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Happy Birthday,[info]miertam 

This job is making me forget things like birthdays.  Sorry I'm late.

Today was refinance day. I went to my meeting with WasMu with all my papers in hand.  The mortgage broker finally stopped asking for paper, saying you have plenty of assets.  We don't need any more proof.  So he calmly locked us in at 4.25 %.  The 15 year mortgage means we spend $9 more then what we are spending with our current 30 year mortgage.  The 30 year mortgage was at 4.65, the number you see
bandied about in the news.

The experience was SOOOOOO different then my experience with Stage Coaches Inc.  Stage Coaches, Our current mortgage holder,  wanted to lock us into a 30 year 5.25% mortgage  "and you have to do this fast because it's going up tomorrow!  And don't waste my time if you're not going to do this."  And get this...  The 15 year mortgage would have had a 6.25% rate.  Our current rate with them is 6.50%.   ...and who ever heard of the 15 year having a HIGHER rate then a 30 year?!?

So he handed me a batch of papers to take to Silverdale for Juli to sign.  Juli loves it!  Great deal!      I stopped at Barnes
& Nobel before returning and bought a random book that looked interesting,  "The Good Fairies of New York" by Martin Millar, and issue 20 of Nagima
Then Back to WasMu to drop them off.   Now we just wait three months and prepaire to answer random questions.  It's not like we need to draw money out, so we can wait.  Came home with a screaming
headache though,  and took some aspirin.  Fell asleep for a little over an hour.

Juli came home with a scary story.  There was an unattended child in a cart at the store.  The child's sibling decided he wanted into the cart too, and climbed up on it...  tipping it over and smashing the both of them, cart and all, into a glass shelf full of glassware, shattering it all.  According to Juli there were large Sword SIzed pieces of glass all over the floor.   The kids have some minor cuts only, thank goodness.   It must have been a baby sitter tending the kids because she did not come running.   She just stood there while others fussed over the kids.  She even left the store with the kids in a hurry before anyone could talk to them.  Scary.

So tonight we're having breakfast for dinner.  Pancakes and meat!

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Today was "Get Things Done Before NorWesCon" day.

I chose to pay off the Credit Card Bill now rather then wait until the due date.  I usually waited until the last minute so as to earn interest on that money before paying it.  But since WasMu is only giving my about 2 cents on it ... just not worth waiting.    This was a big hit though.   It had the Cannon Beach vacation on it, the Refrigerator repair, the car tow and car repair.   Big ouchie credit card bill.

And then I needed to get the taxes paid, which included buying that big pesky IRA.   n'other big ouch.

Followed by researching a refinance on the house.   As I mentioned before...  did not...  DID NOT... like that fast talk by our current mortgage company, Stage Coaches Running Amuck.   Odly enough I went in and talked to WasMu.   I kinda like them.

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I called our mortgage company, we'll call them WF and make references to Stage Coaches.

I called them concerning refinancing.  I - - Got - - Fast - - Talked!!!!!  

He tried to convince me that the interest rate at .5 % higher 5.25% then what everyone else is doing is better because there are no fees in establishing that rate.  Because all of the fees are the APR that everyone is talking about [say what?] and that the 15 year fixed is at 6.25 %, which is higher then the 30 year because of the special deal at the 30 year. 


Mar. 27th, 2009 05:11 pm
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I usually comb through our credit card bill and enter it line for line in our financial program.  We usually have about 3 pages of credit card bill because we us it instead of cash or checks.  No, we don't go hog wild with spending.  We just use it for everything.
groceries, gas, household needs, etc.  I bet that over 60 % of our spending is at Fred Meyer, our grocery store of choice.

I let that line item entry chore slide for two months.  Today I took 2 hours and got it all in and balanced.  Then I researched mortgage refinancing, discussed some courses of action with Juli.  We may need to upgrade her car in the next year or two.  THen I found the neat online mortgage refinance application with our mortgage company.  So that task is underway.

Sadly we may be leaving WasMu.  WasMu has been my bank for 27 years and I've loved their service.  But now, even though I know the people there and see them on the street, I'm not getting the service I once did.    WasMu now pays .01 APR on our savings and nothing on our checking.   It's not worth it to leave it there.  We get maybe 21 cents a month on our nest egg.

Time to move on.


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