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Today was "Yule Grand Plundering" Day.  Juli and I spent the good part of three hours bringing down both trees and putting away the ornaments.  There are large sections of what feels like open space, but is actually back to normal.

Then we went to see Avatar.  Yes, I have to agree with most reviewers.  It's worth an A-.  It's visually stunning!  The story itself is one we've heard before, but it's always fun to hear it again.  There were a few characters who's story I would have rewritten a little, but over all it's a movie well worth seeing.   ...a few times.

...and owning when it comes out on video.
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I prepared to escape to the Seattle side right after work.  Saturday I only have a four hour shift, so rather than backtracking home and then going to Seattle [an additional 36 miles with gas prices today] I chose to drive an additional 15 miles and bug [personal profile] miko2  for a few hours.

He showed me a few things I didn't know about Second Life.  I'm still such a noob.  miko2 has an exercise regimen, so I joined him on his walk.  It's a pretty good hike with a large hill and a very nice park.  We took about 45 minutes.
He showed me more of his online fun with City of Heroes and a little bit with his music broadcasting machine.  COOL!

Rather than take two cars I drove him to Ballard where wii were gathering prior to the movie.  He brought a CD that I want to get.  He told me he would e-mail me the name because I would likely forget what it was.  [and guess what?]  It's an artist who has made many Anime soundtracks but this album is independent of Anime and is in English.

When we arrived at [personal profile] typographer  and [profile] miertam 's it turned out wii were the last ones there.  They were all bowling on their  new Wii.  After they finished the game we all hiked out  about 10 blocks to the Chinese restaurant.  We were the only ones there it seemed, but we were a large group of 9.  [personal profile] typographer  and [profile] miertam  were very generous.  The food was very good!

[personal profile] geojlc  elected not to see the movie.  she isn't a movie go'er much.  I understand that.  My mother and sister are like that, and indeed, the movie was not [personal profile] geojlc  safe.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Chrystal Skulls was a great romp.  Of the 4 Indi films I would rate it the third best.  For an excellent review from   {Click Here}.  I think this review is almost spot on except for his complaint that  "The pursuit of knowledge equals death in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a theme which does not belong in a family movie."  Nonono.  The pursuit of knowledge can be an action adventure!!!   Death is merely a byproduct, and the good guys win.

Yes, the movie was great fun even with its LARGE plot holes and LARGE suspension [let's call it complete disregard] of belief.  There were a few of us who didn't like it.  They shall remain nameless [ [personal profile] zorkfox ].  But he had some good reasons.  They just weren't enough for me to not have fun.

In truth, this is a movie to see with a large group of friends, not by yourself.  Make it a party.

Afterward we all returned to the Ballard home base and played some more Wii.  [personal profile] miko2 created a Mii that was all goth girl and another that was supposed to be a terrorist.  [profile] bluesmancd created...??  Himself?  I was getting tired.

I got home last night at 12:30.   All in all, a good Saturday.
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Juli left for work early. About two hours later I followed. TJ Maxx was having its employee, and spouse, 20% off weekend. So I picked up 4 shirts and 3 cargo shorts.

I stopped by at Barnes & Noble to search for some manga. Instead I found "Black Powder War" by Naomi Novik. Del Rey has done something interesting with Novik's books. I'm sure it's been done before, I've just never seen it done. Novik's trilogy was completed some time ago and only released just this year. "His Majesty's Dragon" in April. "The Jade Throne" in early May, and "Black Powder War" just recently. I've read the first two already. I just think that's an effective way to release the work.

My next task, come back home and check movie times for "Over the Hedge". FUN FUN FUN!!! Even with the full theater of kids. BECAUSE of the full theater of kids!!!! A side note here; Juli likes to watch "The Apprentice". One to the episodes the winners got to do voice work for "Over the Hedge". They did the voices of people being bowled over by the rottweiler, and watching the credits, sure enough, there they were.

My final task was to cook up "Caribbean Chicken" for dinner. I haven't made that for about 5 years. Tasty dinner. It takes about 20 minutes of prep time and one hour to cook. I finished just as Juli got home. Tasty Dinner!!! We'll have Ben & Jerry's New York Chocolate Chunk later tonight.

Here's that Caribbean Chicken recipe )
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Juli got off to work this morning at 10:00. On impulse I checked movie times. After getting the laundry underway I slipped out to catch the 1:50 show of "The Corpse Bride" It's not "Nightmare Before Christmas", but it was certainly fun. It was a sweet tale with a guessable plot. It gave me some art ideas. I guess this is what you would call an "Artist's Date", something you can find out about in Juliann Cameron's "The Artist's Way".

Afterward I fought with my new PDA for three hours. It wont HotSync. I get "Fatal Error Line:4038". Palms self help website was no help at all. So I'll need to call the customer support line tomorrow.

Tonight Juli and I had the Signature Soups from Safeway. Juli loves their potato and bacon soup and I had the chicken and rice. Mix in some corn chips and it's a nice light fall meal.


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