Jan. 3rd, 2010 08:50 am
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I'm usually somewhat dreamless ....  well, I don't remember that I've dreamed.

Last night I dreamed.

Perhaps I was a little influenced by "The Thin Man" marathon that we've been watching.  Or anticipating the return of "Burn Notice".  ...or both. 

There has been a theft.  Someone has stolen the MacGuffin.  I've been wandering all over the pebbly beach front of Miami [never been to Miami] following the clues.  While standing in front of my house, sifting pebbles through my fingers [for some reason that was important], three stolen space shuttles launch.  They have global thermal nuclear missiles strapped to their...  Okay, the missiles are sticking out of their tails and are providing thrust. 

I chase after them, because I know they are going to strike ...MacGuffin-ville.   Then I'm running away, because I've somehow messed up the plans of one of the shuttles.  It's out of control and flying erratically back at the beach.  Pebbles are  hard to run on.  

Suddenly the shuttle does a flip and a back flop into the ocean.

I wake up.

Dream Flu

Mar. 3rd, 2009 06:31 am
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Yesterday and today I didn't have to feel around in the dark to get ready for work.  Have to keep the light off for Juli.  She's still asleep.   While there will be a brief setback when Daylight Savings Time starts, I do enjoy being able to see in the morning.

Disturbing Dreams have hit me now.  My friends have had them, so maybe something is going around.   ... a suggestion flu or something.   My dream was watching a 747 crash while standing on my deck.   It crashed like a mile and a half away.  My dream self, while feeling horror at the death and mayhem, was grateful it didn't hit our house.  But then the fire appeared over the hill and started marching our way.

The end.
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Dream [livejournal.com profile] dolphinchatter is an idiot.

Last night, after a long hike in the woods, I dumped my clothes on the floor of TJ Maxx. Someone came by and hung them up and then priced them. ...including my dirty socks. I don't know who would pay $20 for my dirty socks.

The rest of the night was spent trying to get my laundry back without getting Juli into trouble.

You'd think that this, being a dream, would mean I was running about naked trying to get my clothes back, but it wasn't "that" kind of dream.
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Go Seahawks!

the Dream ) woke up.

Apparently I woke with a start because I woke Juli too. "What?" she asked. Very sleepy girl.
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I dreamed again last night. Unfortunately Juli's cat decided that, well since I was awake, she needed to stand on me and ask for the water faucet to be turned on. She never stands on me. My surprise shot that dream right out of my head.

I've always felt that if I frequently dream it means my creativity is stirring.

This week we have received numerous phone calls and emails from customers that want to buy what ever we have left, or place an order to replace what has, surprisingly to them, sold out. One customer called from Salt Lake City. When we originally announced our closure back in August he had assumed that the line would die right away. So he didn't order anything but the new piece. Well now that he's almost sold out of everything, and he had a lot, he wants to reorder. He doesn't understand why we are shutting down at the peak of our game.

Right. The only reason people are scrambling to get figurines is because they wont be able to get them any longer. The good thing about that call was that he acknowledged his mistaken assumption from last August.

We're losing two more greenware staff. That leaves us with one full time and one part time. We may be losing another part time china painter. That leaves us with 2 part time china painters.

There is a big "For Sale" sign in our field out front, one of those wedge shaped signs made from two 4' x 8' sheets with the real estate company logo on it. The reality is beginning to hit home.

Currently, on my iPod, I have 39 "DAYS" worth of music. It's only one third full and I have loaded half my CD collection.
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Eddie visited my dreams. He wasn't the main focus of the dream. ...Still, he was there.

The Dream:

I was back in college, back at WWU. It was late and I'd turned in. My dorm room was in Nash Hall, which was odd because I was never in Nash. It had a slider door out on a community balcony. Nash doesn't have that type of structure.

The lights in my room were out. Suddenly the door slides open and three gregarious partiers tromp in, turn on the lights and continue their party. They ignore my demands that they leave and start asking me obvious questions like "Is that TV yours?" "Is that sterio yours?"

About this time Eddie walks in. Someone asks "Is that cat yours?" That was all I could take. I picked up Eddie and went to seek out the Resident Aid. I was apprehensive about leaving the three partiers with all my stuff, but what choice did I have? I went to the front desk (Nash doesn't have a front desk) and demanded that the Resident Aid do something. The RA seemed a bit over-partied himself. He looked at me and shrugged. "What do you want me to do? Call the cops?"

I thought that would be a good idea. He resigned himself to making a call, but it was apparent that he wasn't really going to do it.

About this time I set Eddie down and followed him to the "Under-structure" of Nash. I don't think dreams have basements. This was dirty and dilapidated. A set of light rail tracks ran through it. It was a bit of a tunnel. Eddie sniffed about a bit. I didn't want to lose him so I picked him up again. We wandered about.

The end.

But what does it all MEAN??!!??


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