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I'm Lame, I'm Sore, I'm Conquered.

I started brick work this morning at 10. Fortunately at 10 the area I'm working on is in the shade. I figured I would be done at about 1. Brick laying entails lots of bending and pounding with a rubber mallet. It's a bit of a strain on the calves and the lower back, but I could handle a few hours.

But then the sun continued to march across the sky and the shadow I was working in slowly marched away. About 12 noon I had full sun. I took a moment to get some sun lotion on and kept at it.

Throughout the day the neighbor kids regaled me with "Hi Mr. Keith" "If you get tired you can come to our garage sale, Mr. Keith" "Mr Keith, why are you building a brick yard?" "Mr. Keith would you go ask Kalie to come play with us?"

At 1:30 I had the full 90 degree heat, but I could see progress. I had bricked in about 2/3 of the courtyard. I had probably guzzled about 3 liters of water an a couple of Sobes. I probably had sweated out more then that.

By 4 p.m. I placed the final brick. ...and I was back in the shade. I still have some brick chipping to do to fit those bits and pieces in, then set the lighthouse stone and sweep in the sand. But that I can do later.

I still needed to pay bills and get them in the mail before 5. Shower first.

And at this point I'm walking very slowly.


Sep. 1st, 2006 08:23 pm
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I got up early this morning with the intention of getting down to Home Depot, picking up the final bits for the brick project, and getting on the job quickly.

But not so. Juli wanted to check out the quarry for what other rock they might have for the “behind the fence” project. We got down to the quarry at about 11 and wandered through until we found what we liked. Then off to Gig Harbor Home Depot for those supplies.

I got to work on the brick project at about 1. By 6 p.m. I found myself willing to take shortcuts that I previously was unwilling to take. That meant quitting time.

I’m 1/3 finished.
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After measuring off the designated space for the landscaping project I headed down to Home Depot to place an order for 1800 brick.

$1,350 told our pocket book NO! So Juli and I fell back on a previous plan. The section in front of the gate will get the brick yard. That came to 788 brick and $680, with a $30 refundable deposit on the pallets. I may have to borrow my father's truck to get sand as All I will need is a 2/3 cubic yard. That sounds too small for a delivery, but definitely too much for the Subaru.

The space behind the get will get some nice gravel, I envision a light color, and some darker slate slabs for stepping stones. This was an idea that Juli and I had discussed last year, before CAJ decided to close. It's cheaper, faster to assemble, and all of my "mole farming" work will not have gone to waste.

So the brick will arrive on Wednesday. I may have this project done in time to go to the Tai Pan work party.


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