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It's been a long time since I've written in a blog. Since I discovered Facebook I guess I've fallen for the McPost. The disadvantage being that I don't take time to compose my writing.

Despite the fact that summer weather has been practically nonexistent, we are getting into the Late Summer/ Early Fall. THis time of year has always been the most creative for me. Perhaps it's been drummed into me by it being the Back To School time of year. I've posted about that a number of times so I won't go into it again.
Look here if you wish.
I just need to take advantage of that creative time.

So, I've been unemployed for 6 months now. Since "The Boss" gave the state contract to someone other than "Wheelies" we were mostly all laid off. This may be an advantage, though the search can be arduous at times. Fortunately Juli and I have our resourses so we're not in hardship here.
I visited the Unemployment office last week and took a few workshops they offer. In the process they discovered that I had been on unemployment for 6 month but had never come in for an orientation. I didn't know I was suppose to. I somehow fell between the cracks. This morning I showed up as soon as they opened and sat down with one of their advisers. I picked up all sorts of good info and advice, plus a couple of prospects. I also have a better feeling for a direction I want to go. Customer service is well and good, but I'm more inclined to want to be in Office Administration, what I did for C. Alan Johnson Co. There are fewer jobs available in Office Admin, but the pay is better. I also picked up where I can get my certification in some office computer programs that may help the search.

I've continued my Volksmarching and I've completed my first 500 K. I've ordered up another record book. As soon as it arrives I will mail off this one.
Here are links to the photo record of a few of my favorite walks.

Fort Casey / Keystone
Gardiner / Troll Haven

Finally I found an entertaining story concerning the Buddhist Mantra Om Mani Pad Me Hum.

The story behind this cut tag. )


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Most of my posting has been on FB.  I suppose I've neglected LiveJournel a bit.

I've been busy despite not having a job.  A lot of my time has been online job hunting, but I've certainly kept busy in other ways.  One thing I've done is try to keep to a schedule.  It would be so easy to sleep in every day and slug about, but it certainly wouldn't be healthy. I keep to Juli's schedule.  Of course her being in retail means sometimes getting up at 5 and sometimes up at 9.

I've done a few Volksmarches.  I did one in Federal way called the Hylebos Wetlands.  You can see images for that here.
You don't need to be a member of facebook to see those.  That's a facebook page.
I also did an attended volksmarch in DuPont  with a peek-a-boo view of the Nisqualy Delta.  You can see images for that one here.
I also did a repeat volksmarch in Port Orchard, just to warm up.  Not so much to see, but here are those images.

There are two types of volksmarches.  One type is a year round event where you go to a location, a hosting store or someones front porch, pick up a set of walking directions and walk the walk. 
The other type is an attended event, where on a certain day or a weekend a host club sets up a table, signs people in and gives them a set of direction. 

In other projects, I've slowly worked on the garage to get all the trash out of there.  It's been so full we couldn't move around in it.  We had a furnace breakdown and the tech had to get to it.  That sort of put an imperative on getting that under control. 
I've also taken on getting the lawn to turn green again.  It's been brown since the big snow of 2008.  I rented an aerator.  Premier Rentals dropped it off yesterday at 10:30.  I was done with it by 10:50.  WOW!  That thing bucks worse then a rototiller.  It punches little inch long holes into the lawn.
I went down to Home Depot in Gig Harbor and loaded up more bags of recycled compost then the Subaru aught to have carried, but it handled it just fine.  This recycled compost is from the Everett plant.  If you put out a yard waste bin for recycle, this is what it gets turned into.  Sure, you have to buy it back, but then the recycle place can't do it for free so...   I suppose I could compost it myself, and I even started to do that for the first few years, but the "snot pile", as [ profile] dehd calls it, was getting unmanageable.  This way it comes back nice and dark, good stuff.
So that's all spread and seeded and raked, and nice dark footprints are tracked across the carpet.   ...oops.    And the carpet has been cleaned.

So, yes, I've been keeping busy.

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Somehow I applied to Account Temps.  I don't remember doing so.  In all of my searches with Monster and CareerBuilder I must have cross posted somewhere.

So I received a call from them this morning and they wanted to set up an interview.  They are only interested in my Receivable/Payable/Payroll experience, but I thought "what the hey" and set up the interview.  

Then I ran into a snag.  They want reference from 2 or 3 of my previous employers or supervisors.  Well, other then C. Alan or Suzanne Johnson all of the previous employers and/or supervisors don't exist.  As it turns out Account Temps don't want C. alan or Suzanne as a reference because they are 'my parents'.  Go figure.

I came up with an excellent solution though.  I contacted some favored former clients and asked if they could be references.   I also contacted our sales rep and our book keeper.   It took all day to get hold of them, and we had to have a chat of "How are things going" etc.  I've got a good reference list now.

I figure that I'm in a good place where I can just get my name out there and get all of the experience I want.  I'm not desperate for a job.  I still have most of the severance from the last job sitting in a CD.  All I need to do is ... decide what I want to do and get back to work.
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My interview with Company X, which I will now identify as "Splyce", got canceled one hour before I would have left for it.  They filled the position yesterday.

Saavik is curled up and sleeping at the vet's office with an IV drip.  As long as she's comfortable the vet wants the IV to work.  He wants to disturb Saavik as little as possible.  I didn't mention that he dropped her yesterday.  I wasn't happy about that.  She looked as if she was docile, nose in the corner, "can't see me," so the vet was just going to carry her back using the bottom of her carrier as a tray.  She lashed out and down went the works.   Come on!  Her charts say in bold letters "Bites!" and "Lightning Fast!"

He will take tests tomorrow to see how she is responding.

Outcome still is unknown.

Good Vibes still needed.
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I went to the job fair at Kitsap Fairgrounds some weeks ago and left some resumes about.  To day I was called in to "Westsound Work Force", a temp agency for a battery of tests of my skills.  They had me use a program called "Prove It!!"

So three hours of testing later I went ahead and signed up with them.  We'll see what happens.  Meanwhile I'll keep job hunting.

It took three hours because I claim to know quite a number of programs.  My problem was I know shortcut keys, and their program wouldn't let me use them.


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