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For some reason the walking challenge from work has kept me form doing things... like yard work and posting to LJ. Don't ask me why, or try to tell me why. It just is.

In any case, the challenge ended yesterday. I've walked 294 miles. I had the average miles per day up around 6.5. The average per day dropped off near the end to 5.5 miles per day. I burned 61,200 calories and lost ... 4 pounds. Yes, there are still a few changes to make. However I have far more energy to do things then I've had recently. I can work in the yard for the day rather then burning out after an hour and a half. Walking to the bank, 4 mile round trip, doesn't seem like a big accomplishment. And I can run about taking photos at my brother-in-laws wedding and not feel exhausted.

Speaking of which, that was a cool wedding. It was a Wiccan ceremony. The bride was dressed in a traditional wedding gown while the groom and his attendants were in kilts with the Colquhoun [Cowan] tartan. Bagpipes provided the music.

We had a little bit of trouble getting the very Catholic older brother and his family to come, but they did, and were happy to have done so. They had a good time. The food was just enough to get people fed once and then send them on there way. The DJ's music was old school 80's with a brush of current tunes.

Chris has himself a good wife I think.

And how about this weather?!

Friday was the last sunny Friday of the step challenge. There was a power in the air as the cold front started to give notice that it was coming. The air felt warm with a few circulating puffs of cold. I put in 9 miles that day.

There was a Tornado in South King / North Pierce that destroyed an old barn, took a roof off, and tried to make a water spout on Lake Tapps.

We had a Cougar in Discovery Park. They suspect that he was living off house cats. **whimper** But they caught him, got him good and scared of humans, and then released him in the Cascade foothills.

Tomorrow the are expecting a very busy day at work, but I don't know... The last few after holiday weekend days have been less then expected.

I'm getting my "Fall creative push" on. It happens every year. Something about "Back To School" conditioning that we all get while were growing up that will likely be with me for the rest of my life. I've got a Christmas Card to design, and time to manage, so that I can make it happen.

...and then there is this new addiction to walking.........
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I usually work 4 hours on Saturday.   Yesterday I had to put in an extra half hour to make up for losing a half hour on Monday.   Monday was MLK day, and while we were closed all "direct" employees had to show up and take on various tasks.  I think I mentioned that I entered 370 trailers on one account.

In any case, the supervisor of the day really didn't want to put in a full 12 hour day, that's what she would have had to do.  so she shortened the day for everyone else and had us make it up Saturday.  Problem is the make up day falls into the next pay period.   So now we are short this pay period and get overtime next pay period.   I have no problem with that.

Yesterday, after work, was busy though.  I had to work out the Treasurer's reports for the Tai Pan Corp Board meeting.  There was a bit of missing information, but I believe I managed to calculate a decent guesstimate from the info I had.  It took all afternoon though.

Juli arrived home at 5:30 and we loaded up all of the Christmas gifts for the gang in town.  Then off to the coffee shop for road coffee, only to realize that I had left the Treasurer's reports back home.  Back to the house and Off to the party. 

Edd, Amy, and Lady K hosted our late Christmas Party,  {Thank you so much, by the way.}  which was canceled in December due to Snow.  We had a great time!  Quick board meeting.  Gift exchange.  Good food!  Cello entertainment by  [info]geojlc

A ghost Story by [ profile] typographer that takes place in [ profile] chuck_melville  's Felicia world.  And a MR. COW story from chuck, directly from under his hat!!


The Party was great fun!!!!!

Thank You Notes:
Thank you to my friends for the cool gifts!!!
Marshmallow shooters presented by

[ profile] jeffreycornish and [ profile] geojlc sent tiny marshmallows flying all over the living room for a good 45 minutes. 
Cool book of the mosquito fleet from [ profile] miko2 .
Great cetacean space workers painting from both [ profile] typographer and [ profile] miertam , brought all the way from Orycon.  
Lighthouse scrimshawed [I think] on piano ivory from amovedivus and jwyldragon as well as gift cards for book stores.
Fry's gift card from [ profile] bluesmancd .
Curious T-Shirts with ships and a slogan about finding everything at the circus from Edd and Amy.
[info]typographer and [ profile] miertam  gave Juli a Galactica soundtrack which she is very pleased with.
Ieve gave us both cat toys, I mean book marks, which will get much intended use, and may get some unintended use.

Thank you all!


I love getting Juli her coffee in the morning!   While I was off to the coffee shop, driving off through the snow, yes we had snow, she made cranberry-orange scones.  Yum!  So we ate Cranberry-Orange scones, snuggled up to our coffee, and watched Caruso on the DVR.  It's an okay bit of TV fluff.
I almost decided not to go to the gym for that promised full workout, but I got to thinking about NorWesCon and wanting to have the energy then.  So I decided the workout was an investment I could not ignore.   Good choice.

After the workout I remembered that, not only was tomorrow the 26th, and time for a card for Juli, it was also the first day of the Chinese New Year.  So I walked across the parking lot  from the gym to Hallmark in the strip mall. my gym clothes. sweaty gym clothes. the cold and snow.    Suffer for Love, people!  Suffer for Love!

I've got a few more hours of the day to get more stuff done.  There are a number of choices.  I just can't be stymied by indecision.


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Yesterday's work ended with an annoying phone call.   It kept me at work for an added half hour.  That won't be overtime because, now that I'm a direct employee, I have to "Un-make" it up, which is also cool.  I get to leave work early one day.

The interesting thing is, that while the phone call was foremost in my mind  the few hours later at Writer's Night, so much so that I had to "tell the story", today it's not so much.  In fact the only thing significant about it is discovering that it's not significant.   It is what it is.  If I can get that Zen to kick in just a little faster I'll be much better off for it.  As it stands now I'm somewhat pleased.  Side note:  It was great to see everyone again!  It's been about two months what with holidays and weird weather.

Today I got up with Juli and did something I use to do all the time; follow her to the coffee shop and buy her coffee for her before she continues off to work.   I love doing that.  It gets her one her way faster, that is if the barista doesn't hold her coffee until mine is repaired.  After she drove off I stopped at Fred Meyers and perused the books. 

What to my wondering eyes do I see?  The latest "Sharing Knife" novel by Lois McMaster Bujold is finally out in paperback!   Oh Joyous Day!  Rather then buy it at Fredies though, I drove off to Silverdale to Barnes & Noble.  I gave Juli a call before I bought it though, just to be sure she hadn't bought it yet.  This may be my NorWesCon book.  I've got a lot of others to read.  I also picked up some manga.  I only read Inu Yasha and Negumi these days.  And I picked up a book called ""The Accidental Sorcerer" by K. E. Mills.  It was an impulse buy.  Looks like comedy.

I came home with my treasures and suited up to go to the Gym.  First time in many months.  I've been saying I've needed exercise to chase away the sleepies.  Once again, I learned what I've always known, and what I learn every single time  I work out:  Working out feels good, AND gives me energy.  Now I just need to find a way to work in the work outs in my 9 hour a day schedule.  But because of how I feel now, the work outs will happen.  I can't let this go.  It feels to good.

I cleaned the shower while I showered.  Juli and I are going to get a weekly schedule of lists to make sure chores don't get away from us.  The shower is getting on that list.

Juli and I went for a walk yesterday and discussed those lists, and what home improvements we want to accomplish.  I think this year we are going to replace the back deck, it's something we've wanted to do for some time.  I'm thinking about using composite material rather than wood.  Maintenance with us needs to be as simple as possible.

Speaking of lists, I want to plan meals ahead of time.  This should help me schedule in those other tasks and creative times.  So today after the shower I prepared for dinner tonight and tomorrow.  Sour Cream Roll-ups with sliced strawberries tonight.  Again, thank you to [ profile] typographer  and [ profile] miertam  for the crepe pan they gave us some years ago for Christmas.  It is due to that pan that the Sour Cream Roll-ups continue to be a hit dinner.
BLTs tomorrow.

Laundry and Kitchen Clean up.  And that's been my day so far.

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I prepared to escape to the Seattle side right after work.  Saturday I only have a four hour shift, so rather than backtracking home and then going to Seattle [an additional 36 miles with gas prices today] I chose to drive an additional 15 miles and bug [personal profile] miko2  for a few hours.

He showed me a few things I didn't know about Second Life.  I'm still such a noob.  miko2 has an exercise regimen, so I joined him on his walk.  It's a pretty good hike with a large hill and a very nice park.  We took about 45 minutes.
He showed me more of his online fun with City of Heroes and a little bit with his music broadcasting machine.  COOL!

Rather than take two cars I drove him to Ballard where wii were gathering prior to the movie.  He brought a CD that I want to get.  He told me he would e-mail me the name because I would likely forget what it was.  [and guess what?]  It's an artist who has made many Anime soundtracks but this album is independent of Anime and is in English.

When we arrived at [personal profile] typographer  and [profile] miertam 's it turned out wii were the last ones there.  They were all bowling on their  new Wii.  After they finished the game we all hiked out  about 10 blocks to the Chinese restaurant.  We were the only ones there it seemed, but we were a large group of 9.  [personal profile] typographer  and [profile] miertam  were very generous.  The food was very good!

[personal profile] geojlc  elected not to see the movie.  she isn't a movie go'er much.  I understand that.  My mother and sister are like that, and indeed, the movie was not [personal profile] geojlc  safe.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Chrystal Skulls was a great romp.  Of the 4 Indi films I would rate it the third best.  For an excellent review from   {Click Here}.  I think this review is almost spot on except for his complaint that  "The pursuit of knowledge equals death in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a theme which does not belong in a family movie."  Nonono.  The pursuit of knowledge can be an action adventure!!!   Death is merely a byproduct, and the good guys win.

Yes, the movie was great fun even with its LARGE plot holes and LARGE suspension [let's call it complete disregard] of belief.  There were a few of us who didn't like it.  They shall remain nameless [ [personal profile] zorkfox ].  But he had some good reasons.  They just weren't enough for me to not have fun.

In truth, this is a movie to see with a large group of friends, not by yourself.  Make it a party.

Afterward we all returned to the Ballard home base and played some more Wii.  [personal profile] miko2 created a Mii that was all goth girl and another that was supposed to be a terrorist.  [profile] bluesmancd created...??  Himself?  I was getting tired.

I got home last night at 12:30.   All in all, a good Saturday.


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