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For some reason the walking challenge from work has kept me form doing things... like yard work and posting to LJ. Don't ask me why, or try to tell me why. It just is.

In any case, the challenge ended yesterday. I've walked 294 miles. I had the average miles per day up around 6.5. The average per day dropped off near the end to 5.5 miles per day. I burned 61,200 calories and lost ... 4 pounds. Yes, there are still a few changes to make. However I have far more energy to do things then I've had recently. I can work in the yard for the day rather then burning out after an hour and a half. Walking to the bank, 4 mile round trip, doesn't seem like a big accomplishment. And I can run about taking photos at my brother-in-laws wedding and not feel exhausted.

Speaking of which, that was a cool wedding. It was a Wiccan ceremony. The bride was dressed in a traditional wedding gown while the groom and his attendants were in kilts with the Colquhoun [Cowan] tartan. Bagpipes provided the music.

We had a little bit of trouble getting the very Catholic older brother and his family to come, but they did, and were happy to have done so. They had a good time. The food was just enough to get people fed once and then send them on there way. The DJ's music was old school 80's with a brush of current tunes.

Chris has himself a good wife I think.

And how about this weather?!

Friday was the last sunny Friday of the step challenge. There was a power in the air as the cold front started to give notice that it was coming. The air felt warm with a few circulating puffs of cold. I put in 9 miles that day.

There was a Tornado in South King / North Pierce that destroyed an old barn, took a roof off, and tried to make a water spout on Lake Tapps.

We had a Cougar in Discovery Park. They suspect that he was living off house cats. **whimper** But they caught him, got him good and scared of humans, and then released him in the Cascade foothills.

Tomorrow the are expecting a very busy day at work, but I don't know... The last few after holiday weekend days have been less then expected.

I'm getting my "Fall creative push" on. It happens every year. Something about "Back To School" conditioning that we all get while were growing up that will likely be with me for the rest of my life. I've got a Christmas Card to design, and time to manage, so that I can make it happen.

...and then there is this new addiction to walking.........
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Edward is still at the vets. He had to stay over the weekend. I stopped by on Friday for a visit and he looked a lot worse. They had to gas him again because he tore at his tubes. Yes, he has lots of tubing sticking into him.

I called the vet while we were on our way to Bellingham on Saturday. They said he was a lot better. I should be able to bring him home today. Yay!

Bellingham: Juli and I traveled to Bellingham for the wedding of Juli's niece. The first of the nieces and nephews have been sent on their way.
It's the first time I've been back to Bellingham since my sister got married. My got married before Bellis Fair was built. I expected to see lots of development compared to the early 80's, and sure enough, there is a lot of development . I can understand why there are more direct flights out of the Bellingham airport. In fact Rose [the niece] and Randy will be flying directly to Las Vegas on... an airline I've never heard of.

What surprised me was the vegetation. This should have been obvious though. The freeway between Sehome and the Sunset Highway has been encased in green. Everything has become thicker and taller. It's like driving through a river bed.

The vet just called. More problems.
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We got Sanda all married off this weekend. For those of you who don't know, Sanda was Juli's maid of honor at our wedding almost seven years ago. Juli and Sanda have known each other since they were 10.

It was a fascinating trip down memory lane for Juli and I. We fell in love even more so.

There was one sad hitch. John's teenage sons were suppose to stand up for him. Unfortunately his ex decided to take them camping, blatantly forgetting the wedding day. We all managed to band together for John though, and got a good friend all cleaned up and presentable within one hour.

Lots of laughter and dancing. Lots of desert bar.

The rehearsal dinner was very special. They hired "The Paella King", Jim Kuhn, "Specialty Cook & Flamenco Guitarist". "Feed your spanish fantasy with Spain's famous seafood and rice dish!"
You can find him at 206 368-9090. Does he have a web site? [...searching...]


While he didn't play for us, he made a spectacular meal. Wow! I even ate bell pepper, it was that good.


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