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This year at the annual Tai Pan BBQ The Monster Croquette game took an interesting turn.

Monster Croquette, for those who don't know, is a game of Croquette that takes place over the oddest terrain we can find and over  a very large course.  Rocks, trees, dry creek beds, slopes, all fair game.

[profile] chuck_melville usually wins.  He's that good.   The game should be subtitled "Beat Chuck".   This year was different, and not because I came close to knocking Chuck out before he could become poison [arrgh!  So close!]

No, it was our host, Amy.  The True Dark Horse Winner.  

Not only did she struggle at the back of the pack, but she also took time out to chase dogs from the field and picnic food, made sure everyone had coats when it got cold, went to the bottom of the hill to get mail, and shuffled chairs about so spectators could sit,
but she also didn't run from the poison players.  She plodded through the course, and in the end, saved the youngest two players for last, letting them play for as long as they could.  A game to remember among the Tai Pan BBQ history books.  
[Some one needs to write a book....   Do we have any writers here?   *_^ ]

Congratulations on a great game Amy.
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I got a quiz today at work.  I think I missed one.

Now I need to head out to a sort of family reunion.  A family friend turned 80 today.  She's sort of the matriarch of her family and our two families have been friends for many years. 

Tonight... Ed Board Night.  I only got one story edited.  I'm bad.
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Yesterday was the last day for two people. The third person will work one more day.

The boss brought in pizza as sort of a send off. One person was all happy because he had lined up a data entry job and will start on Monday. The other was full of tears. That was hard. She is usually the happy person.

You spend more waking time with people you work with then your own family, so it stands to reason that there are some bonds at work, whether they are good or quarrelsome. I've been rather lucky her. We all have a good working camaraderie. Probably because we have to deal with occasional quarrelsome people on the phones.

I almost forgot the Tai Pan editorial board meeting after work tonight, even though I've been noting all week that I will be late due to work. Juli reminded me. I lose track of the day of the week nowadays, but the new schedule should change that. New schedule starts on Tuesday.

I've got to fight a little bit to hang on to the last few shreds of Con High. I think I can manufacture it now, but it will take a little bit of work. I'll probably have to rename it something else if it's not coming from a con any longer. Posting to the Internet in the Morning seems to help. does reading [hey, no surprise there. Pulled that from the "d'oh"  file].



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