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We had a wet fallish weekend.    So much so that Juli asked for a baked potato dinner, a usual fall staple for us.  But this year has been nothing but odd in the weather department, so fall in early August?  Why not?

But the effect autumn has on me is to energies everything.  It's that ol' "Back To School" training that I had throughout my 18 years of structured education.  Autumn arrives and the brain fires up.

So today Juli and I went out for breakfast at the Family Pancake House, our favorite haunt.  Then We went directly to Barnes and Noble and dropped a bunch of money on books.  As soon as we got home I walked to Fred Meyers for some shopping, a 3 mile round trip.  Got some weeding done in the garden beds.  [damn thistles.]  Throughout the walking and weeding I've had my iPod playing orchestral soundtracks.  The sun has been struggling, and there are plenty of turning leaves.  While I'm disappointed in the Summer Weather, we've only had 4 weeks of sunshine, I wouldn't mind autumn starting now.   Especially if it fires up my creativity early.
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Lately there has been televised a Lincoln commercial that is using a cover of  "Major Tom".   It made me realize that I didn't have the original in my iPod, and since it's a relatively cool song I went to Amazon to download it [now that I've discovered the pleasure of downloading individual songs].

[ profile] miko2  probably already knew this, but it surprised me.   There are a large amount of covers and styles of this piece. I ended up downloading four different versions.


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Spring arrives.

Shadows of Midsummer Night's Dream...
A soft choral of frogs.  
A passing of a warm wind.
The smell of trees and warm earth, sweet pollen of blooms, fill the air.
Music, soft and familiar, pulls at memories.
An image of a paint brush...
An idea for a story...
Creativity blooms with the growing green.
Thoughts grow form with the  Midsummer Night's Dream.


Mar. 15th, 2009 12:28 pm
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I bought my first album online.

I had to have the "Coraline" soundtrack.   Wow!  $5 instead of $12.99.

Not bad.
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My Super cam back to me mid day and said, "Now that you are one of us... We get to torture you."  And she put me in the walk in.   She was going to have me observe but I shot back "I think I'm ready.  Give me a till."  Then we got crazy busy.   Eeep!   I think I did okay.

But that's work.

I just downloaded my first bit of music ever.  "Life in a Northern Town" by Dream Academy.   Scary.

But now I don't need to buy the rest of the album.

I love the song.  I just read the lyrics though...and I won't know what they are singing about.

Lyrics behind cut. )
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[personal profile] miko2 wrote in his LJ about his adventures trying to find the new B52 album with the bonus tracks.

New B52 album??? So after my first 9 hour shift I stopped by Gig Harbor Target on my way home and picked it up.  I haven't listened to it yet. 

It was snowing like crazy at the Mariners Season Opener.

And that's the end of my entry.
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Oh wow!

Jean Sibelius followed by Cindi Lauper!

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I wanted to update my last entry with the comment that Seattle just won their playoff game.
Seattle 20
Washington 10

Unfortunately my entry disappeared.

The most of the entry was about the iPod. Okay, the iPod has been taking up lots of my free time. So that's what I'll post about.

So far I have over 100 albums loaded and I've used 4 and a half gigs. I own about 400 CDs, so I figure I'll use 20 of the 30 gigs available to load my entire collection. Yikes.

So I've stopped picking and choosing from my audio file and I'm just loading everything. With it in the computer I can do fast searches and sorts, I can create play lists, and I can decide which albums need to just go away. This is so cool!

What's on my mind now is a Norwescon Playlist. OOOO! I can do [ profile] miko2 like things and create play disks of various themes. Though I think my music is a rather selective taste. Mark once said that they once had to play Cheap Trick on full volume on the car stereo when going home from visiting me one weekend. That was just to purge and cleans the pallet.

iMind meld

Jan. 10th, 2006 12:05 pm
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My free time for the past few days has been eaten up by loading the iPod. It's also been an interesting excursion through my music library. I've been playing things I haven't played in a long time. There are some things that I may cull and other things that I'll keep for "oddness" reasons. What's fun is that I'm finding the time to listen to it because I'm loading it. And, as I am wont [see [ profile] genebreshears? =^_^= ] to do, I've been reading a lot more. I tend to read while I have music playing. ...or, and this is more fun, I tend to be creative, as in write or draw. That hasn't happened yet, but I fully expect it to.

At this point the iPod says I have a 1.5 days of music contained in 591 songs. I've filled 2 gigs and I have 28 gigs to go. That will eventually turn out to be three weeks of music, 24 hours a day. WEEE! Gimmy gimmy.

I mentioned yesterday that I figured out how to shuffle in one file. Now that I've figured it out I'm having more fun ignoring it. So far I've had in this order;

Veronica Mars Soundtrack: I Hear the Bells
Sting: We work the Black Seam
Bruce Mitchall: Zone II
Nausicaa Soundtrack: Interchange With Ohmu
Peter Buffett: Hard Reflections
Key the Metal Idol Soundtrack: I'll be There for You [Japanese]
Spirited Away Soundtrack: Kaonashi [No Face]
Colin Chin: The Belly of the Beast
Disney's Happiest Celebration on Earth: It's a Small World
Radio Sunnydale: Stop Thinking About It

AND MY BRAIN DIDN'T MELT!!! Even on hearing "It's a Small World"! [Right now it's playing "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow". I'm afraid my brain may melt on this one.]

As I load more odd disks it's going to be even more eclectic. What's more fun about this shuffle is it tells me what it's playing. When I played the six disk CD player on random I lost track of what songs came from where. Now I don't lose track, and I can back track through it's randomness!
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Because Juli is going to the Ballet with her mother tonight, we celebrated my birthday last night. We went to Anthony's in Gig Harbor. She, of course, had the fillet mignon. She explained that she wanted "meat!" I tried to point out that, technically, fish and chicken were meat. She countered that, yes they were meat, but that they wern't "meat!".

I had Alder Plank Salmon, a bit of a change for me. But it was Sooooooo good. And I had desert; Pear sorbet with huckleberry drizzle. Mmmm

Ug! I'm still full. Here at work they want to feed me cake today. ug.

Juli gave me all of the Harry Potter soundtracks. Last Christmas she gave me an "All in One" box set. To all my friends, avoid the "All in One". It's performed on a keyboard synthesizer. While I have to admit that it's well done, it is a far miss from the real thing.


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