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Two of my radio stations have already gone Christmas 24/7 , one of which is KJR/FM.      It's hard to fathom, not because it's so soon, but that KJR is one of the traditionally rock-n-roll stations from way back.

Well...  I put up my roof line lights today.   I've seen some weather discussions [not forecasts] that are watching next weekend, and thinking about cold and ice.  It's still too far out to know for sure, but I'd rather not be on the roof if it comes, and I want the roof line lights up.

They are up, but they are not on.
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Thanksgiving was a winner, though sadly my sister and her family couldn't make it. My brother-in-law become flu-ish and though it best they stay home. Juli's mom joined us, as she does every year. In the past she would sit and read while the family chaos [the good kind] rumbled around her. She would love every minute of it. This year was even better. She has been working on her genealogy for the past year or so and has been having a great time with it. She had a great deal to talk about as my Aunt is also doing research, and my mother has been along for the ride. So they had their heads together in conversation off and on throughout the night.

My father has been painting. OH HAPPY DAY!!!! He hasn't been doing much since the business closed in 2006, but there it is! He has had my brother's fishing boat, the Thelma C., in mind as a subject for a number of years. The museum in Kodiak is owns the Thelma C. now and they are planning on mounting it in front of their building. My father is painting it as a fishing boat under way. Dear God, that feels so good to see!

Food was consumed. Cousin in Sweden was talked to. Two jigsaw puzzles were assembled [though one fresh out of the box was missing a piece] All in all a great holiday.

I turned on the outdoor Christmas lights for the first time so that they would be on when we got home. I started hanging them last weekend. I'm starting the shift over to LED lights, and I do like them much better. Though the ones I bought from Wallyworld have failed me twice now. I have some from Freddies that even feel much more durable.

Today was spent up on the roof replacing those dead Wallyworld strands.

Thanksgiving had one drawback.... I've lost 10 pounds in the past two weeks. I've been watching my intake. Yesterday I gained four pounds back.

...and here is where the "Lesson Learned Again" comes into play. With the loss of weight has come increase energy, increased creativity, increased alertness...

I know all this. We all know all this, that good health etcetera, effects energy and mental well-being. It's well advertised. It always surprises me when it happens though, when I demonstrate it to myself. It's like I have to prove it to myself over and over. If anything, that i have discovered it over and over is somewhat discouraging, but it always feels good when I do. ...kinda like that proverbial hammer.

Where Am I?

Dec. 2nd, 2007 11:13 am
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Well....    I like my job.  I like to help people.  I suppose that I like it enough where those people that are irritating don't bother me enough even to note them in the customers suck live journal.  Tuesday we're having some super high muckymucks visit.  I've been asked to be a show piece.  I told them that I would turn up my hearing aid [sarc] and put on my game face.

Snow!!!  We've had enough to make the scenery look purty, but not enough to cause excessive problems.  Kitsap was mentioned in the news for the number of spinnouts.  I headed out early this morning to get coffee for Juli.  Not much to worry about for driving, in fact I'll still say I have had no experience in snow driving in my subaru since I bought it in 2001.

Hmmm.   I've had four different vehicles in my life.

1972 Pinto hatchback:  I learned to snow drive in Bellingham with this one.  Even though it was rear wheel drive, the weight ratio on the axles was nearly 50/50.  It was great driving in the snow.  The only problem I had was on the second day of cold weather when the fuel line froze up.  It was a simple yet time consuming fix.  I dropped in some fuel additive and pumped the gas peddle every 10 minutes for an hour.  Then she started, no problem.  Love driving in Bellingham in the snow.

1984 Toyota Tercel Hatchback:  Loved to drive in the snow with this one.  We had a BIG snow in 1985.  I volunteered to drive all over Bainbridge Island to pick up our associates and bring them to work.  I had that buggy for 14 years, until it was rear ended on Sedgewick on a dry spring day.

1995 Dodge Colt hatchback:  Sucky car, even though the previous owner tricked it out with sport wheels, tinted windows, and detailing.  It would rattle for about thirty seconds after hitting a bump.  Snow driving?  Never had a chance.  Actually I didn't want one.  I had that one for 2 years until it was totaled by another driver on Sedgewick.

1997 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport:  As I've said, I haven't had a chance yet.  But with all wheel drive it should be very good.

It's raining now.  Juli doesn't have to go to work until 2:30, so we're relaxing and watching the Hawks play.  So far we're ahead, but it's getting ugly.

We've been discussing Christmas gifts.  It's getting late so we need to scramble a bit.


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