will make Summer work a little easier.  I've got more work to do on the C.A.J. website some more.  I need to get the art room workable.  So I've got lots of things that need my attention, and the energy to do it all.
The weight
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Happy Birthday,[info]miertam 

This job is making me forget things like birthdays.  Sorry I'm late.

Today was refinance day. I went to my meeting with WasMu with all my papers in hand.  The mortgage broker finally stopped asking for paper, saying you have plenty of assets.  We don't need any more proof.  So he calmly locked us in at 4.25 %.  The 15 year mortgage means we spend $9 more then what we are spending with our current 30 year mortgage.  The 30 year mortgage was at 4.65, the number you see
bandied about in the news.

The experience was SOOOOOO different then my experience with Stage Coaches Inc.  Stage Coaches, Our current mortgage holder,  wanted to lock us into a 30 year 5.25% mortgage  "and you have to do this fast because it's going up tomorrow!  And don't waste my time if you're not going to do this."  And get this...  The 15 year mortgage would have had a 6.25% rate.  Our current rate with them is 6.50%.   ...and who ever heard of the 15 year having a HIGHER rate then a 30 year?!?

So he handed me a batch of papers to take to Silverdale for Juli to sign.  Juli loves it!  Great deal!      I stopped at Barnes
& Nobel before returning and bought a random book that looked interesting,  "The Good Fairies of New York" by Martin Millar, and issue 20 of Nagima
Then Back to WasMu to drop them off.   Now we just wait three months and prepaire to answer random questions.  It's not like we need to draw money out, so we can wait.  Came home with a screaming
headache though,  and took some aspirin.  Fell asleep for a little over an hour.

Juli came home with a scary story.  There was an unattended child in a cart at the store.  The child's sibling decided he wanted into the cart too, and climbed up on it...  tipping it over and smashing the both of them, cart and all, into a glass shelf full of glassware, shattering it all.  According to Juli there were large Sword SIzed pieces of glass all over the floor.   The kids have some minor cuts only, thank goodness.   It must have been a baby sitter tending the kids because she did not come running.   She just stood there while others fussed over the kids.  She even left the store with the kids in a hurry before anyone could talk to them.  Scary.

So tonight we're having breakfast for dinner.  Pancakes and meat!

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Blargle Flart [rolling lips] beedee-beedlebeedle -blooble!

And that's truly how my day went today.  

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I was put on the front line today.

The powers that be did not want to put me up there on the 1st of the month, so they shifted my day earlier by one.
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But it's work.  So nothing to see, move it a long.

Thank God, I'll never tell.

Look at me!  I'm dancing Funny!

And now I'm home.  It's my weekend.  There is a relaxing spring mist outside my window with soothing gray overtones.  I can breath.
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I'm waiting for a shoe to drop at work. 

Either it's more tasks or a lay off.

I know I'm doing a good job..   There is just no communication going on.

In other news.,,,

Cannon Beach in Two Days!!!

And on the home front.   .,,,  Our 10 year old refrigerator is misbehaving .  It's a side by side.  The leading edge of the freezer side heats up to almost can't touch it and then cools off, following the heating and cooling cycle of the freezer.   We'll have to call in for repair.
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Today was a day off.   Friday is always a day off.

The flocked tree came down.  We never actually hung ornaments on it.  The lights were on it and it looked cool from the outside.  It made a mess coming don though.  Since you don' t water a flocked tree it got a bit dry.   Actually it shattered.  ScARe ThE KiTties!

Coiled up extension cords lying on the deck. 

Two years ago I had to put the yucca plant outside.  Either it would acclimate or die.   I had a look at it today, I was struck with curiosity.  I mean there is no doubt we've had some weather, right?  It's sagged quite a bit, and there are some leaf blades destine to be soil,,,  

But     [voice: Evil Scientist]    it ALIVE!    [/voice]

The weather rain gauge is claiming we got a quarter inch of rain in our deluge that is flooding the state.   That would be incorrect.  The wind gauge was blown into the dirt on the other side of the yard.  I think that is an indication that, yes, there was wind.  I put it back where it belonged .

There is sand piled up in the yard where the snow was piled.  The Shoveler may have to return.

Juli went to work tonight at 5.  She will be home somewhere between 3 and 7 in the morning.  Inventory.

Now I go to bed alone.

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My Super cam back to me mid day and said, "Now that you are one of us... We get to torture you."  And she put me in the walk in.   She was going to have me observe but I shot back "I think I'm ready.  Give me a till."  Then we got crazy busy.   Eeep!   I think I did okay.

But that's work.

I just downloaded my first bit of music ever.  "Life in a Northern Town" by Dream Academy.   Scary.

But now I don't need to buy the rest of the album.

I love the song.  I just read the lyrics though...and I won't know what they are singing about.

Lyrics behind cut. )
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Today was mostly about work.   The calls were like working with molasses.  Each one was lengthily and each item on each long call was required.   It put me well outside my stats.

The flocked tree is still lit.   But hey, the calendar says it's Epiphany.  Isn't that suppose to be the 12th day of Christmas?

I am really looking forward to NorWesCon.  It's like my extended Christmas holiday.  And, if I play this creative drive right I may be able to get a creative Con high.  Or all this rain is just making me reminisce about the con.  We'll see.  

I will have to pay attention to what little I have left in the day though.  Otherwise there may be many endless posts like this one.
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... and failing dismally.

It's snowing again.   Cliff Mass   UW Meteorologist, says it's diabetic snow [thank you for that link [ profile] typographer ] .  It starts falling as snow and melts on the way down.  The process of melting cools the air and we get snow again.  It's suppose to change to rain by midnight, but right now we have a little less than an inch.

I managed to get almost all of the outdoor lights down.  All that is left are the icicle lights on the second story.  They can stay there until the weather gets better.  Juli and I did work on "Yule Graand Pundering".  The artificial tree is down.  I spent the rest of the afternoon binding up the strands of outdoor lights.  We lost half of them to faulty connections.  I want to change over to LED lights anyway.

GOOD GRACIOUS it's white outside!  

Tomorrow I start as a direct employee.  When I started hunting for a job I had to scrounge for my Social Security card.    Back in 1983 I didn't need it to start work for my parents.  Not only did the I-9 form not exist, but even if it did my bosses could vouch for my citizenship.  So in 2007 I went out and got a replacement ss card.  Two hours after I came home I found my original from 1969.  It was a wispy thin piece of future dust, but you could read it.  At least now I have one that is not in danger of disintegrating with a sneeze.


Now I need to get dinner in and dinner planned for the week.

Last Hours

Jan. 3rd, 2009 07:21 pm
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Baring the strangely unforeseen I worked my last few hours as a temp employee today.  I start Monday as a permanent [or "direct"] employee.  One of the... concerns that I've set aside...  I was offered the job on th 23rd.  On the 22nd, because of the snow, someone brought in treats, including muffins.  I believe the one I had was a delicious poppy seed muffin.
...I took the drug test on the 30th.  Theoretically the influence of poppy seeds should have flushed through my system in that time, but I didn't think of it until last night.

Because I missed 3 hours on Monday before Christmas I did not get my Christmas holiday pay.   Such is the fate of a temp.

This afternoon I spent most of my time entering line entrees for two months worth of credit card bills.   Staying on target.

Juli has been playing "Diner Dash" behind me for about 4 hours now.  I've played about 2.  It's a "Play FIrst" game that she got me for Christmas.  Juli is trying to catch up with me.
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I prepared to escape to the Seattle side right after work.  Saturday I only have a four hour shift, so rather than backtracking home and then going to Seattle [an additional 36 miles with gas prices today] I chose to drive an additional 15 miles and bug [personal profile] miko2  for a few hours.

He showed me a few things I didn't know about Second Life.  I'm still such a noob.  miko2 has an exercise regimen, so I joined him on his walk.  It's a pretty good hike with a large hill and a very nice park.  We took about 45 minutes.
He showed me more of his online fun with City of Heroes and a little bit with his music broadcasting machine.  COOL!

Rather than take two cars I drove him to Ballard where wii were gathering prior to the movie.  He brought a CD that I want to get.  He told me he would e-mail me the name because I would likely forget what it was.  [and guess what?]  It's an artist who has made many Anime soundtracks but this album is independent of Anime and is in English.

When we arrived at [personal profile] typographer  and [profile] miertam 's it turned out wii were the last ones there.  They were all bowling on their  new Wii.  After they finished the game we all hiked out  about 10 blocks to the Chinese restaurant.  We were the only ones there it seemed, but we were a large group of 9.  [personal profile] typographer  and [profile] miertam  were very generous.  The food was very good!

[personal profile] geojlc  elected not to see the movie.  she isn't a movie go'er much.  I understand that.  My mother and sister are like that, and indeed, the movie was not [personal profile] geojlc  safe.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Chrystal Skulls was a great romp.  Of the 4 Indi films I would rate it the third best.  For an excellent review from   {Click Here}.  I think this review is almost spot on except for his complaint that  "The pursuit of knowledge equals death in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a theme which does not belong in a family movie."  Nonono.  The pursuit of knowledge can be an action adventure!!!   Death is merely a byproduct, and the good guys win.

Yes, the movie was great fun even with its LARGE plot holes and LARGE suspension [let's call it complete disregard] of belief.  There were a few of us who didn't like it.  They shall remain nameless [ [personal profile] zorkfox ].  But he had some good reasons.  They just weren't enough for me to not have fun.

In truth, this is a movie to see with a large group of friends, not by yourself.  Make it a party.

Afterward we all returned to the Ballard home base and played some more Wii.  [personal profile] miko2 created a Mii that was all goth girl and another that was supposed to be a terrorist.  [profile] bluesmancd created...??  Himself?  I was getting tired.

I got home last night at 12:30.   All in all, a good Saturday.
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Wow!   This was a very full weekend.

Friday I spent the morning settling up the credit card bill and preparing the four rebates from the washer/dryer purchase.  At noon I got out and mowed the lawn.  That took some time as the back yard had gotten way outta control.   I've been spreading the lawn clippings from the tame lawn over the glacial till of a back yard and mowing over it all.  Now the tame grass has been seeding the glacial till and actually taking over the wild weeds.  But it's getting damn tall!

2:30 and I jumped into the car to run the mail to the P.O., make some banking transfers, and pay off the credit card.   Ouch!  The credit card had the washer/dryer on it and the Subaru repairs of the beginning of April.  Fortunately Bubba Bush's rebate showed up the same day and Juli got a huge bonus this year.  Needless to say, it's all gone.

I headed off to Seattle and Interconnections, where [profile] miertam works.  He had a computer set aside for my mother-in-law.   Her eMachine just died for no reason in particular.  I thought it might have been a power surge, but she has a decent surge protector.  I got to see miertam in his work element.  He works at a cool place!

I stayed at Interconnections until [profile] miertam was ready to leave and drove him home.  We waited a bit for [personal profile] typographer to get home and walked down to a great pizza and pasta restaurant that they knew of in Ballard.  I had a fantastic salmon pasta!  Yum!

Saturday I went to work first thing.  Took 21 calls and made great progress in picking up and completing [to use [personal profile] typographer's terminology] two of my 7  running chainsaw jobs.  After work I went straight to Edmonds to get Laurann's computer put together.  She wanted the setting to remain the same as the previous computer, complete with Norten Security Center installed.  Unfortunately she didn't remember if she ordered it online or through the mail.  After three hours of installing and uninstalling I finally found the original disk in the drawer next to the computer.  Yay!.  We next downloaded her camera images and discovered that one program [profile] miertam had loaded was a very efficient image viewer, much easier then Kodak EasyShare [which is far from easy by the way].  We got hung up with setting up her email, but I found everything I needed online.  She is very happy and not only thanks Juli and I but miertam as well. 

On the way home I stopped in Federal way to go to Barnes & Noble.  First I stopped at Petco and got Kaylee and River their first bag of Adult Kitty food.  While in the book store I first stopped at the coffee shop.   After ordering my coffee the fire alarm went off.  The Batista whipped out my coffee and then chased me out the door.  The entire strip mall had to be emptied.  No books for me!
I got home at 9:30 and watched the DVR of Dr. Who.

Sunday I spent  the day  in Rollingbay with my mom and dad.  I had a fuschia  for  mom  and  a  card.   I managed  to  make  some  changes  on her computer  so that its back to the setting she prefers.  She is suffering from the "Blue Screen of Death".  She's had Ken look at it and a computer friend of her's.  I suggested that she take it to a pro and pay for the service.  [not Geek Squad].  She has another friend who's career is computer repair. 

That was my weekend.
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Had 99 calls yesterday.   Wee.

I had a brief bit of time after I got home and before I crashed.   Chatted with [profile] julesong on lj for a bit.  She gave me some pointers.

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Took 88 calls today. 

Stayed on until 7.

On again tomorrow at 7:30.

Not much else will have time to happen today.

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Saturday I spent most of the day at work.  We stayed open for an extra 4 hours because of the Grand Opening of the H.O.T. lanes on Highway 167.

We got very few calls during those extra hours, but we did get slammed during the last 2 minutes.  One call was placed into the que at 4:49:42 PM, which I took at 5:03. 

After work I scrambled to change out of my work closes and drive up to Ballard.  I picked up to [profile] miertam and we drove to Renton to visit Fry's.  [profile] miertam had some ideas on how to make my computer work.  I returned the graphics card that I couldn't use for partial store credit and a large refund to may credit card.  Then we picked up a 430 watt power unit and some RAM. The power unit took up almost all of the store credit.  Now....  [profile] miertam was very generous and bought the RAM.   ...and treated me to a most splendid GEEK dinner of splendid sandwiches in a tech store  while surrounded by electronics, ...and Anime.

The memory and the power unit did the job.   The computer works great!  Yeay the Computer Wizard [profile] miertam!

Today Juli and I drove to Edmonds to deliver a Mom's Day present to her mother and have a look at her computer.   The power button wont light the demons inside the computer into activity.   We took it to Geek Squad where they tested it with another power unit.  Now power.  The Mother Board is dead.  Were guessing that a power surge jumped the tiny surge protector and bit the computer.

I've pulled out my old one Ghz machine and looked it over.   I think it may be just what she needs.  It's a little slower then what she had, but it's free.  She just emails, surfs and word processes.  So that may all work out.  Except the the hard drive is small and there may be very little RAM.

Sounds familiar.
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I got a quiz today at work.  I think I missed one.

Now I need to head out to a sort of family reunion.  A family friend turned 80 today.  She's sort of the matriarch of her family and our two families have been friends for many years. 

Tonight... Ed Board Night.  I only got one story edited.  I'm bad.


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