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The count this year is 259 Tricky Treaters, so the numbers are holding steady.

Last Year we had 273.
2 years ago we had 220.
3 years ago we had 208.
4 years ago we had 261.
5 years ago we were at Cannon Beach.
6 years ago we had 317.
7 years ago we had 307.
8 years ago we had 274.
9 years ago we had 206 Tricky Treaters.

The costume that made me laugh was the, I'm guessing, 12 Year old with the clear shower cap puffed up on his head.
He was a little embarrassed, like it wasn't his idea.  
"I'm a jelly fish," he said under his breath.
"I'm a pirate!" shouted his little sister.


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I'm battening down the hatches. I've been following all the future casts and Cliff Mass' weather blog, and now all the weather reports have caught up. It's gonna get wet! It's a real Pineapple Express extending all the was to Hawaii.
So if you have anything outside you need to do, I've read that you need to get it done before 3pm tomorrow.

Juli called from work at about 5. Her boss called out so she has to put in a double shift. That on top of the 6 days a week she puts in this time of year.
So I'll get the house decked a little more, perhaps some ornaments on her flocked tree.

Kaylee found the cotton under the tree, but hasn't figured out she is not being bad by sleeping in it.
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Today wasn't so much a "Black Friday" as it was getting the house in the Christmas Spirit. ...preparing for getting the it tin the spirit anyway.
I drove to Poulsbo and chose the perfect tree and set it up to get flocked. [don't go there].

I'll pick that up next week. I always go to Valley Nursery, even though they are way out of my way. They have some fun ornaments too.
They usually aren't ready to take flocking orders, but it seems that Thanksgiving was a little late this... year. What with Juli working 6 days a week, I want the house to be fun for her to come home to.
Funny about the flocked tree.... It's Juli's tradition. I usually tease her about it, but in the end I'm the one that seeks it out the best tree and gets it in place.

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The numbers are increasing.  ... a bit of a surprise since it's a school night.  ... and it's raining.
I shut it all down at 9 PM.  It's a school night.  If there old enough to still be out then they are too old to be Trick or Treating.

This years count was  273 Tricky Treaters.

Best Costume -- a Rubik's Cube and a pocket calculator.
There was only one Heath Ledger type Joker

Last Year we had 220.
2 years ago we had 208.
3 years ago  we had 261.
4  years ago we were at  Cannon Beach.
5  years ago we had 317.
6 years ago we had  307.
7 years ago we had 274.
8 years ago we had 206 Tricky Treaters.
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The sun finally came out today at noon. 

I managed to mow my lawn after letting it grow for 6 weeks.  The weather wasn't cooperating until now.  Sure the grass was still wet, and there is a two inch deep pond at the low end of the yard, but now it looks clipped.

Saturday we had a bar-b-q at Chris' place.  Chris is Juli's youngest brother.  Juli's family has a bunch of birthdays and anniversaries around this time of year, so we celebrated them all at once.  The food did not need to be kept cold.  It was outside.  We huddled inside around the heater.

I mentioned in my last post, the Triangle of Fire volksmarch up in Port Townsend / Fort Flagler /  Fort Casey.  I've been watching the weather radar today on and off.  While it's been sunny here, the three forts have been getting heavy rain all day.   I think I made the right choice staying home.

I talked with me father today.  We're going to try to get together next weekend with my sister.  I should call him more often.
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We celebrated Valentines Day yesterday.  Juli has to work today.

I had to work a few hours yesterday, but that gave me a few hours to scramble and prepare.  On of the things that I did was buy some yellow roses, the chocolate, of course, and a silver heart pendant with some embedded diamonds.  ...okay, it's almost diamond dust, they are very small.

Then I shaved the beard.  Yes, the beard is gone.  What with the weight coming off the beard no longer needs to hide the chin.  ..well, that's not why I had it, but I just think I look better without it.  It was getting really gray too.   I'm so vain. 

After the shave I came down and looked at the yellow roses.  Yuck, they look dirty and wilty.  I ran out at the last minute and got some red ones. 
I got all dressed up for dinner,  ...okay, Northwest for dressed up; new blue jeans, dress shirt and red T-shirt.  ...and waited at the top of the stairs, holding the red roses, waiting   for Juli to come home.  The wait wasn't long.

What does Juli think of the new hubby?  She likes the total package, weather it has a beard or not.  I love this woman!

We went out to dinner at Anthony's in Gig Harbor.  The diet did not go to dinner with us.  We talked and ate, we drank wine, we had desert,  and had a great time.

Not So Much Fun With Computers ) As Juli was getting ready for work, it struck me what I SHOULD has given her for Valentine's Day.  Metaphorical slap to the head and a mental "D'ho".  Juli likes the Pandora Charm Bracelet.  And Jared is advertising that they have them.  So after Juli left I raced down to Tacoma and walked into this MASSIVE Jewelry store.  Wow!  Complete with security gaurd standing by. 

I studied what they had and bought her a panda.  It's waiting for her on the mantel.

Postscript: Fun With Computers )
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The Sun returns, not as a big ball of hot gas, but as The Sun!  The Hogsfather has been in evidence.  The masses believe.

Christmas Eve Will Find Me )

It's Getting to Look A Lot Like Christmas )

Expletive Deleted ) 

Now I have another day off.  So does Juli [ December 27:  My mistake.  No, she doesn't] .    Next week is a short one because of new Years.  I'm getting geared up for 2010.  It's going to be a good year.  Life is good.
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Glad Yule, all!

I'm sitting in the livingroom with Juli.  Juli is relaxing for a few minutes before she goes to work.  She has a 6 hour shift on this final shopping day.  I'll be going to Rollingbay for the family Christmas and Juli will join us after work.

Juli's last present arrived today.  She's standing behind me so I can't tell you what it is.  I bought it on eBay.  It arrived postage due and it was in the "never been opened, mint conditioned" described.  Sure, a disappointment, but I'll see if the seller can't make it good.

What have I been doing?
Well, working, of course.  Work came with a surprise last November.  The parent company I work for lost the contract with the state.  So I will either lose my job in 12 months, or I'll be working for the new company, but with a much larger commute [which may be prohibitive].

I received a mass  email form NWSFS man Mr. Citrak.  He was looking for volunteers for the PBS station in Tacoma.  I've never answered phones for a pledge drive, but since it's what I do for work I thought "why not?"  So last Sunday I answered phones while "The Celtic Women" played on the monitor.  Wow!  They are good!  I've seen them before on a DVD about 4 years ago.  I pledged for the CD.

I was able to attend the Tai Pan party this year, though Juli had to pass.  She and her store had the biggest shopping day E-V-E-R!  And the company nation wide is having a record year. 
The folks at Pandora House were wonderful hosts.  Thank you! Thank you!   [ profile] geojlc and   [ profile] amoveodivus , both on cello, [ profile] jeffreycornish  on mountain dulcimer, , and  young  Valentine on violin, played a quartet a song that the four of them worked on separately.  Very Good!!  and Valentine surprised me with his ability.  
Fun was had by all.

Tomorrow Juli and I will celebrate Christmas morning together here at home, then will go to Chris, Juli's brother, and his new wife Janet.  Janet just had brain surgery last Saturday, but she is still insisting on putting on the dinner.  We tried to pull her back a little, but.  .. I'm sure Chris will help.  He cooks.

2010 is coming.  I posted a bit ago abut spring fever.  Well last night I actually heard a frog.  I think we've all already successfully brought the sun back with our celebrations.
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I'm proud of my weather sources. They got it right.
The cold snap will end with a whimper transition to rain, with only a few flakes.

Weather Underground
UW Meteorologist Cliff Mass

Today was about Christmas preparation, though it started with a jolt. Juli left her keys at work and she was opening the store today. SO she had to call her boss and meet him at a local store parking lot. I got her coffee for her and went to that lot to wait with her.

Then I did something I haven't done for many months.... I caught the Southworth ferry. I had some Christmas shopping to do in Tuckwilla. It's still faster and cheaper to drive around through Tacoma, but how relaxing! Sit and read a book while the clouds roll in. I haven't taken that rout since there was a comic shop in Burien. I think my last ride was for Norwescon 27, 5 years ago.

I got all my shopping done in record time, and then got back to Fauntleroy for the ride home. Got home RESTED!

I've got dinner planned. Steak and mushrooms, mashed potatoes [I'm not proud, I use a box] and gravy, and asparagus. Got some laundry done and cleaned off some surfaces to get it looking Christmasy. Sat down with a cup of coffee and read a book.

Today was very good.
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According to Cliff Mass, UW Meteorologist, the last two weeks in November are statistically the wettest of the year.

That may explain a strange emotional reflex I have...

Sometimes in early December, before the Christmas lights go up, before shopping is anywhere near completed, before we get inundated with Christmas Music on the radio,
...we have a stretch of weather that is cold and sunny.

That's what we're having now; sunny, crisp, and Very Cold for the PNW.

But the sun, and the bright blue sky, and the dry air triggers in me, Spring Fever. I get an impulse along the lines of "Here it comes. Here comes spring." I expect to hear frogs any day now.

Well, not really, it's too cold. But it's there around the edges.
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There was a small increase in Tricky Treaters.

This years count was  220 Tricky Treaters.

Best Costume -- A very large can of beer, complete with pop top and spray of foam.

Last Year we had 208.
2 years ago  we had 261.
3  years ago we were at  Cannon Beach.
4  years ago we had 317.
5 years ago we had  307.
6 years ago we had 274.
7 years ago we had 206 Tricky Treaters.
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It's difficult to surprise your Sweetie when she's at home and you are at work.   Sometimes it takes the obvious. telling her to stand there while you go out to the garage and come back with roses, chocolate and a bunch of balloons bumping in after you.

Then there is the secret, though obvious, signing of the cards.

Funny thing though...  I got Juli a card that featured two people walking on the beach.  She got me the same card.

We played computer games throughout the afternoon.  Then we drove to Anthony's at Gig Harbor.   Good thing I made the reservation LAST month.  We waited for about 15 minutes to get seated and then for over an hour to get out food.   They were slammed. That's okay though.   We entertained each other.    No Halibut for me.   It wasn't on the menu.  I had salmon, which was good, and Juli had her Fillet Mignon.  Though they ran out of garlic mashed potatoes so they loaded up Juli with saffron rice.  I got the Potatoes.  Odd, but we would prefer it the other way around, so we re-plated out own meal.

A little wine, some toasting, Irish Cream Chocolate Mousse.   A couple did the "one knee" ceremony at the next table.  ...aaahhhhh...

I remembered [ profile] miko2 's toast at our wedding.   "May you find a house big enough for all of Juli's books and for three cats who don't like each other."

Juli had some gifts for me when I got home.   Stargate season 1 & 2, and "The Ark Of Truth".

That was the day that was.

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Something interesting happened at the gym.  A crayon mark on the locker wall caught my eye.  It wasn't a special mark.  It wasn't in the shape of Jesus or Mary, and it wasn't weeping.  It wasn't even graffiti.  It was just a random line in red crayon.  But it got me briefly into the mind set of drawing.  ...that  in the zone  feeling that Betty Edwards calls "The right side of the Brain".   I ... think I hear the drawing room calling. 

Aaaaaanyway...  today was to be a day to get things done.  

While I didn't get everything on my list done, I got the important things out of the way.
Valentines Day Gifts stashed.
Workout at the gym.
Bills paid.
DInner prepared for.

Waited on hold with credit card company for 45 minutes.   Last month they said they were sending me a new card with a different number.   No fraud on the current card and I could use it until the new one arrived.  It hasn't been mailed yet.  They just now put in the order for it.

At least it will be good for our trip to the Ocean at the end of the month.   And for Dinner at Anthony's tomorrow Night.


Nov. 30th, 2008 07:44 pm
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I’ve forced myself into the holiday spirit.    I’m not coming from a “Bah Humbug” frame of mind.  Rather I’m coming from a “No Think” frame of mind.  Yes, I went “Zombie” again.   Found Brains though.

 Thanksgiving was great!  My Mum-In-Law stayed over night Wednesday so that she could join us.  Thursday we drove to Rollingbay to join my parents.  They are both in great shape for 78 and 83, and they put on a good holiday.  Though we all still pitch in, as per usual, there are almost 20 of us after all.

 A few years ago my brother put together a slab table our of a 30’ piece of Atlas Cedar that he found.  He also built it so that it could be easily disassembled and moved.  Normally it stays out in the studio where my father uses it as a staging table for his art work. 

 On holidays, let’s call that twice yearly, it comes into the house and is the dinner table.  My cousin and her two young children were here from Sweden.  They’re all well.  The kids, Christian and Pedar, are cute!  They speak English with a clipped Swedish accent [they are both bilingual]. 

 My Paternal Aunt and Maternal Uncle were both there.  My uncle is in a perpetual, and humorous, “Bah Humbug” frame of mind which we all tease him for incessantly.  He loves it.

 My sibs were there as well is my brother’s #2 son, Christopher.  He’s in from fishing the briny blue and has tales of Thailand and India to share.

 My father had the fire pit cooking for roasting Chestnuts.

 Friday I got the outdoor lights up.  That took the day. 

 Saturday I worked the 4 hour shift and then studied plans for the Christmas Card.  It WILL be out in time for Christmas!

 Today I drove our banquet tables to Juli’s work at TJ Maxx.  We’ve loaned them the tables for the past few years.  Since I was close to Poulsbo I went in to Valley Nursery and ordered the flocked tree.  I guess I’ll need to dispose of last year’s tree to get the stand.  Shame on me, it’s still in the garage.

 Now I’m stopping work on the Christmas card in order to post to LJ.  I’ve got the iPod on with Christmas tunes playing. 

 All is Well.


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Another decline in Tricky Treaters!! 

6 years ago we had 206 Tricky Treaters.
5 years ago we had 274.
4 years ago we had  307.
3  years ago we had 317.
2  years ago we were at  Cannon Beach.
Last year we had 261.

This year we've had 
2 during the 5:00 hour,
70 during the 6:00,
99 during the 7:00 hour,
33 during the 8:00 hour,
then lights out in the 9:00 hour.   I work tomorrow.    {though 4 snuck in under the wire.}  

For a total of 208 Tricky Treaters!!!   Nearly a tie for the recorded  all time low.   Though Our first year hear we had around 180.
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I finished my Christmas shopping today.  Driving home from Silverdale I had the latest Porcupine Tree on the CD.  Mark gave me that last night.   I had been playing Christmas music, so this was a departure. 

The sun wasn't beaming.  It was looking very Wintery shining through the thin clouds down on bare deciduous branches and evergreens.  This is nearly the Solstice, close to the shortest day of the year.  Here, with rock music playing, and cold light shining, that I got the feeling of pending Summer.  That usually hapens to me this time of year, though why it always happens before Christmas I have no idea.

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A huge big thank you to Pandora House.  It was obvious that the most of you still were working out your illness's and you didn't have much energy, yet still you hosted and decorated and made it a great Christmas party.

The Ghost Stories were great.  [personal profile] typographer presented a story in his own anthropomorphic setting, with a great twist in the end for the solution.  [personal profile] miko2 had a hilarious beginning of a story where "Yule Man and his sidekick "Holly" fight the Christmas Opposition.  [profile] chuck_melville presented another "Christmas with Mr. Cow".  Yeah Mr. Cow!!!  [profile] amy_thomson gave us a large chuck of a story she's writing, about a very precocious child. 

Thank you all for the great food, great stories,  and great gifts!
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This year we saw the first decline in the number of ghouls.

Last year doesn't count as Juli and I were at Cannon Beach.  

five years ago we had 206 Tricky Treaters.
four years ago we had 274.
three year we had a record 307.
Two years ago we had 317.
last year Cannon Beach.

This year we've had 
2 during the 5:00 hour,
104 during the 6:00,
103 during the 7:00 hour,
50 during the 8:00 hour, the last five wanted our pizza.
then 2 in the 9:00 hour ,

For a total of 261Tricky Treaters!!! 

A marked decline from 2 years ago.  Two years ago we had 46 in the 5:00 hour and 3 in the 4:00 hour, so they started earlier.  We had cops this year, directing traffic at the entrance of our development and keeping cars moving one way around the road.  That may have cut down on ghouls.
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This was pre-arraigned.

I reported to work today, not knowing if I would be working or not.  They didn't have the software working yet.  I volunteered to wait in the lounge for 30 minutes, just to see if they would get the information that they needed.  After 30 minutes, no luck.  So I didn't sign in.   Now, I know that if I report to work I should get the four hours on my time-sheet.  But since I volunteered to show up, just in case, I feel that they aren't responsible for me being there.

I called the temp agency to let them know.  They said that was important.  They would note in the files that there wasn't any work.  That way the payroll department wont freak, thinking I'm a no show or that I'm not calling them when I'm going to miss work.  Keep the temp agency happy.

Instead, I took advantage of already being halfway to Redmond and headed off to Fry's.  That was the only reason I volunteer to go to Gig Harbor in the first place.  I'm hunting for a new computer.  Juli says I get one for my birthday.  I already have a nice 500 G portable HD, and it's busy backing up the important files off of the company graphics computer [we just call it the Graphics computer]. 

On my way there I listened to lots of the audio book

[personal profile] miko2 lent to me, "Hat Full of Sky" by Terry Pratchett [It's a TIffany Aching story.].    Fun stuff!  "Crivens!"

On the subject of the computer though...  It seems technology has advanced a bit since I've gone computer hunting.  I looked over their display until my eyes started to water.  All sorts of cool things, but many things I'm clueless about.  "Ach, Crivens!"  I don't think "hitting it with my head until it does what I want" will work, so I may need a little help with this one.  Maybe I can work a deal with [profile] miertam.

Came home.  Juli still hadn't left for work yet.  You know, you can get a lot done in the morning if you get up early.  Today Was spent shopping for Halloween.  I dropped $50 on trick or treat candy.  We will need it all.  I expect at least 400 ghouls or it's "lights out" for us.  Purchased a couple of pumpkins.  Despite the dire predictions, they weren't too expensive.

At 4:15 I gave a call to work to see if I would be going tomorrow.  At 4:30 I was taken out of the waiting cue and found out that, yes, I can go to work tomorrow.  ...and that I was not to call the main number.  I'll need to find out what number I am suppose to call though.


That was my day -ish.

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Juli and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I got up a bit before she did, under the pretense of getting her a latte. I sneaked a card out of my side drawer and left it next to her pillow while she slept. Then I sneaked her two large balloons, traditional large box-o-chocolates and another card out of the garage and arranged them on the mantle by the fire.

After I got back from the coffee shop I found she hadn't moved, still asleep. So I let her sleep.

She was quite happy when she woke up. 
In Which she tries to get some gift ideas for me but her computer fights back )

We went to Anthony's in Gig Harbor a little early. They managed to get us seated a half hour before our reservations. Very nice. Juli had her Valentine's Day traditional Fillet Mignon, with a Chardonnay. I would have had my traditional Halibut dinner but for the first time in all of our Valentine's dinners since 1992, Halibut was not available. So I had some wonderful Sauteed Scallops with a Fume Blanc. We finished it off with a Chocolate Mouse.

I gave her the last card I had, one that sang quietly enough where she couldn't hear it in the restaurant. [I was tempted to get her the one that shouted "Whoo! I Feel Good! badda badda badda bamp!" but decided that would be mean.] then I gave her the bracelet. She was very happy.

She gave me the latest U2 CD "18 Singles".

It was a good day.


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