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I forgot completely about the fifth panel I attended. That was the opening ceremonies. I decided, for the first time in 23 years, to attend the opening ceremonies. As all my friends have posted, this was a bit of a desaster and very forgettable. ..that's why I forgot it.

The guy doing stand up comedy probably stunk badly, and not even in a funny way. I'd have heckled him if he wasn't interviewing the guests of honor later.

Today I get another day off. I'm taking Juli to the airport and seeing her away to sunny So Cal. Tonight she's going to Disneyland for a few hours and tomorrow she starts business meetings. Disneyland.... sigh.
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Norwescon 27... Sunday
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Were back from Norwescon 27, and we both had a great time. While the people we hung out with are the people we hang out with almost every other week, we seem only get to have this type of energized creativity about once a year. About four days worth of synchronicity. It's great fun.

To summaries the con itself, The artwork was definitely an improvement to recent years. Juli even showed a side I didn't thing she had by bidding on a mermaid, and winning. We each attended a few panels. Let's see... [check PDA] ...Juli and I attended <"10 books you would want to introduce your [non scifi friends]to". We took down quite a list, far more then ten. All of them were very good choices.
We attended "Other Worlds". This was a discussion on why an author would want to write stories that take place other worlds or in fantastical places. I can't really summarize this one into a few short lines, so I'll save it for the con report.
Most of us attended a two hour panel on the future of marriage. It took on the issues of defining marriage that is in the forefront of current events. I think they might have expected opinions on both sides of the debate. Instead there seemed to be a unanimous support any marriage. Still, it was a rousing good panel and I came out more enlightened.
The last panel I attended was "The art of Don Dixon". Mr. Dixon is an astronomical artist. His art is remarkable. While I wouldn't use it for interior design It would make a great addition to an art library.

Other things that happened at the con were eating all the wrong food twice a day. That usually involved [ profile] genebreshears trying to get me drunk. Okay, not really. He has been introducing me to new drinks I might like". And he's right. I've enjoyed the Seabreese for some time now, but the electric ice tea could be very dangerous for me.

Then many of us would play strange "Cheapass" games into the night. Games like "Give Me The Brain" and "Lord of the Fries".

Madness! MADness george madness.

I've come away wanting to delve deeply into art. Strive towards many stories and generally be creative, but tomorrow is Monday. Time for a return to work.
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Norwascon 27... Saturday
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Norwescon 27... Friday
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Norwescon 27... Thursday

I get to fill in this post after all.

I've just cooked Juli her breakfast. After looking at the schedule of events it looks as if we will be going to Norwescon a little earlier then we expected. And McAffee just detected and killed a virus. So I gotta go.

...and I'm back. The computer was safely dewormed. Yay virus detectors!

Breakfast was banana pancakes, smokehouse sausage, and coffee. I'd say I'm on a roll, but we didn't have any.

Now... Edward the cat is outside for one last outdoor adventure before we leave. He gets to be locked in for three days. Pooooor kitty. Saavik will laugh at him. ...and run away.

And we are off to NORWESCON!!!


Apr. 7th, 2004 10:14 pm
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I managed to get through the day without too much trouble. I got a call at about 1:00 from one of our customers. Alan and Suzanne are heading up there for a signing. She wanted a better resolution on an image I sent to her. She meant I had to babysit the computer as it spent 40 minutes sending 7 megs of info. That was time I could ill afford to spend and still get things accomplished so I could be gone for two days.

Ah well. The day ended with everything done that needed to be. I cut my workout short and went to the car wash. Hand washing the cart is a pretty good workout in itself, especially as you watch the clock tick down on your quarters. Now the car is clean inside and out.

I've just found out that panels start tomorrow at 1:00. Juli and I will try to be there by 2:00, which I calculate to mean 3:00. We can do that.


I think I just felt an Earthquake. Perhaps not.


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