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The two weekends after our jaunt to Cannon Beach I found I was getting into trouble.


I would get up, go to work, come home, dinner, tv sleep, rinse, repeat.
Weekends were loafed about.   Last friday I slept in until 11. 

This is bad.  ...especially the "no exercise" part.  

Well, I can't say I got exercise today, but I did break the mold a bit.  I went and saw the movie "Coraline".

This movie is right up my alley.  I loved it!  A touch of creepy and a smart kid with solutions.  A film that didn't talk down tot he kids and nudged at the parents at the same time.   I'm hunting down the soundtrack 'cause that's my kind of music, too!

I'm still a bit amped.  Being amped is a good thing.  It means you can get out and get some exercise because your adrenalin is pumping.  ...which I did.  It means you stay active and get some around the house things done.   ...which I haven't done yet, but I'm off tomorrow, so...

Sometimes you just have to get out and change the routine.

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Yesterday's work ended with an annoying phone call.   It kept me at work for an added half hour.  That won't be overtime because, now that I'm a direct employee, I have to "Un-make" it up, which is also cool.  I get to leave work early one day.

The interesting thing is, that while the phone call was foremost in my mind  the few hours later at Writer's Night, so much so that I had to "tell the story", today it's not so much.  In fact the only thing significant about it is discovering that it's not significant.   It is what it is.  If I can get that Zen to kick in just a little faster I'll be much better off for it.  As it stands now I'm somewhat pleased.  Side note:  It was great to see everyone again!  It's been about two months what with holidays and weird weather.

Today I got up with Juli and did something I use to do all the time; follow her to the coffee shop and buy her coffee for her before she continues off to work.   I love doing that.  It gets her one her way faster, that is if the barista doesn't hold her coffee until mine is repaired.  After she drove off I stopped at Fred Meyers and perused the books. 

What to my wondering eyes do I see?  The latest "Sharing Knife" novel by Lois McMaster Bujold is finally out in paperback!   Oh Joyous Day!  Rather then buy it at Fredies though, I drove off to Silverdale to Barnes & Noble.  I gave Juli a call before I bought it though, just to be sure she hadn't bought it yet.  This may be my NorWesCon book.  I've got a lot of others to read.  I also picked up some manga.  I only read Inu Yasha and Negumi these days.  And I picked up a book called ""The Accidental Sorcerer" by K. E. Mills.  It was an impulse buy.  Looks like comedy.

I came home with my treasures and suited up to go to the Gym.  First time in many months.  I've been saying I've needed exercise to chase away the sleepies.  Once again, I learned what I've always known, and what I learn every single time  I work out:  Working out feels good, AND gives me energy.  Now I just need to find a way to work in the work outs in my 9 hour a day schedule.  But because of how I feel now, the work outs will happen.  I can't let this go.  It feels to good.

I cleaned the shower while I showered.  Juli and I are going to get a weekly schedule of lists to make sure chores don't get away from us.  The shower is getting on that list.

Juli and I went for a walk yesterday and discussed those lists, and what home improvements we want to accomplish.  I think this year we are going to replace the back deck, it's something we've wanted to do for some time.  I'm thinking about using composite material rather than wood.  Maintenance with us needs to be as simple as possible.

Speaking of lists, I want to plan meals ahead of time.  This should help me schedule in those other tasks and creative times.  So today after the shower I prepared for dinner tonight and tomorrow.  Sour Cream Roll-ups with sliced strawberries tonight.  Again, thank you to [ profile] typographer  and [ profile] miertam  for the crepe pan they gave us some years ago for Christmas.  It is due to that pan that the Sour Cream Roll-ups continue to be a hit dinner.
BLTs tomorrow.

Laundry and Kitchen Clean up.  And that's been my day so far.

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My job is.

I can't say more then that. I suppose the "Police activity" on the bridge, shutting down many eastbound lanes, should be of note, but no... It just is. I had forgotten about it until I started to post.

Perhaps I'm getting a bit jaded, when an event that impacts my work, doesn't impact me. Or perhaps I'm so used to just letting things be that... I just let them "be". [By the way, whomever it was was talked down and taken away].

Most of my day is taken with outbound calls. I tried to let my mind "contemplate" today, but I've found that if I let my mind wander, or can I listen in to the conversations of my fellow CSRs, I fall off script and it get's messy. So I can't really think about anything else but the next call.

Which means I can be severely handicapped in my daily LJ posting goal unless I find some sort of stimulus, Internal or External. Since this is the path that I've excepted I'm going to have to demand of myself some productivity in my off time. Today, for example, I came home and took an hour nap... and watched the "Good-by Grisson" episode of CSI. This cannot continue.

So I'm starting my "III: Inner Insight Investigation". We'll see where it takes me.


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