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Had a job interview today at 1:00

I got up at 6 with Juli and got her coffee.  Then I sat in the Fred Meyer and read until they opened.  Then picked up some sundry items, veggies for me and conditioner for Juli.

Then I came home and crashed for an hour and a half.  Kaylee, who usually runs away when I first enter a room, stayed on the bed and just glanced at me before going back to sleep.  She's happy we're home.  Tonight she sat on my chest  drooled all over my new con shirt.

The interview was reminiscent of three Johnson's interviewing candidates.  Just like that.  I rather doubt that I have that one though.  I'm grateful to them for allowing me to come in today rather then last Thursday or Friday.

Tacos tonight.  I made mine with lots of salad and more veggies then tacos usually get.

Still have a NorWesCon high going on, and creative energy pushing me in all directions.

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I started this morning around 8 AM. 

Juli and [ profile] miko2 were still asleep.  I showered and posted an FB entry in the dark.  By the time I was through Mark and Juli stirred awake.  Juli and I went to breakfast while [ profile] miko2  worked on his story.

We ate at the coffee garden.  They only were serving the buffet, so that’s what we had.  Eating carrots and zucchini for breakfast has changed my cravings.  I only served myself a moderate plate once.  No seconds on bacon even.

Juli and I checked on the art show next, and finally accepted their replacement prints.  I still have faith in humanity and fully expect those missing prints to be turned in.  Juli one a piece of art on bid tags so we paid for that, and we picked up a piece, a pendant, that we bought on Thursday at the  direct sale price.

I sent Juli to the verbal art auction; she had more art she was vested in.  I took our current purchases to the car and then started on loading out the room.  UNFORTUNATELY two of the four elevator cars were out of service.  I’m guessing 1,500 people were trying to check out and load out on those two lifts.  …and we were on the 11th floor. I managed to get it done in about an hour, mostly catching an up car to the 12th floor and then riding down to the lobby.  …like everyone else.  We’d get up to the top and then only maybe 2 people could get on.

I joined Juli at the auction.  Her piece had come up and she won in, only exceeding her self imposed limit by $5.   There were a few other pieces she was interested in, being offered in the charity auction.  One was a cool NorWesCon 34 poster signed by the guests of honor.  Lost that.  Another was a print of a mermaid, a compliment to the one we have in our bathroom by the same artist.  That went out of our budget within 20 seconds of the bidding war.  I bid on a stack of books, one of which had caught my eye in one of the panels.  I paid $15 for them.

One last tour through the dealer’s den.  I picked up some cool Borg looking brass dice.  [ profile] miko2  bought 6 and took 3 to [ profile] typographer .  [We found out later that [ profile] julesong bought a full set.]  I bought a bit of fluff. ShatnerQuake.   In witch there is a quantum explosion at the first Shatner Con and all of the characters William Shatner ever played come to life and set out to kill William Shatner.
Finally Juli and I, [ profile] typographer and [ profile] miertam , [ profile] miko2[ profile] julesong and her husband Mike, sat down in the bar and shared our goodbye dinner. 

  That was the NorWesCon 34 that was.
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We got up early enough to get in line for coffee.  [ profile] typographer was manning the [ profile] taipanproject table just across the aisle so Juli went over to ask him what he wanted.  "The biggest soy latte they can make!"  I wanted to go see the interview with the Butchers but I realized that G was trapped at the TiaPan fan table.  Not fair, I knew he liked Jim Butcher's work too.  Jim Butcher was on two subsequent panels so I offered to Man the fan table if he would take a latte to Juli.

A number of people stopped by the table, many asking where registration was.  A few stopped by to talk about the Tai Pan Project saying they remember it from the early 90's.    Okay, I feel old.  Many stopped by to play with the toy's that G. has scattered about.  Little wind up marching and hopping toys.

G got back and told me where Juli was positioned in the Grand Ballroom.  Good thing she saved a seat.  The room was full.  We stayed for the next two panels on Urban Fantasy.  I've picked up some info on a few other book series that I may be interested in.  OOoooo   More books.

I helped Juli get her books to the signing sessions.  She packs them in a "Pet Wagon", a cardboard box we picked up from the vet when we got Kaylee and River.  Every year many people ask who's inside.  Pet books I say.  Juli just says books.  Juli handed me some books so that I could get the art G of H Kimuko Craft's signature.  I stood in line with 7 people FOREVER while Juli raced through the switchback line of 80 people in the Jim Butcher line.  I have no idea what the woman in the brown cardigan sweater needed to say, but she dominated Kimuko's attention for abut 20 minutes.   ...That and Kimuko was drawing sketches on many peoples books.  Can't fault her for that, thought I didn't get a sketch.

After a pause back in the room, [ profile] miko2 and I went to a panel called "The best advice I've ever received."  When I got there the room was so full people were standing in front of the door.  I slipped in and sat on the floor behind the chairs.  I couldn't see the panelists, but I could almost hear them, so I got some snippets of interesting stuff.

A moment after I got back to the room Juli called and said people were meeting by the TaiPan table to go to dinner.  10 of us ended up going to Denny's.  Darrel, whom we haven't seen for many years, has been hanging out with us all weekend.  Very cool.  He and Mark used to write Foot Poetry, a random bit of fun where we pass a pad of paper around and someone writes a stanza.  Someone placed a pad in front of Darrel and we were off and writing.

We returned to [ profile] julesong 's room to watch the masquerade on the closed circuit.  Meh.  It's not as extravagant as it once was, but you have to give the people props for actually doing it.  We were planning on a round or two of some game but we ended up talking randomly until we all decided we were tired.  Well maybe not all.  

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All through the night we were observing what we through was the flash of lightning, but there was never any thunder.  About 6:30 in the morning [ profile] miko2 woke me with his stirring.  The standing lamp was on, which was strange.  Mark wouldn’t turn on the light if he thought people were still sleeping, and we usually sleep in a ways at these cons.  We were up until 1:30 watching movies after all.
Yes, the flash was a malfunctioning lamp.   Guess we’ll have to report that.

I saw Kinuko Craft’s art presentation.  Kinuko Craft is our artist Guest of Honor.  She’s done a lot of Patricia McKillup’s book covers, as well as some Time magazine covers and work for Playboy and other magazines.  She’s very influenced by traditional fantasy so her work is very whimsical.  I thought her methods were very interesting.  She starts by sketching in charcoal, follows up right over the charcoal work with watercolor and then finishes the majority of the piece working in oils.   And she likes dogs, so she sneaks a dog or two into her work.
The next panel was with Patricia McKillup, our writer guest of honor.  Two other panelists would be asking her questions.  One seemed to have a small bit of hero worship in her stance, but I doubt that was the case.  Mrs. McKillup’s husband was in the audience which was entertaining at times.  He was asked if he ever saw himself in her work, and he answered that he would proof read for her sometimes to find out what he did wrong, [in jest of course].

I went to New Shared World Anthologies next, mostly because I work with a Shared Universe in the [ profile] taipanproject . That was a little disappointing, mostly because I hadn’t thought of Star Trek novels or Dr. Who novels as shared worlds.  They most certainly are, and they are very prevalent, so what I didn’t get much of significance, only that a shared world is a group of stories by different authors that share a specific location or event.  …but I knew that already.

World Building next.  One author, Sam Sykes, didn’t know why he was even there as he felt world building was secondary by far to character building, and that the world was only significant in how it involves the character.  When we described the panel to Mark later, he pointed out a significant exception in Tolkin.  Tolkin wrote the Silmarilian long before the Hobbit books, fleshing out Middle Earth in great detail.  But the moderator, Susan Matthews, did a great job keeping the panel on topic, and Sam had some significant points.  For example if your character was the leader of a country then you would probably want to go into detail about the government.  But if your character isn’t an economist you wouldn’t get into the economy, or if your character isn’t building a water system you wouldn’t get into aquifers.  Another author M H Bonham, disagreed there. She had studied aquifers in detail for one of her works.

On the way out of that panel my phone signaled a text.  I get very few of those.  I thought it was [ profile] typographer .  The text said that they had a table in the bar.  It turned out to be [ profile] julesong and her husband.   We ended up spending the next three and a half hours there talking and having dinner.   Gene bought me a Manhattan.   He introduces me to some drink every year, asking Juli’s permission first.  It was okay, I’m not much of a fan of it though. 

 Afterwards we retreated to Gene and Michael’s room for a round of Give Me The Brain.  Juli got to win once and did her song and dance about winning. 

And that was the day.

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Juli and I took our time, sort of, though not really, getting to Norwescon.  We stopped at Fred Meyer to get some cone goodies.  I.E. Chips, cookies, Easter Candy, sodas.   I also, as a nod to good health, got carrots and zucchini.  I eat raw zucchini.

As we stood in line for our rooms [ profile] typographer and [ profile] miertam walked in.  We thought we might get our rooms near each other, but we have different room formats so we're on opposite sides of the motel and many floors different.

We got ourselves registered for the con.  Juli still has one number lower than me in con membership number.  Damn!  [in jest].

We returned to our room and examined the schedule.  Gene met us and the room and chatted a while.  He showed us his iPad2 and that the Norwescon schedule that is downloaded there.  Norwescon keeps that up to the hour updated.

Dinner in the lounge.  There were a few good things on the menu, but I went for the burger.  -[I've got zucchini]-

There was a panel that we had all decided we wanted to see, independent of each other.  Paranormal Romance -vs- Urban Fantasy.  Jim Butcher and his wife Shannon were part of the panel.  They're great together! 

Then we retreated to Gene and Michale's room with the intent to cheep-ass (tm) games.  Instead we ended up watching Despicable Me and Kung Fu Panda.  We watched Duck Dodgers in the 24th and 1/2 Century and the Scarlet Pumpernickel as an intermission.

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I had a group job interview today.  It's the second of it's type I've had, but this was as different as day and night.  The last one was with 15 people and felt rushed.  This one was with 5 people and went smoothly. 

Perhaps going at it a second time, knowing what to expect, and feeling comfortable with my answers, none of them rehearsed, made the process easier.  I can't say that the job is mine, far from it, we were only one of a number of groups.  I can say that I came away feeling that I made a good show of myself.

Meanwhile Juli and I are getting ready for Norwescon 34.  She will have one more day of work tomorrow, then we will be off to the convention.   4 days of geeky fun, author and artist worship, and people and great, and near great consumes.   ...and some costumes that probably shouldn't exist, but who's creators should be given kudos for going for it.

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I was just posting about fall.   I mentioned to Juli that the Holidays were just around the corner.

And then after that, Norwescon.

Well...  DoubleTree just confirmed our room reservation for Norwescon 34.


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