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Okay, I'm over it. Music is such a wonderful soothing influence.

Thursday was actually a great indication that the weekend was going to be good. I had to sail across the sound three times and all three trips just happened to be direct sailings without a stop at Vashon. That cuts the trip down to 20 minutes rather then 40. It's a pretty good deal.

I stopped in Burien to pick up my comics and look for "The Art of Spirited Away" but without luck. I didn't find it at the con either. Wonderworld says they will order it for me.

I did pick up a lot of other things. Most of my purchases were t-shirts. I have to retire a lot of mine, and since I pretty much live in them I needed replacements. I bought this neat CD I'm listening to right now, and two fine foil cards by Michael Wayland, a special artist guest. I showed them to Juli. It's of one of her favorite images, the book covers to Winter Queen and Summer Queen. We got to stand in front of the actual original paintings in the art show and stare. "oh wow!" Now there is inspiration!

Juli got all of her books signed. She even made sure that Greg Cox signed my copy of Daredevil. I feel kind of funny asking my old room mate to sign things, but Juli has no problem at all. When Terry Brooks signed her Shanara books he looked them over and asked, somewhat awed, where she got first editions. She used to work in a bookstore. He signed them up and carefully handed them back saying "You're holding about $2,000 in your hands." He then took her book of collected short stories and signed it. "This one is worth about $2.95 ."

We got to see [ profile] julesong, a.k.a. [ profile] julesgone for the first time since her operation. She's looking fine! She and her husband Mike, are certainly looking very happy. "Hey you guys! Beep!"

I drew something for [ profile] genebreshears' "Cute guys in glasses" sketchbook. A dolphin in glasses. All dolphins are cute you see. Then Wolf Lahti drew a guy in a glass of water. [ profile] jeffreycornish had us all draw stick figure Tai Pan characters in his book. That was fun.

Despite the wumba wumba from the parties next door, the con was actually lots of fun. We had to have our farewell dinner at IHOP as the Blue Sky Diner seems to have fallen on some very hard times. But that sourdough bacon parmesan burger was actually quite good. I'm sure we'll look them up again.

Thanks to all! I'm already signed up for next year, so let's all do it again!
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Well yes, my mood was annoyed, but I'll get over it. [see the end of the post.]

We're back from the con. We both had a great time. Unfortunately the only thing I'm mulling over right now is that I was gullible and let them stick us in the party wing despite the fact that I showed up at 1 on Thursday. I've been going to this con for 23 years and I still...

As soon as I "get over it!" I'll post all the good stuff. In the meantime here's the week end check in.

April week three goals check )

I just put on my new CD, Nausicaa : Best Collection, and my mood changed. I should have done this first off instead of trying to write my con repost and getting irritated.
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Stopped back to pick up Juli.

Now we're gone again.

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Packing for the con. I think I should have made a list. Oh well. If it's important enough I can come back and get it. I'll be back tonight to pick up Juli.
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I had to put in some extra time at work so I could be gone for two days. This will be the 23rd Norwescon I've been to. I've been going to this thing for over two decades. Where were we in 1980?

I haven't done anything creative tonight. I've done laundry. I've got a headache. I've gone shopping. I've watched Angel.

Well, since I don't have to get up too early tomorrow maybe I'll take some time and make another icon.

Blah is a good descriptive emotion. Kick this headache and maybe I'll be anticipatory.


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