Nov. 21st, 2010 02:11 pm
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-{So I'm going to edit this up.  Still no exclamation point in the header, but I'll capitalize it.  There is snow on the trees and grass, and slush on the roads.}-

It's the first snow of the season.

I followed all of the pre-forecast discussions,

The National Weather Service discussion for our area found on the Weather Underground for Port Orchard page.

And UW Meteorologist Cliff Mass' Weather Blog.

By checking all of those out last weekend I decided to get the roof line Christmas lights up then.  I would not want to be out on the roof in the snow.  Turned out to be a good call.

 I put up the rest of the lights in the trees and shrubs, on on our porch today.

In Other News. I am and New Uncle! Twice! )
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We had a wet fallish weekend.    So much so that Juli asked for a baked potato dinner, a usual fall staple for us.  But this year has been nothing but odd in the weather department, so fall in early August?  Why not?

But the effect autumn has on me is to energies everything.  It's that ol' "Back To School" training that I had throughout my 18 years of structured education.  Autumn arrives and the brain fires up.

So today Juli and I went out for breakfast at the Family Pancake House, our favorite haunt.  Then We went directly to Barnes and Noble and dropped a bunch of money on books.  As soon as we got home I walked to Fred Meyers for some shopping, a 3 mile round trip.  Got some weeding done in the garden beds.  [damn thistles.]  Throughout the walking and weeding I've had my iPod playing orchestral soundtracks.  The sun has been struggling, and there are plenty of turning leaves.  While I'm disappointed in the Summer Weather, we've only had 4 weeks of sunshine, I wouldn't mind autumn starting now.   Especially if it fires up my creativity early.
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Washington State is getting its Coastal Doppler Radar for the West side of the Olympics!!! President Obama signed a finance bill that includes the remaining funding for the radar construction. The stimulus package included 2 million a while ago and site research has already been underway.

News release by Senator Cantwell


Cliff Mass, UW Meteorologist, blog spot.

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I'm proud of my weather sources. They got it right.
The cold snap will end with a whimper transition to rain, with only a few flakes.

Weather Underground
UW Meteorologist Cliff Mass

Today was about Christmas preparation, though it started with a jolt. Juli left her keys at work and she was opening the store today. SO she had to call her boss and meet him at a local store parking lot. I got her coffee for her and went to that lot to wait with her.

Then I did something I haven't done for many months.... I caught the Southworth ferry. I had some Christmas shopping to do in Tuckwilla. It's still faster and cheaper to drive around through Tacoma, but how relaxing! Sit and read a book while the clouds roll in. I haven't taken that rout since there was a comic shop in Burien. I think my last ride was for Norwescon 27, 5 years ago.

I got all my shopping done in record time, and then got back to Fauntleroy for the ride home. Got home RESTED!

I've got dinner planned. Steak and mushrooms, mashed potatoes [I'm not proud, I use a box] and gravy, and asparagus. Got some laundry done and cleaned off some surfaces to get it looking Christmasy. Sat down with a cup of coffee and read a book.

Today was very good.
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For some reason the walking challenge from work has kept me form doing things... like yard work and posting to LJ. Don't ask me why, or try to tell me why. It just is.

In any case, the challenge ended yesterday. I've walked 294 miles. I had the average miles per day up around 6.5. The average per day dropped off near the end to 5.5 miles per day. I burned 61,200 calories and lost ... 4 pounds. Yes, there are still a few changes to make. However I have far more energy to do things then I've had recently. I can work in the yard for the day rather then burning out after an hour and a half. Walking to the bank, 4 mile round trip, doesn't seem like a big accomplishment. And I can run about taking photos at my brother-in-laws wedding and not feel exhausted.

Speaking of which, that was a cool wedding. It was a Wiccan ceremony. The bride was dressed in a traditional wedding gown while the groom and his attendants were in kilts with the Colquhoun [Cowan] tartan. Bagpipes provided the music.

We had a little bit of trouble getting the very Catholic older brother and his family to come, but they did, and were happy to have done so. They had a good time. The food was just enough to get people fed once and then send them on there way. The DJ's music was old school 80's with a brush of current tunes.

Chris has himself a good wife I think.

And how about this weather?!

Friday was the last sunny Friday of the step challenge. There was a power in the air as the cold front started to give notice that it was coming. The air felt warm with a few circulating puffs of cold. I put in 9 miles that day.

There was a Tornado in South King / North Pierce that destroyed an old barn, took a roof off, and tried to make a water spout on Lake Tapps.

We had a Cougar in Discovery Park. They suspect that he was living off house cats. **whimper** But they caught him, got him good and scared of humans, and then released him in the Cascade foothills.

Tomorrow the are expecting a very busy day at work, but I don't know... The last few after holiday weekend days have been less then expected.

I'm getting my "Fall creative push" on. It happens every year. Something about "Back To School" conditioning that we all get while were growing up that will likely be with me for the rest of my life. I've got a Christmas Card to design, and time to manage, so that I can make it happen.

...and then there is this new addiction to walking.........
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But it's work.  So nothing to see, move it a long.

Thank God, I'll never tell.

Look at me!  I'm dancing Funny!

And now I'm home.  It's my weekend.  There is a relaxing spring mist outside my window with soothing gray overtones.  I can breath.
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Spent the day painting the rest of the laundry room.  Juli chose the colors though I helped with changing the yellow.   ....a little.
There is some artwork we are going to hang in here.   Juli is thinking about which pieces.   [that bottom half is deep blue, not black.]


I managed to get a work out in at the gym.   I really Really REALLY need to find a way to get something in over the week.  By Thursday I start to feel a little run down.  Actually I should find a way to get something in every day.   It's still difficult with the 9 hour shift.

It's a little cooler now then it was with the sun out a few days ago, but it feels more like Spring is on the way.  Lot's more spring birds on making a raucous ruckus.  There's a smell in the air that just FEELS like spring.

Juli and I are trying to find a way to get to the Ocean this month.   Right now it looks like the last weekend, so I may be missing a Tai Pan Edd Board meeting.   But we get three days at the Ocean and a bag full of Powell's Books out of the deal.  [I'll work on some story while I'm there.]

Tonight.   Home made Hamburgers.


{and I'm REALLY looking forward to NorWesCon!]

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Today was a day off.   Friday is always a day off.

The flocked tree came down.  We never actually hung ornaments on it.  The lights were on it and it looked cool from the outside.  It made a mess coming don though.  Since you don' t water a flocked tree it got a bit dry.   Actually it shattered.  ScARe ThE KiTties!

Coiled up extension cords lying on the deck. 

Two years ago I had to put the yucca plant outside.  Either it would acclimate or die.   I had a look at it today, I was struck with curiosity.  I mean there is no doubt we've had some weather, right?  It's sagged quite a bit, and there are some leaf blades destine to be soil,,,  

But     [voice: Evil Scientist]    it ALIVE!    [/voice]

The weather rain gauge is claiming we got a quarter inch of rain in our deluge that is flooding the state.   That would be incorrect.  The wind gauge was blown into the dirt on the other side of the yard.  I think that is an indication that, yes, there was wind.  I put it back where it belonged .

There is sand piled up in the yard where the snow was piled.  The Shoveler may have to return.

Juli went to work tonight at 5.  She will be home somewhere between 3 and 7 in the morning.  Inventory.

Now I go to bed alone.

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My Super cam back to me mid day and said, "Now that you are one of us... We get to torture you."  And she put me in the walk in.   She was going to have me observe but I shot back "I think I'm ready.  Give me a till."  Then we got crazy busy.   Eeep!   I think I did okay.

But that's work.

I just downloaded my first bit of music ever.  "Life in a Northern Town" by Dream Academy.   Scary.

But now I don't need to buy the rest of the album.

I love the song.  I just read the lyrics though...and I won't know what they are singing about.

Lyrics behind cut. )
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Today was mostly about work.   The calls were like working with molasses.  Each one was lengthily and each item on each long call was required.   It put me well outside my stats.

The flocked tree is still lit.   But hey, the calendar says it's Epiphany.  Isn't that suppose to be the 12th day of Christmas?

I am really looking forward to NorWesCon.  It's like my extended Christmas holiday.  And, if I play this creative drive right I may be able to get a creative Con high.  Or all this rain is just making me reminisce about the con.  We'll see.  

I will have to pay attention to what little I have left in the day though.  Otherwise there may be many endless posts like this one.
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Bit of a quote from a pin ball machine.

I managed to shop for Juli today.   I haven't ever "Last Minute Shopped" before.  It's both frustrating and simplifying.  I think I've got her some good stuff.

I also managed to scrape our driveway so I could get out to work tomorrow morning.

We're due for 4 to 8 inches of snow starting tomorrow night that may be followed up by a crust of freezing rain.  It's beginning to look like Juli and I wont make the party, but will keep the possibility open.  If there is a big storm we would rather be trapped at home.

I left for work yesterday a 1/2 hour early.  My direct route turned out to be closed.  I had to choose between the second direct route through hilly rural roads or the third indirect route the back tracks North through Port Orchard.  I took the third route as it was well lit and a little better prepared by road crews.

Work has been Very slow.  Few calls, but long and complicated.   Then the snow hit and it was like the phones were turned off.  Work sent me home one hour early yesterday.  I got some shopping done in Gig Harbor and then worked my way West [more North realy] on 16.  16 was in the news last night for being very slow.  Yes.  2 miles an hour.  I checked.  I managed to get home a half hour later then I would have on a normal day, let go at the normal time.

The Weather Outside Is Delightful.  Traveling In It Is Rather Frightful.
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Today Juli and I went out to breakfast at FPH.  It just felt like a day to have pancakes and eggs.  When ever I do this though, I feel like I'm at a convention.  Maybe it has something to do with the bad coffee.  Still, the Swedish Pancakes with Loganberry's butter was very good!

I turned to in the yard right after.  It was still overcast and sprinkling a little, even though it was warm.  Perfect weather for weeding.  I cleared out two garden beds.  I'm beyond beginning to think that I should have kept that yard waste bin that was accidentally delivered to me.  The compost pile [ [profile] dehd  calls it a snot pile] is getting too big again. 

I burned out just as the sun started to come out.  Juli had been watching reruns of "Deadliest Catch" about crab fishing in the Bering Sea.  I stopped to watch a bit.  My brother says he and the other fisherman up in Kodiak claim it's all staged.   Yeah....  no.

I updated the CAJ website, or at least tried to.  I haven't turned on the CAJ computer for about a month and a half.  There were a few emails, a couple of praises and two wanting to know where they could sell their figurines.  "Sorry, can't help you."   While the website is prepared to be updated it is refusing my password.  I have a call into Telebyte tech support.  I missed their last call back because I went to cook dinner.

DInner!  Juli's sister-in-law  caught some salmon a while ago.  At Christmas we had some for dinner at the family gathering.  Jeff, Juli's brother, gave us a couple of fillets that have been in the freezer ever since.  I pulled one out yesterday and pan fried it with some seasonings.  It was a seasoning kit that I bought at Freddie's.  IT was a bit Cajun, but not overpowering.   We have one more fillet that I want to try [personal profile] typographer 's recipe on.

I called Telebyte back.  The fault was mine.   One more letter in the user name then I needed.

[profile] julesong has been helping me out a little in SL.  My character has changed a great deal.  I like where she's going.

Back to work tomorrow.


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Thunder, Hail, Rain, Wind, all sorts of fun spring weather.  Temp in the high 40's today and the mid 30's tonight.

Spaghetti with alfredo sauce tonight.  I added asparagus to mine.  Yum.

Reading.  I wrote a review about "Embrace the Night" a while back.  I just looked over my unread books on my end table and discovered that I already bought the first book in the series.

Replanted some house plants yesterday.


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[personal profile] miko2 wrote in his LJ about his adventures trying to find the new B52 album with the bonus tracks.

New B52 album??? So after my first 9 hour shift I stopped by Gig Harbor Target on my way home and picked it up.  I haven't listened to it yet. 

It was snowing like crazy at the Mariners Season Opener.

And that's the end of my entry.
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We lost power for about 20 minutes earlier tonight.  The wind has not yet picked up into the "Wind Advisory" category that we will be under in about 2 hours.

When the power came back on it killed Juli's little alarm clock.  I ran out to get her a new one.  As it turns out, our little neighborhood and the one across the street seem to be the only ones with power.  I'm sure there are a string of neighborhoods from us to the substation though.  It's just that one block west on the highway and Port Orchard is dark.  I stopped into a very dark Fred Meyer parking lot to get Juli her new clock.  I suppose I should have picked up a backup battery for it.

I did prepare for the storms earlier today though.  I have  a cooler in the garage with food in it, so we don't need to open the fridge.  I picked up some oil for our lanterns.  I even found some neato wind up flashlights. We broke them out when we had our brief power outage.  It's a cold blue light, not warm like candle light.  It's great to read by though.

The cable is out, so we can't watch Amazing Race.  I went online to find out who got eliminated.  I'll tell Juli after there is no hope left for watching it.
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We had a little more snow last night. Just enough to make the roads interesting. Blaine has had 15 inches and Bellingham... well the news says 12 inches, but we may hear different from the Bellingham crowd. I wonder if [ profile] zorkfox has ventured out with his new car? I would think not, but then if it were me...

I've loaded all 50 of our Christmas CD's into my iPod. It doesn't seem to have affected too much of the memory.
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I seem to be thinking with a certain acuity that I seem to have been lacking for the past half year [or more]. Perhaps it’s the weather. Perhaps it’s that I’ve been forcing myself back to drinking the quantity of water that I should be. [I’ve been down that realization before]. Perhaps it’s because work is finally achieving the shutdown goal that we set for ourselves last August.

Has it almost been a full year? That’s amazing. We thought December 31, 2005. I never dreamed it would take this long. Suzanne did. We tried to convince her otherwise.

What ever the reason, I feel alive again. Let me think about that….. Did I not feel alive? Even as I sit here and type my fingers are flying over the keys. That hasn’t been the case for a while. I have direction. I know what my next few weeks are going to be like. Knowing where I’m going is a key to acuity.

Saturday, a day of less hair and more tasks complete )

The ed meeting )

80th birthday brick )
Speaking of hot, I’ve loved the heat since our trip to San Diego in 1987!!! Remember that HOT people? 117 degrees in the valley and two cars without air conditioning? Juli and I got home at around 4:30… and fell asleep. At 6 I got up and started some yard work. I jet hosed the dirt and weeds out of the expansion joints in the driveway. Next I fed the important plants with a watering can, giving each some personal attention.

And here I am.
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It's quiet here at work today. We have one china painter who will be leaving at 10. We have two folks in greenware, one of which will be leaving at 10. Then there's me. That's it.

I suppose this may be something I need to get used to soon.

It's raining hard. The river in the ally is full. I have a cold and didn't sleep last night. I would have stayed home, but Juli wants me out of the house. ...Well, that, and I'm waiting on the mail for two of Juli's gifts.

Slow day is good.
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What a difference a couple of extra hours of sleep make. because today is our shop party I get to delay going in by two hours. While everyone else is showing up at noon I have to show up early to get payroll done.

It does mean I got those two extra hours of sleep. For the first time in months I feel alert and relaxed. I could get used to this.

There is a thick, thick layer of ice outside. It looks zhivago-esc outside. The news says we have a freezing fog alert until noon today. Cool.
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The weather models have advanced enough where there is now no mention of snow.


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