Apr. 8th, 2010 10:50 pm
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My right hand ring that I got at last years Norwescon....

I forgot I had it until Juli asked me why I wasn't wearing it this year.

So I've been wearing it again....

And it keeps on falling off. It fit perfect last year.

...yeah, and I'm wearing smaller shoes now too.
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As soon as we left the room [ profile] miko2 , Juli and I went down to the buffet breakfast.  [ profile] typographer and [ profile] miertam joined us there.  Poor Juli continued to crash further into her cold.  But typographer and Juli still shared Easter candy with all who could eat it.

We then swooped into the dealers den for one last go round. There we were joined by Jared. I bought the two animated Terry Pratchett DVDs and Juli picked up the unauthorized biography of Terry Pratchett that Miko2 has been regaling us with for the last few days.  Maybe Miko2 should be paid a commission.

Juli needed to sit down after that, so we all went up the Evergreen rooms to get into position for the armature films.  Lots of fun there, especially the film made just this weekend... "Blood in the Hall".  ...a farcical look at the rules and regs of a convention.  This included lots of Wilhelm Screams and a car meandering through the parking lot looking for a parking place. had to be there.

Juli needed to get home, so she and I had to miss the good by dinner.  *sigh*  Poor girl is curled up in bed right now.

But we definitely had fun.  Lots of inspirations and a few gems of panels, to me at least.
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We're still here, but we're clearing out the room.

It looks like I've caught Juli's cold.  Yeah me!  Is it Con Crud if you brought it with you to the con?

I've been loading up the car already.  Now I'm signing off the computer.

...but we're still here.
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This is the part of the con where we where we usually had our Tai Pan party.  This year we decided not to.   While we did manage to go to a few very interesting panels, right now there appear to be not so interesting panels.  I refer to the 5 and 6 clock hours.

I just got back from getting a latte though, and costumes are starting to come out in force.  I rode down the elevator with a band of dark elves.  black make up.  blond hair.  lots of attitude.

I rode up with a singing space cowboy.

Today's panels were fun.  The slide show by the guest of honor, John Jude Palencar, was very good.  Books that I have that he was the cover illustrator for, were many De Lint books.  He also did the Aragon covers.

Next was getting signatures from Yasmin Galanorn for her Otherworld series.  She's fun.  We had a bit of a talk about books and series that she is coming up with next.

Typographer texted me that they were gathering for lunch, so Juli and I met up with he and [ profile] miko2 in the restaurant cafe.  Both bar and cafe have the same.... will call it a menu.   The food is tremendously bad, but the company is great.  

We went to the Verner Vinge interview afterward.   It was fun.  He talked about ...stuff.  {brain is dieing, can you tell?  There are a lot of zombies here this year.  Maybe I've been a meal.}  I remember talk of the Kendle and other eBook devices.  It's hard to say what impact they will have on books.  One thought is that it will remove the boundaries between books. 

I started to sit in the Science Guest of Honor's panel, but ...  Saturday afternoon, brain dead, zombie fed....

Tonight is the masquerade which we will either see on TV or in person.

We missed the masquerade.  We ended up in the bar for 2 and a half hours.  While dinner was V-E-R-Y slow getting to us [they were extremely busy], the wait staff was friendly and, of course, the company of friends is always very good.
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"There be treasure in there."

You find some surprises at Sci Fi cons.  ...Things yo don't expect.  Sure, I did the traditional things.  I bought books in the dealers room.  I picked up the t-shirt, I cruised the art show and bought a piece of art.  

But the panel on "word fossils",  not something you would expect to find at a sci fi convention, belongs here as much as anything does.  We discussed the drift of the English language, and further, the drift that caused it to branch out from Latin roots, and further still, from the Proto-Indo- European.  Then we went the other direction... where it is going from here.

On thing I found interesting, we call our long vowels "long" because they used to be pronounced long.  A long "A" was pronounced "aahhhhh".  A long "E" was pronounced "Aaay".  A long "I" was pronounced "Eeeee". And so on.   For it becoming what it is today...  It's apparently called "the Great Vowel Shift", and it is the transition from Old and Middle English to English of today.

...and we're shifting again.  It seems that New England is thought to be invading the rest of the country.  Soon we may all be Pahking our Cahs ins the Cah Pahk.   .. that is if we still have Cahs.

Sadly, like many of these cool panels, it's only a brush of a taste of what could be a real cool 10 week collage course.  I mentioned it to [ profile] miko2 just now.  He said he already knew that.  "How so?" ask I.  He was an English major.   D'oh!
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"I never could get the hang of Thursdays"

I had to get into the hotel early to check in and make sure we got the room we wanted.  Well, we sort of did.  It's on the Nose Bleed Floor of the tower.   Then I had to beat it back to Port Orchard right away  to pick up Juli after she got off work.  On the way back down around the sound I got thoroughly pelted by many hail storms.  
Juli and I were concerned about parking, getting back so late.   We got lucky there and found what was likely the last slot in the back lot.

Typographer texted both Juli and I to let us know what room they were in.  I called him when Juli and I got into the room and found out a bunch of them were on there way to the bar for dinner.  One of the things Juli was desperately looking forward to was Hot Wings and Red Hook.  Coincidence being what it is, we had dinner first thing.   The drink typographer bought me this year was a Mimosa, the favorite drink of Sam's,  from "Burn Notice".  Gah!  Now I have problems with my thoughts leaping into a mimosa and partying on a pihnt leaf. [not mint leaf].

Juli and I got registered and then hung out a bit in the lobby with people we hadn't seen for a while...  as we as people we saw last weekend.

I went to my first panel on how technology is changing fandom from the days of printing fanzines to now.  There were three panelists and 4 in the audience.  The panelists stated how very long they have been in fandom ... and they made me feel very old. 
"I've been in fandom 35 years"
"I've been here since I was 13 and I wont tell you when that was."
"Well I've been in fandom since 1984."
To which I tell them they are all making me feel very old.

They discussed things like Sci Fi going mainstream and loosing the clique of the fan
How similar things happened with tech in the sixties when mimeographs made fanzines easier to produce.
How these changes have made successes and failures just happen on a grander scale.


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