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It took me a while to get it in gear today, but as soon as I got out I accomplished a few things.

The lawn is mowed for the first time.  It's still in tough shape from the snow of 2008/2009.  I never repaired it back then. 
I had to lay down some moss death on it though, and I have some grass seed to add.  There are two new spring heather plants in place to mirror my neighbors plants.  It looks as if the Lithadora on the rock wall will either need to be replaced or babied a bit.

I bought a new toilet seat and installed it.  The other one was about 8 years old and loosing its finish. 

Tonight Juli and I will be going to dinner with her family.  One is her nephew from Alaska, whom we haven't seen for about 15 years.  That was before Juli and I were engaged.

Juli's mother told her we were going to Dave's Dinner in Sea-Tac.  She was about to give directions when Juli started to laugh.  Dave's Diner is one of the NorWesCon Hang-Outs.  It's kitty-corner from the NorWesCon hotel.

On the NorWesCon issue....  There is still a possibility that Juli may be able to go.
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Spring arrives.

Shadows of Midsummer Night's Dream...
A soft choral of frogs.  
A passing of a warm wind.
The smell of trees and warm earth, sweet pollen of blooms, fill the air.
Music, soft and familiar, pulls at memories.
An image of a paint brush...
An idea for a story...
Creativity blooms with the growing green.
Thoughts grow form with the  Midsummer Night's Dream.
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Today was "Get Things Done Before NorWesCon" day.

I chose to pay off the Credit Card Bill now rather then wait until the due date.  I usually waited until the last minute so as to earn interest on that money before paying it.  But since WasMu is only giving my about 2 cents on it ... just not worth waiting.    This was a big hit though.   It had the Cannon Beach vacation on it, the Refrigerator repair, the car tow and car repair.   Big ouchie credit card bill.

And then I needed to get the taxes paid, which included buying that big pesky IRA.   n'other big ouch.

Followed by researching a refinance on the house.   As I mentioned before...  did not...  DID NOT... like that fast talk by our current mortgage company, Stage Coaches Running Amuck.   Odly enough I went in and talked to WasMu.   I kinda like them.

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Today was mostly about work.   The calls were like working with molasses.  Each one was lengthily and each item on each long call was required.   It put me well outside my stats.

The flocked tree is still lit.   But hey, the calendar says it's Epiphany.  Isn't that suppose to be the 12th day of Christmas?

I am really looking forward to NorWesCon.  It's like my extended Christmas holiday.  And, if I play this creative drive right I may be able to get a creative Con high.  Or all this rain is just making me reminisce about the con.  We'll see.  

I will have to pay attention to what little I have left in the day though.  Otherwise there may be many endless posts like this one.


Mar. 27th, 2008 07:12 am
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I got up at 6:15. That's two plus hours early for today's work schedule. I couldn't sleep any more. We've got a light dust of snow. Unusual for this time of year, but it does happen. Other places are on snow routes and there are cars in ditches.

I think my early rise is due to a combination of things. I still have a convention high. To my inarticulately screaming muse I ask, let's keep that going, okay? I've been eating better, more nutritious food. That may have something to do with it.

And today I find out what that car count test was all about. That doesn't bother me to much, other than curiosity. We'll see.

I also want to get up early on these late shift days. There will only be four more, ever. April 1st the scheduled hours change completely. We will only be open until 5pm 5 days a week instead of 'till 7pm 7days a week.

I've had my iPod plugged in to my ears while I've read, and for that matter, while I've sat at the computer. It's been playing Anime soundtracks. So tell me... why do Anime soundtracks keep me in mind of NorWesCon? I blame [personal profile] miko2 . In NorWesCons of the distant past he would play Anime on his laptop and I would scrounge a soundtrack out of the dealer's room. I suppose I could go further back to the very beginning for me. In 1980 my collage roommates of Mythos Manor introduced me to NorWesCon 4. We wanted to put together StarBlazer costumes but never got around to it. [I eventually got a round tuit for Christmas but I lost it somewhere.]

I've got about an hour and a half before I need to get dressed for work. I could go to the gym. I may just walk around the neighborhood. Something.

According to WinXP LJ is using a scripted window to ask for information. What's all that then?

So good morning all. Have a great day.
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I am completely satisfied with this con. 

Friday I bought a book by Terry Brooks about the "Writing Life".  I told Juli when she called that night.  She told me to take it back, that she already had it.  [It's hard for me to buy a book that Juli doesn't already own!]  FOrtunately Mark decided he liked it and bought it from me.

Saturday I got up at ... I forget...  9?  I needed to get to the first autograph panel at 10.  Juli sent me off with some books to be signed by Kim Stanley Robinson, the Guest of Honor.  Unfortunately I din't have the schedule of which pros would be at which signing session.  [I later found it in the pocket program, but by then it was too late.]  None of the pros I was looking for were at the first session, so I returned to the room and surfed on the internet for a bit.  Next year I will have my stories on my laptop to work on.  

I returned for the 11 am session Luis Royo was setting up.  I found out he would be doing more then signing each item.  I ran down to the dealers room and picked up a small copy of his sketchbook.  He had his rejects printed up.  Very cool idea!!!  You can learn more from the rejects.  While I was about the 12th person back it still took about an hour to get through the line.  THat was truly okay by me.  I got to watch hime sketch for every person in front of me, and some of them had the max of three items to sign.  What a treat to watch the man draw!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got out of that line at 12, just in time to get into Kim Stanley Robinson's line.  I was the third back there, so that went fast.  He personalized them for Juli.  Cool!  Juli was happy.

I ran into Gene and Michael just after taht, and contacted Mark.  We hiked over to Denney's for a meal that was a little better then what the hotel offered.  I returned to the room to get it set up for the Tai Pan Room Meeting.  The other's went to Gene and Micheael's room to schlep supplies over for the meeting.  As I unplugged computers the Maid knocked on the door.  I stepped out on the balcony to get out of her way.  Mark showed up about then and brought his computer out on the balcony to work on stories.  

The maid raced through and did a great job.  I gave her some "George" dollars for a tip.  She came back later and asked if everything was okay.  Very nice maid.

The meeting was well attended by a number of people we hadn't met before.  We all chatted with them for a while.  They all eventually left.  We were about to call it quits when one returned in hopes to hear the readings.  So Chuck went ahead and read "Cargo" by Gerald Perkins.  That was a tribute to the man.  He will be missed.  Mark read the scenes he had been working on all weekend, about Micki Ito.  That promises to be a good story.

Abut this time we went off to dinner in the Coffee Garden.  I ate my only burger for the weekend, and left the fries.  Then we had our annual"Give Me The Brain" marathon.  I won lots of brains.
One the way back to our room Mark talked me into climbing up the stairs to our twelfth floor.  I called out each floor we had reached until we got to the fifth.  Then I gasped, "To hell with it.  We know where we are." and kept going.  It actually felt pretty good after we were through.
I remembered that I had Easter Cards to get out to people.  I wanted to slide them under peoples doors so they would find them the next morning.  [I through Marks at him and said something like "Pretend you didn't see me".]
Sorry Jeff and Jerri-Lynn, if I had remembered to ask where you were I would have got one to you.  happy Easter!!!!

Sunday I got up early again, and registered for next year.  J'wyl was very nice and rolled Juli's membership into next year.  I got into the art show and found out that I had won my print.  An aerial view of three Koi fish.  We then schlepped our stuff out of the room and down to the car.  Here is were it was fortunate to be on the twelfth floor.  By the time the elevator got to the eleventh it was full.  It stopped at every floor on the way down.  We saw many unhappy people.  It didn't help that one of the four elevators was down for maintenance.

I think we ate again.  Then Gene, Michael, Mark and I waited in the second floor lobby for Edd Vick's reading.  We listened to our ipods and talked a bit.  We were all pretty tired.  I was beginning to really feel that 12 floor climb from the night before.

Edd's story was "The Raft" which he read to us a few weeks back at writer's night.  It's a very cool story!  I hope he sells it soon.

Dinner at the Broiler with the four of us, Edd, Amy and child, and Juli and Mike.  The food was more expensive, but just okay in my mind.  
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Saw some panels yesterday.

Luis Royo is the Art Guest of Honor.  I went to his slideshow early Friday.  Mr. Royo doesn't speak English so he needs an interpreter.  Unfortunately his interpreter couldn't make it.  His agent had to interpret for  him and his agent says he speaks "little English" 

The presentation concerned a commission he had in Moscow to paint the domed ceiling of the master bedroom of this rather palatial stone house.  The subject was of 42 women in, well...  only one state of undress really, participating in what could be described as an orgy.  Yet Royo says it's not pornography as "you Americans are more comfortable with violence then sex".   We all laugh at that.  If our media entertainment is any indication, it's certainly true.

To tell the truth though, it didn't take long to see beyond the subject and get caught up in the well executed artwork.  Royo is a fantastic painter, there is no doubt. 

EDIT: On further research I find that Luis Royo has far far more subject matter then women in verious stages of undress.  Go to his website!  [Voice = "Hypno the Great"]  Go tooooo his weeeeb s-i-i-i-te! [/voice]

His stories of working in Moscow were sad though.  He described an old woman coming out to her doorstep to sell small bundles of wood.  And that no one is smiling there.  It's dismal.  And here he is painting the ceiling of a large stone mansion, the owner in absence.  He described large marble counters with sinks carved out of them, and other extravagances.  And her he is, painting an orgy on the domed ceiling of the master bedroom.  He painted in the corner, the owner, his agent, and himself, in robes and peeking out from the bushes.  The portrait of the owner was far from flattering.  His agent encouraged Royo to remove some of the fat folds under the owner's neck.  He was, after all, paying the bills. 

I've attended other panels that were entertaining, and I've consumed a small amount of alcohol, compliments of
[profile] genebreshears.  I could scarf seabreases far to fast for my own good.
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[personal profile] miko2 and [profile] julesong both needed to head out today for one thing or another.  We went online and found that miko2's bank drive through opened at 8:30, so they are both going out early in a bid to get parking when they return.  I don't know.  I just had a look out into the parking lot, and parking still looks iffy.  We have a 12th floor room, so I have a great view. least of the parking lot.

One of the 4 elevators are down for remodeling.  We were already maxed out with four, so three ...  that's going to be fun on Sunday.

We stayed up until 1:30.  Okay miko2 stayed up until 2.  He's got story stuff running through his mind and he wants to get it all written down.  

Today , in about an hour and a half, there will be a slide show by the Art Guest of Honor, Luis Royo.  I won't miss that.  I've yet to go over the rest of the program book.   I went shopping yesterday in the dealer's room with Juli's shopping list.  There are only four book dealers this year. Struck out on all of her book wishes. I did get the last red cloth dragon for her corner of the Computer Room ceiling.  

The Tai Pan club meeting will be in our room on Saturday.  I had to reassure one hotel neighbor acrooss the hall that we were a quiet bunch.

According to  [personal profile] jeffreycornish the convention registration is running over the average.  We seem to be popular this year.

I forgot my text book, so no homework for me until the last minute on Sunday, ...or Monday morning before class.  No worries.

At the con

Apr. 5th, 2007 05:10 pm
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I'm still settling in.  I stopped to pick up [personal profile] miko2 on my way in.  We got here a little later then I expected and parking was a bit of a premium.  Tomorrow I'll need to take miko2 out to his work so he can pick up his paycheck and pay for the con.  Parking will be a double premium then.  Hopefully I can get him out of bed early so we can get it done while there is a chance to get parking.

I should go over the program book now.
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I've been scrambling more then I would have guessed.  I woke up again at 6 AM but forced myself to go back to sleep until 9.  No, it wasn't easy.

I've been running around ever since.  well... not completely true.  I stopped for a half hour to watch a Ghost in the Shell episode I had recorded late last night.  That's sort of a mood setter.

I've been going back and forth about bringing art supplies.  I've never been good at drawing in a convention setting.  That may have changed, but then again...   I enjoy all of the outside distractions of friends and convention goings-on.  These outside distractions are not conducive to the inward focus of creating artwork, at least not for me.   We'll see.

The cat is fed and watered  plenty.  

OH!  I just remembered my wifes shopping list!  She would NOT BE HAPPY if I forgot, since she can't go this year.  Even more of a pain for her since she will only be 20 miles up the highway.

I'm waiting for the mail.  I want those Amber G CDs uploaded into iTunes and my iPod before I head out.  I'll give it until 12:30 or 1, but then I'm on the road.

More Posts from the con later!

EDIT:  Amber G didn't make it today, so I'm off now.
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Sunday is Sunday at Norwescon. A few things happen, but mostly it just checking out. The gang had rooms on the 8th, 9th, and 10th floors. One of the four elevators broke down so the other three had to pull double duty. That meant we were waiting for about 15 minutes for a ride. The fastest rout we found was to either walk the stairs, a difficult task when baring a load, or catch a wandering "up" elevator and ride to the top for the next journey down.

It took us about 2 hours to get out of our room, then Juli and I turned to and helped [ profile] genebreshears, [ profile] miertam, and [ profile] miko2, load out of their room. We managed to get done by noon.

We were all heading for breakfast when we got sidetracked by registration for Norwescon 30. That took about a half hour. In the meantime [ profile] julesong and [ profile] streingrim spent some time at the art show auction and Juli went to pick up the griffin art she bought direct sale on Friday.

12:30 and 9 of us converged on the hotel restaurant. This was the first breakfast all weekend that Juli had. Most of us chowed down on the breakfast buffet. We discovered that when we ate a normal meal we spent as much as the buffet anyway.

From 1 to 3 we wandered the dealer's den. Juli picked up a bunch of books. I bought a few books and 3 CD's. The CDs were "Spamalot: Original Cast", the soundtrack to the TV series "Firefly", and the soundtrack to the Anime "Steamboy".
Juli found a book that Julesong had been hunting for, so we managed to snag her and bring her to it.

The dealer's room closed at 3. We sat in the hallway for a bit while Mark sketched in Julesong's art book. Adam gathered phone numbers and emails while he had the chance. Streingrim was desperate for a place to sit. Someone connected with Gene in the lounge, and the possibility of sitting in the lounge's comfy chairs was very appealing.

That's where we congregated and finished our con. Mark finished his art for Julesong's art book, a very funny cartoon shaggy dog story. Adam had to split first and catch his plane to Anchorage. I think he was quite satisfied with his first con experience. Julesong passed her art book of to me, with a promise from Juli to crack the whip to get me to draw something. Hmmm

We usually have a dinner before we go, but we all had such a big late breakfast... And the whole point is just to gather before we head out, just to put a period on the con. At least that's all it is for me.

So now I'm listening to Spamalot, and wrapping up my report. This is doing a great job of eliminating
"The Internet Is For Porn" from my brain. Thanks to Julesong, Juli and I had that in our heads
all the way home.
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There were a number of very good panels on Saturday.

Robert Sawyer read a short story from a "Future Shocks" anthology. The "Future Shocks" Anthology publishes stories that demonstrate the hidden downfalls of the rapid advance of technology. He called his story "Flashes" but to late discovered the better title "Info Dump". It was about what happens to Earth when excerpts from the "Encyclopedia Galactica" start getting beamed to us. Anyone can pick up the signal, and it's written for the layman, so anyone can understand it and prove it. The entries start disproving longtime held theories like the Big Bang, and even Life after Death. Scientists start committing suicide [imagine defending your work for 60 years only to discover, not only where you wrong, but you were simply wrong.] The halls of academia become sparsely populated. Why go to college when what you're learning may be disproved tomorrow by the next entry from space? The economy tanks. Why buy a car when the next entry may give us portable cold fusion?
In the end the Toronto Tower gets blown up because the last entry showed us how to make small bits of anti matter. Hey, if anyone can make it what's to stop some kid from making it?
Robert Sawyer is very fun to listen to and to watch. He's a very animated reader.

The next panel was a live painting demo by Diatto Giancola, [I'll have to check the spelling later]. While I couldn't stay for the whole thing I was pleased to se that he almost completed his preliminary drawing before he started to paint. That's a sign of a very professional painter. It also demonstrates the need to know how to draw in order to be a good painter.

The next reading was from [Voice = "Kermit the Frog"] "Our special guest star Lois McMaster BuJold! Yeay!" [/voice] She read to us from her next book "The Sharing Knife", due out in October of this year. Ooooo Sounds like fun! But Juli and I will probably wait for the paperback.

The Tai Pan party club meeting was next. Mostly it was attended by Tai Panners but there were a few interested sorts. [ profile] chuck_melville, [ profile] miko2, and [ profile] genebreshears all read stories that had been published.
Juli slipped out to get Michael Wayland to sign my First Edition hardbound of "Chanure's Venture". Cool! We got CJ Cherryh's signature Saturday morning.

Then 13 for dinner. Denney's! Yeay! A meal that didn't suck! Juli and I ordered the same burger and asked for a tub of BBQ sauce. The waitress brought us a large bowl of it. HA!

Juli and I left before [ profile] kehf and Auntie showed up. That wasn't a slight! I promise! Juli wanted to see a panel on modern horror. I sat in for a while. One of the panelists read a short story. I don't know who wrote it... Burst? Berst? It was about a small boy in the Civil War era. Very creepy.

I left early and read for a bit. Then joined Adam, Mark, Gene, [ profile] pencil_rain, Kristin, and Tom H [long time no see], for a few rousing games of "Give Me the Brain". We're all such [expletive deleted] for that game.

I should replace this userpic image.
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The Lois McMaster BuJold interview was fantastic. Because I had the advantage of having read all the latest Vorkorsigan novels and the First Chalion novel I had an incite into a lot of things she was talking about. She told us of her class in medieval Spanish history and the various obvious parts that she adapted to Chalion. Wow! There are all sorts of great ideas you can pick up just by drawing on your education. I did pick up that there was a Spanish elements to the Chalion novel. Very cool that. She also talked about what inspired the last few Vorkorsigan novels, how she needed to basically "Kill Miles, put him in a box, and loose the box" for Lord Mark to be able to have a story from his point of view. Thus "Mirror Dance". Hey, it won a Hugo. Then her next book she determined that Miles couldn't die, get frozen, and get resurrected without there being 'some' consequences. Thus "Memory", which was good [4 of 5 stars IMO]. But seeing where the book came from now... I may have to revise my rating.

I had to leave early. That's the "blah" part. Something about Thursday’s dinner was raising cane with my digestive system. Details need not be posted.

I managed to return for the interview with Robert Sawyer. He's a very personable sort. Now I may have to finish reading his Neanderthal series.
He made one comment which I thought was interesting:
American novels have happy endings.
Canadian novels have sad endings.
British novels have no endings.

I had to leave early because [see above].

I went to the previews and managed to get a space on the wall in back. Unfortunately Juli called me halfway through and I had to get out to answer the phone. She bought a piece of artwork direct sale and she wanted to tell me. If I wanted back into the previews I would have needed a crowbar. Oh well. They weren’t that good anyway, though Scanner Darkly looks interesting. [Me? A horror movie?]

About 6 Many of us, 10? 12? [ profile] genebreshears, [ profile] miertam, [ profile] pencil_rain, [ profile] kehf, [ profile] miko2, [ profile] julesong, [ profile] steingrim, [ profile] zorkfox, [ profile] v_lockhart, Juli sans 'e', Auntie, and Adam. ...yes. We all invaded the bar. It took us a while, but we finally managed to cluster around 3 tall tables. Gene bought me Maitais. I got smart this year and drank slowly without adding beer. So I had two. The food was.... food.

Gene [voice = "Mr. Hom"] 'Thank you for the drinks'. [/voice]

I tried to get into a panel about fantasy characters and blisters. Lois was on it. Unfortunately the room was too small and the moderator complained continually about the door being left open. ...and he used his official army major voice. Yes, he was an army major. I left early on purpose.

I sat at my computer for a while until I found out that there was a "Give me the Brain" game underway in Kristin and Ieva's room. I managed to sit in on the end. Adam had never heard of Cheapass Games before. Many of them wanted to go to the dance afterwards. I wasn't up to it, so Mark, Adam and I retreated up to Adam's room and watched the first part of "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Julie called part way through because she was having trouble getting her Second Life character clothed right. As it turns out, her computer can't run Second Life.

We all stayed up and talked and played strange music until the wee small.
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Meeting up with everyone was no problem. We all have cell phones now, and they all seem to go off at once. For some reason [ profile] genebreshears keeps getting someone in Japan when he calls me though. Don't ask me...

I sort of had my workout today when I tried to carry Juli-sans-"e"s books and a box of tai-pan issues from the car in one load. Ouch

So far we've got the room meeting all set up and registered. That took some juggling as security didn't know what to do with a "Room Meeting". We're a square peg.

I picked up some shirts, usually one of the first things I do at the con. Then off to Dave's Dinner for dinner. This turns out to be the place that disappeared on us two three years ago. They just moved down the street. My meal... made me ill. Fettuchini with undercooked chicken. Stick to the burgers at Dave's.

Afterwards we wandered the dealer's room. I took some aspirin to see if I couldn't clear dinner from my head. For some reason a bad meal will make me feel like I'm trying to think and talk through a fog.

After dinner we visited the dealers room for a quick run through. Juli didn't get through without buying a book. =^_^=

The Opening Ceremony was quite fun as soon as the standup comic sat down. Robert Sawyer is quite entertaining. Donato Giancola. while not much of a speaker is a great artist and I look forward to seeing his presentations. Lois McMaster BuJold is very eloquent.

After the Ceremony we had about 15 minutes to prowl the dealers room again. I stopped at one booth where the owners were all a flutter because a pro just stopped by and signed a book for them. Turned out that it was Greg Cox. So I regaled them about how greg would always cook spaghetti when it was his turn to cook dinner in college. Gee, the guys gave me a 20% discount on a DVD of Sin City, just because I told them tales.

Juli and I managed to spend more money on books and things.

This will be a great con!!!

Addendum: [ profile] julesong and [ profile] miertam worked on trying to get both of Julie and my computers working on the internet at the same time. Julie eventually went to Fry's and got a hub.

Juli sans "e" and I went to a panel on the modern vampire. That was rather interesting. Juli took lots of notes. We then retreated to Gene and Michael's room for a rousing game of "Give Me The Brain!" I win! I win!


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