Ikea Run

Jan. 31st, 2010 04:49 pm
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Juli and I went to Ikea today in a quest for a second set of drawer for me.  We were also going to look into replacing the blinds for the slider door.

We were skunked on both counts.    The model of drawers that we got there last time, they don't make any longer.  The only think close just wouldn't fit.  We'll check out Fred Meyer next.  And the drapes...  either the color was right and the design was wrong, or the right design but wrong color.  Ah well.  That will happen.

We stopped at Half Price Books on the way back.  Juli used her gift card and bought a stack.  I bought one; Class Dis-Mythed.  

Then Juli and I realized neither one of us had eaten anything but a cup of coffee that morning, and it was 3:30 PM.   We stopped at Bertolino's for a latte.  They put far too much syrup in mine.  blaa.  But I needed to get something in there.

Then home.

I love this part...  It's almost 5 and it's still daylight. 
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When I get home from work on a Saturday that includes a meeting in Ballard, I usually only have 2 hours or so.

So I don't get much done. I actually have things to read tonight, but I really wanted to get my story going. Instead, while I sat there answering phones for four hours, I thought... "Self, that crawl space door is sitting on the ground in the crawl space. There is now an 2' by 4' hole in the wall of the house. That needs to be fixed today because tomorrow you want be home and then the next opportunity is Friday. ...And it's going to rain again this week.

Well... writing by the wayside... AGAIN... I managed to fix the door. I had to do it the hard way, leaving both sides of the hinges on the door rather then taking out the hinge pins. But it actually came together rather quickly. I tap screwed the formerly glued segment back into place with 5 nice lone tap screws, propped up the door with the step ladder, and screwed the hinges back into place. You'd never know it ever fell off.

Now shower and drive.
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Happy Birthday,[info]miertam 

This job is making me forget things like birthdays.  Sorry I'm late.

Today was refinance day. I went to my meeting with WasMu with all my papers in hand.  The mortgage broker finally stopped asking for paper, saying you have plenty of assets.  We don't need any more proof.  So he calmly locked us in at 4.25 %.  The 15 year mortgage means we spend $9 more then what we are spending with our current 30 year mortgage.  The 30 year mortgage was at 4.65, the number you see
bandied about in the news.

The experience was SOOOOOO different then my experience with Stage Coaches Inc.  Stage Coaches, Our current mortgage holder,  wanted to lock us into a 30 year 5.25% mortgage  "and you have to do this fast because it's going up tomorrow!  And don't waste my time if you're not going to do this."  And get this...  The 15 year mortgage would have had a 6.25% rate.  Our current rate with them is 6.50%.   ...and who ever heard of the 15 year having a HIGHER rate then a 30 year?!?

So he handed me a batch of papers to take to Silverdale for Juli to sign.  Juli loves it!  Great deal!      I stopped at Barnes
& Nobel before returning and bought a random book that looked interesting,  "The Good Fairies of New York" by Martin Millar, and issue 20 of Nagima
Then Back to WasMu to drop them off.   Now we just wait three months and prepaire to answer random questions.  It's not like we need to draw money out, so we can wait.  Came home with a screaming
headache though,  and took some aspirin.  Fell asleep for a little over an hour.

Juli came home with a scary story.  There was an unattended child in a cart at the store.  The child's sibling decided he wanted into the cart too, and climbed up on it...  tipping it over and smashing the both of them, cart and all, into a glass shelf full of glassware, shattering it all.  According to Juli there were large Sword SIzed pieces of glass all over the floor.   The kids have some minor cuts only, thank goodness.   It must have been a baby sitter tending the kids because she did not come running.   She just stood there while others fussed over the kids.  She even left the store with the kids in a hurry before anyone could talk to them.  Scary.

So tonight we're having breakfast for dinner.  Pancakes and meat!

$266 later

Mar. 6th, 2009 06:13 pm
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We had to call in for refrigerator repair today. 

According to the automated voice the service tech would show up between

8 am


5 pm.

So Juli and I weren't going anywhere.  We did take the time to get some house chores done.  And the tech was very nice when he showed up at 4:30.  Busy day for him.

So now the fridge works.  The cooling fan died and had to be replaced.

I other news.    Lots and Lots of crocusi!!   Not only in the garden bed but scattered throughout the property.  They're going WILD!

Tomorrow is another day.
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I'm waiting for a shoe to drop at work. 

Either it's more tasks or a lay off.

I know I'm doing a good job..   There is just no communication going on.

In other news.,,,

Cannon Beach in Two Days!!!

And on the home front.   .,,,  Our 10 year old refrigerator is misbehaving .  It's a side by side.  The leading edge of the freezer side heats up to almost can't touch it and then cools off, following the heating and cooling cycle of the freezer.   We'll have to call in for repair.
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Spent the day painting the rest of the laundry room.  Juli chose the colors though I helped with changing the yellow.   ....a little.
There is some artwork we are going to hang in here.   Juli is thinking about which pieces.   [that bottom half is deep blue, not black.]


I managed to get a work out in at the gym.   I really Really REALLY need to find a way to get something in over the week.  By Thursday I start to feel a little run down.  Actually I should find a way to get something in every day.   It's still difficult with the 9 hour shift.

It's a little cooler now then it was with the sun out a few days ago, but it feels more like Spring is on the way.  Lot's more spring birds on making a raucous ruckus.  There's a smell in the air that just FEELS like spring.

Juli and I are trying to find a way to get to the Ocean this month.   Right now it looks like the last weekend, so I may be missing a Tai Pan Edd Board meeting.   But we get three days at the Ocean and a bag full of Powell's Books out of the deal.  [I'll work on some story while I'm there.]

Tonight.   Home made Hamburgers.


{and I'm REALLY looking forward to NorWesCon!]

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Today we started painting the laundry room.


Our Primary reason for the laundry room being our primary choice for priming our creativity with these colors comes for the primary creative source, Juli.

She chose them.


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