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But the saddle just doesn't feel like it did.

I have to cherish this bit.   I've come back from the con, all inspired a refreshed, but there is the threat of falling back in ot he ingrained patterns that wipe out all that inspiration.   I've talked about the Con spark before.   A Con is like flint and steel to inspiration and creativity, but it's up to me to build the fie.
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Sunday Morning.  

We have to be out of the room in two hours.   It's all winding down now.  There is a rhythm to it.   Check Out.  Load the car.  Buffet breakfast..  Art Auction.  SCA maybe.   Small talk.   final meal maybe, and then we're all back to our lives.

Yes, there is a sameness and usually nothing of a Wiz Bang finish, but it feels like I've conned. 

It's still dark in the room, and Juli and [ profile] inaratalamasca are still asleep.  I've finished the last "Kitty the Werewolf" book.  Apropo since I picked up the first one during our trip to Cannon beach.  Funny that.  I've been immersed in the series for a month.  Now it's time for something diferent.

[ profile] miko2 is up.  I have an hour on the internet, so I think I'll turn this over to hime.

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Last Night at Norwescon 32

This one went a little fast.  i went to a number of panels.  The first one was a workshop on drawing dragons.  i did a lot better when I stopped listening to the panelist and just went off on my own.


The second one was on making your artwork have impact.  This was where 27 years of Norwescon and a lifetime of dabbling, and growing up in an artistic family, and working with that family in the family business for 23 years etc.etc etc. finally hit me.

I know all this!  I know all of the theory and all of the instruction!   I just haven't put it into practice.  Shame On Me!

Finally I went to a panel on the yin and yang or light and dark of art.    And they couldn't tell me much, not after that last panel.

There was one other reading that Juli and I went to.  It was a Robert Sawyer reading.   ...Robert Sawyer isn't here.

We had the Tai Pan meeting.  That appeared well attended.

Juli and I are up in the room now, reading our books.  We're going back to [ profile] typographer and [ profile] miertam 's room soon to watch the masquerade.

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Yesterday went by too fast.

have to make today mean something, or just come away with ambiance.


I started to read my book this morning while everyone was still asleep.   I got two paragraphs into it before I realized it was Juli's book, not mine.

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Juli and I went to a few panels.   One panel was on young adult books.  One of the panelists was a 14 year old girl who was very articulate and had some very intelligent and insightful things to say about "Twilight".   Things like it will not stand the test of time because the heroen is a wimp and not really a character anyone would like to emulate or relate to.

I went to the art GoH slide show.  The artist GoH was rather mono tonal and his projector was rather dark.  He acknowledged the problem and apologized many times for it.  To be fair, it wasn't his fault.  Still, I found myself nodding off.  The art was good.
Then there was the "Movies that are being forgotten and shouldn't" panel.  Yay "Bubba HoTep"!!!

Then there was a panel on birds in fantasy and their importance.

Then Juli and I read some.  Went to a long dinner.   Watched Dollhouse.

And played a round of Give Me The Brain where Juli won.   ...But she did not dance.
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Today was mostly about getting here.  While still in Port Orchard gave [ profile] miko2 a call.  This was about 10:30 am.  I left a message on his machine [but now I'm being told he hardly checks his messages].  As soon as I hung up my phone erupted [my phone doesn't ring, it erupts].   Adam called to say he was on the tarmac in SeaTac.  So that means he would be the first to arrive since Juli and I were still 2 hours out.

We ran into Adam almost right away, got checked in and registered, and gathered the rest of Adam's things.   As Juli and I were heading out to get the car to get the second load we ran into [ profile] miko2 and helped him haul all his crap, I mean stuff, up to the room.  Then we just caught up with Adam and went through the program.

As soon as the dealers room opened we went shopping.   I found an interesting book of short stories, fantasy sea stories, written by William Holt Hogdson, an author of the very early 20th century.  This looks like fun!

A few other books including the second gambling dragon book by Aspirin [and possibly the last since he died last year] and another odd book about Cinderella not so happily after, and her fighting team.  Sleeping beauty who's wide awake now and a martial artist, and Snow [also known as White] who is a sorcersess.  And they are off to rescue Prince Armand.

Also bought NorWesCon shirts and stuff.  Juli and I finally have rings that match.  They have the design of Celtic dragons.  Mine is turning my finger green.  Weee!

We spent lots of money.

We had long since run into [ profile] typographer and [ profile] miertam .   We had dinner and too much drinks in the bar.   Weee!   And then retreated to our rooms where [ profile] miko2 introduced us with the actual story behind Star Wars.   The adventures of Pink Five.

0n the "SUCKY   SUCKY   SUCKY!!!" front...  The hotel won't let us attach two computers to our room cable without charging us twice.   This is something new and sucky!!!!    So I'll be posting off of [ profile] miko2 's computer.  DAMN!   I want Clearwire to get out to my area so I can hook up!



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