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I'm still on a convention high.  

I had the day off today and I will have tomorrow off as well.  I suppose that helps.  A change in habits helps as well.  I've waxed on before about returning to my music and getting inspired.  Well Sunday night I was intent on getting my last con report entry in.  I had my music playing [love iTunes!  love iPod!].  After I finished I went downstairs and saw that Juli was not watching the box.  She was in our lightly used living room, reading.  Yes!  Plugged in my iPod and sat in the living room with her to read as well.  This seems to be extending the Convention High..

Today I took my Subaru in to get it's work done.  They have loaned me a 2008 Impreza Sport.  Mine is a 97 Impreza Sport Outback.  It has an "outback" where this loaner does not.  This loaner is a spiffy little buggy.  And you can get at the environment controls without moving the cup holder.  Finally they got that right.
I don't like the transmission controls.  They don't look  or feel friendly.  I could get used to them I suppose.

Bit of a side story here, but it comes back to the car.  At the con I was somehow reminded of Expo 86 in Vancouver, BC.  I managed to locate an Oscar nominated short called Rainbow War that was introduced at the CN pavilion.  There was another great live show at the GM exhibit.  One of the parts of the show the old storyteller told of a canoe that you could get into, point in the direction you want to go, and stroke the paddle once and you would be there.
The Loaner Impreza is a little like that.  Twitch on the gas pedal and not only may you get where you want to go, but if you're not careful you may over shoot it!  Wow!  Too much get up and go!

So tomorrow I will have my own car back.  IT will need to be replaced someday, but for now Juli and I will put money into it and think about replacing her Prism.
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 Saturday Afternoon I cruised the art show.  There were a few things that caught my eye and Juli's as well, though there is a lot of things that have been to the convention year after year.  I don't mean variations on a theme, I mean the same artwork.  Then there are the occasional gems that leap out.  I bought two prints of oriental dragons and bid on a print of a third by the same artists.  Juli placed bids on two pieces.

There was a limited print by the artist Guest of Honor.  DROOL!  It's a large piece of a white dragon that, my god, for a print, it has amazing detail.  You can get lost in that detail.  When Juli described it I felt myself getting lost just imagining the right brain shift of actually painting that detail.    I fall into meditation just thinking about it.

I joined Juli for a panel called "Non Western Mythology".  The three panelists were discussing their favorites...  Mesopotamian, Japanese, and combining Chinese and Hungarian and well as Mayan and Norse.  Yikes!  We got interested in that last one and looked her up on the internet.  Nook....  her work isn't getting good reviews.  But we picked up books by the other authors, the Mesopotamian and the Japanese.
--They came up with some good points.  The one author said that he borrowed from the Japanese history, but that he was writing for a western audience.  So he wasn't writing Japanese stories.  How did he put it?  "If I were writing for a Japanese audience then the hero would die in the first chapter and the readers would love it."
--They also claimed, in their own defense, that they are liars.  All story tellers are liars.  If they were writing historical literature then they would get PhDs, study for years, and then write their books.  Instead they are writing fiction and not trying to prove knowledge other then they can write a good story.  ...hopefully.  The point being that someone in their readership audience will know more about what they are borrowing and make it a point to fly to what ever convention they are at to set them straight.  [they said this in jest, of course].

Dinner at Denney's.  There were eight of us, and as per usual, poor Denney's across from the con was swamped.  We had to wait a fine while before we were seated.  Burger me.  We managed to get back in time for the last few costumes in the masquerade to be presented.  We watched them on the box, as the actual masquerade ballroom is usually impossibly packed.  We saw a few of the costumes on the way up to the room though.  In fact we saw the "Best of Show" winner.  It was a bug eyed alien that had a large  furry tongue which could come out and lick people.  HA!

After the masquerade half of us stayed in our room and watched the movie previews.  I saw most of them already so I went next door to Gene and Michael's and watch "The Simpsons Movie" with them.  What a riot!  And Homer did good finally.

Many of us got together afterwards and played "The Totally Renamed Spy Game".  It used to be called "Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond" but certain parties in the movie industry objected.   ...officially.  [Yes, It's called "The Totally Renamed Spy Game".]  We played until about 2 AM.  While we were there Tom came by and synched Tory up in a corset until she could barley speak.  Tom was dressed as a very elaborate Goth girl in red and white 1890's frills and finery.  SCARY!

Sunday had things that took large blocks of time.  Check out and hauling all of our things to the cars takes about two hours.  Well...that includes showers and the like.    Mark and I were about to post LJ entries.  Unfortunately Michael nest door, who's connection we were using, unplugged his router so that he could dismantle his equipment to get it to the car.  It was funny because we caught were unaware.  The connection just quit.  You just have to laugh at those things.

Juli went to the art auction to defend one of her bids.  I signed us up for next year and for a room as well.  That took time.  I got back to the art auction just as Juli's piece was finishing it's auction.  It was way out of reach so Juli let it go.  

Juli, Tom, Mark, Adam, and I went to the bar for lunch.  We had to spend way too much time waiting for food, then waiting for our checks, then waiting for someone to pick up our checks so we could leave.

One of our band gave us a medical scare, though I'll leave that for her to talk about.  I understand that she is fine and dandy now, but we just didn't know what it was all about at the time.  I'm sure that she didn't either.  Don't DO that!!!

More Dealer's Room tours and more money spent.    Then I joined Adam, Tom, and Mark, in a panel that I would not normally have attended.  It was on internet dating.  [no, I'm not looking.]  It turned out to be an interesting panel concerned about people taking steps to be safe while dating in this format.  Since it was the last panel hour of the day I stepped in to listen.  
--There was one interesting story, not concerned with the internet, but somewhat applicable.  An author who researched abduction behavior, sort of a profiler, overheard a man trying to pick up a young woman while on a airline flight.  While he listened he heard many of the red flag behaviors that he studies for a living.  When the man got up to use the restroom he turned to the woman to warn her.
"You don't know me.  I just wanted to tell you that he is going to offer you a ride home soon.  Don't take it or you will not get to where you want to go."
I thought it was interesting that he first presented her with a prediction then a warning.  It sort of primed her for validating his warning.  We don't know the end result, but we could imagine her taking his warning to heart.

After the last panel we all joined Juli who found a quiet nook to read in.  Then congregated around Gene at his TaiPan table.  It was obvious that most of the Con had left.  The crowds had thinned out dramatically.  We gathered out things and drove off a few miles away for an iHop dinner and departure. 

And that was the Con that was.
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Last night, about 3:30, Mark started snoring.  After about 10 minutes I got up, got dressed, and went on a hunt for ear plugs.  The con hotel is an interesting place that late/early. There were very few people about, but there were certainly some interesting people.  Some were still in costume, a few vampires and the like.  

I managed to find ear pugs at the 76 station across the street.  Icy out though!!  Ice all over everything, thick, hard, "don't go there" type ice.  On my way back I ran across a kid returning from a party.  All the parties have moved across the street to the La Quinta as Double Tree has laid down some rules, or had laid them down anyway.  This ...kid... tells me he's getting too old for this type of behavior.  He's been going to this con for over ten years.  Yep... Too old.

Okay, setting aside my thoughts on drinking until hooting and yelling while running across 6 lanes of traffic seems like a good idea....   Kid...  I've been going for 28 years.  I haven't been up this late at a con for probably the last 20.  ...and...  It's rather fascinating actually.  And amazingly quiet.

Ear plugs worked like a charm, though Juli pointed out that it was much easier to do what she did.  Tap Mark on the shoulder.  "Mark, you're snoring."  "Oh, am I?"  and that was the end of it.  But then I would have missed my night ramble.

Today I've been to two events.  One was the "Girl Genius: Monsters, Mayhem, and Mad Science" radio show.  It was somewhat entertaining, though if it had gone on for more then 30 minutes they would have lost me.  

Juli went to the signing sessions.  I met her there while she was in line.  She pointed out that the artist GoH, Ciruelo, was drawing sketches with his signature.  He is another artist from Spain.  He is known for his dragons.  I ran down to the dealers room and bought his large Dragon book and had him sign it.  Then Juli had me stand in line for many minutes with two books for the Writer GoH, Dan Simmons,  to sign.  There was a three book limit and she had five books.

Oof.  I've just come back from my protein fix at Denney's .  [Belch!] 
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Juli and I attended a panel called Non Western Mythology.    Fascinating.  Three authors described how they tied Japanese, Chinese, and Mesopotamian  histories and mythologies into their writing.  There was discussion of the history of Timbuktu, which even though I know the name I know nothing about.  In fact I learned of Timbuktu from Dr.  Seuss when I was a tot.  Now I need to get on the internet and learn some more.

The panel was good enough where Juli and I hunted for these author's books.  I have one by Keven Radthorne and Juli snagged one by Michael Ehart.    Unfortunately I became one of those irritating people who's cell phone erupts with bad ring tones.  I had to dash out of the room to the Charge of the Light Brigade.  My phone goes off so rarely......

Gene wanted us to meet him for dinner in the bar.  I lucked out this time and had a fine hot turkey sandwich.  Julie [with an "e"] and her husband  Mike joined us.  Actually we joined them as they were there first.  We ate and talked about what we had all seen.  After Dinner we wandered the dealers room.  

A little later tonight We hope to get together and play "Give Me The Brain".  [Zombies must close Frylies, the fast food restaurant of Hell, and they only have one brain between them to complete the job.]

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Sleeping was difficult.  Both Juli and I forgot our earplugs and all four of a snore.

But, that's life.  Mark got up early and went for a walk.  I got up and showered, then read by the light of the curtains, ever so slightly separated so as not to wake the others.   

Eventually we all were up and about.  We went to breakfast and had an expensive buffet full of...  all the regular proteins you would expect for breakfast.  You feel obligated to eat more then you should at those prices!  Bad!

I saw a costume today.  A black guy in a kilt with a "fro" hairstyle.    His badge said "McFro".  He was getting all sorts of attention with the shutterbugs.  He ended up riding the elevator with me and muttered under his breath.  "  cons".  To which I responded in my best William Shatner.  "Kaaaahns!"   

So I've seen four panels.  First was one on water and life on other planets in our system.  I wish there was more time.  There was a lot of science thrown at us in one hour.  Basically it was looking at the behavior of chemicals, what's needed for life [water, energy, and a place to hide], and the readings that we've been getting from our various unmanned planetary space probes.  The moons of Jupiter and Saturn are actually looking promising.

The next panel was an airbrush demo.  Most of it I already knew, but it was fun to watch.    I spilled the paint reservoir all over trying to figure out the double action airbrush though.

The next panel was about the commercialization of space travel.  Right now only Virgin Galactic is building the tourist craft White Knight 2 and Space Ship 2.  There are taking reservations for an Allen Shepard type up and down trip.  $200,000 a ride.  It's going to take a lot more energy to get into orbit.  Some feel that Orbit would be boring.  The fun part is the launch and the return.  Other's want to get to orbit for the price.
One of the biggest obstacles to commercialization of space has been the reluctance of governments to allow orbital and suborbital missals to get into the public's hands.

The last panel was movie previews.  This is where the Great Unwashed come into play.  There isn't enough room for all the people who want to see the previews to be in the room.  And then there are the people who come in, find no place to sit, and stand in front of others.  Finally,  TAKE A SHOWER PEOPLE!  GET A CLUE, NOT A PHEW!
And they seem to want to show previews that have nothing to do with scifi or fantasy.  mmmneh...  I left early.

I needed to take a quick break, one.) to clear my head and B.) to see what I wanted to do next.   An LJ entry has helped for clearing my head.  It's certainly bumping my creative mussels.   It's 4:30.  I'll look at the schedule. 

I'm having a great time here at NorWesCon 31.
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 Juli and I spent some time in our room looking over the program guide and Convention book.  The Convention book is a lot smaller, but the pocket program makes up for it in spades.  Instead of a small, stapled in the center, guide this is a spiral bound booklet with the schedule grid and a detailed description of the panels.  

Gene stopped by to pick up a few things he had left behind.  Mark and Adam showed up just as Gene was leaving.  The four of us talked for a while.  It's been two years since Adam has been down this way [I think], so we spent some time catching up.

We spent about two hours in the dealers room and spent a lot of money.  Actually Juli bought a lot of books.  ;-)

Dinner was a bit of a disappointment.  The hotel is offering a limited Norwescon menu.  I had a tasteless burger.  Ah well.  I've already decided that I wont be eating well this weekend.  It's a bit of a tradition.

Juli and I went to only one panel today.  It was discussing where dragons are in literature today.  It seems that people are jumping on the bandwagon now and putting dragons in just about everything.   Probably it's not a good idea.  There's a lot of garbage out there right now.  We did discuss some goods stuff.  Naomi Novik's series is considered good. [Think Napoleonic Wars with intelligent dragons as combatants along side humans, and written in the style of Jane Austin] .  "Tea With A Black Dragon" was brought up.  I bet my dad would like that one.  It's not really fantasy except that the main character was once a black Chinese dragon.  He now lives in San Fransisco and solves mysteries.   Juli just happened to buy "Dragon Haven" in the dealers room a few hours earlier.  That was brought up as a good choice.  Gotta love those continues coincidences.

Juli and I spent the last few hours talking with Gene in his room.  Just shooting the breeze.  Now Juli and I are back in our room.  We're going to read for a bit.
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We've arived.  Juli and I pulled in at about 1:30.  Just as we got out of the car my phone rang.  Adam had arrived at the airport from Anchorage and was waiting for the courtesy van to the hotel.  We met Adam about two years ago.  He's a friend of Mark's who has come out of Alaska to join us at a Con or two.  Just as I hung up with Adam, Gene and Michael flagged us down.  Coincidences like this bode well for this con.

I didn't mention...  This morning after pulling into Fred Meyer in Port Orchard it started snowing on us.  First full day of Spring and it's snowing.  It didn't feel that cold.  In fact I've only packed t-shirts.  Hmmm

We tried to check in to the hotel, unfortunately the rooms hadn't been serviced yet.  They offered to stuff us [I do mean stuff] us into the monkey wing party wing.  We politely and emphatically declined.  They said they could assign a room to us in the Tower [we like the Tower]  but we would have to wait until it was ready before we could check in.  They could call us when the rooms were ready.  Cell Phones!!!  Yeay!!!

So Juli and I got our badges [We need stinkin' badges].  On our way back to the cafe where Gene and Michael were eating lunch we ran into Adam.  He went off to register for the con while Juli and I joined the others for a snack.  Nice cup of chowder there.  While Gene and Juli debriefed each other on family horror stories the hotel called to tell me our room was ready.  I ran into Adam and Mark [see?  It's coincidental NorWesCon!].  I offered to take Adam's bag up to the room [accepted].  

Juli and I unloaded the car.  On our way there Gene got his call that his room was ready.  We share a balcony so we can stack our drinks up to the gate without worrying that some nefarious person will swipe them.  Gene and Michael have free access.  Now we are looking over our con bag goodies.


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