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It's been a long time since I've written in a blog. Since I discovered Facebook I guess I've fallen for the McPost. The disadvantage being that I don't take time to compose my writing.

Despite the fact that summer weather has been practically nonexistent, we are getting into the Late Summer/ Early Fall. THis time of year has always been the most creative for me. Perhaps it's been drummed into me by it being the Back To School time of year. I've posted about that a number of times so I won't go into it again.
Look here if you wish.
I just need to take advantage of that creative time.

So, I've been unemployed for 6 months now. Since "The Boss" gave the state contract to someone other than "Wheelies" we were mostly all laid off. This may be an advantage, though the search can be arduous at times. Fortunately Juli and I have our resourses so we're not in hardship here.
I visited the Unemployment office last week and took a few workshops they offer. In the process they discovered that I had been on unemployment for 6 month but had never come in for an orientation. I didn't know I was suppose to. I somehow fell between the cracks. This morning I showed up as soon as they opened and sat down with one of their advisers. I picked up all sorts of good info and advice, plus a couple of prospects. I also have a better feeling for a direction I want to go. Customer service is well and good, but I'm more inclined to want to be in Office Administration, what I did for C. Alan Johnson Co. There are fewer jobs available in Office Admin, but the pay is better. I also picked up where I can get my certification in some office computer programs that may help the search.

I've continued my Volksmarching and I've completed my first 500 K. I've ordered up another record book. As soon as it arrives I will mail off this one.
Here are links to the photo record of a few of my favorite walks.

Fort Casey / Keystone
Gardiner / Troll Haven

Finally I found an entertaining story concerning the Buddhist Mantra Om Mani Pad Me Hum.

The story behind this cut tag. )


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We had a wet fallish weekend.    So much so that Juli asked for a baked potato dinner, a usual fall staple for us.  But this year has been nothing but odd in the weather department, so fall in early August?  Why not?

But the effect autumn has on me is to energies everything.  It's that ol' "Back To School" training that I had throughout my 18 years of structured education.  Autumn arrives and the brain fires up.

So today Juli and I went out for breakfast at the Family Pancake House, our favorite haunt.  Then We went directly to Barnes and Noble and dropped a bunch of money on books.  As soon as we got home I walked to Fred Meyers for some shopping, a 3 mile round trip.  Got some weeding done in the garden beds.  [damn thistles.]  Throughout the walking and weeding I've had my iPod playing orchestral soundtracks.  The sun has been struggling, and there are plenty of turning leaves.  While I'm disappointed in the Summer Weather, we've only had 4 weeks of sunshine, I wouldn't mind autumn starting now.   Especially if it fires up my creativity early.
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For some reason the walking challenge from work has kept me form doing things... like yard work and posting to LJ. Don't ask me why, or try to tell me why. It just is.

In any case, the challenge ended yesterday. I've walked 294 miles. I had the average miles per day up around 6.5. The average per day dropped off near the end to 5.5 miles per day. I burned 61,200 calories and lost ... 4 pounds. Yes, there are still a few changes to make. However I have far more energy to do things then I've had recently. I can work in the yard for the day rather then burning out after an hour and a half. Walking to the bank, 4 mile round trip, doesn't seem like a big accomplishment. And I can run about taking photos at my brother-in-laws wedding and not feel exhausted.

Speaking of which, that was a cool wedding. It was a Wiccan ceremony. The bride was dressed in a traditional wedding gown while the groom and his attendants were in kilts with the Colquhoun [Cowan] tartan. Bagpipes provided the music.

We had a little bit of trouble getting the very Catholic older brother and his family to come, but they did, and were happy to have done so. They had a good time. The food was just enough to get people fed once and then send them on there way. The DJ's music was old school 80's with a brush of current tunes.

Chris has himself a good wife I think.

And how about this weather?!

Friday was the last sunny Friday of the step challenge. There was a power in the air as the cold front started to give notice that it was coming. The air felt warm with a few circulating puffs of cold. I put in 9 miles that day.

There was a Tornado in South King / North Pierce that destroyed an old barn, took a roof off, and tried to make a water spout on Lake Tapps.

We had a Cougar in Discovery Park. They suspect that he was living off house cats. **whimper** But they caught him, got him good and scared of humans, and then released him in the Cascade foothills.

Tomorrow the are expecting a very busy day at work, but I don't know... The last few after holiday weekend days have been less then expected.

I'm getting my "Fall creative push" on. It happens every year. Something about "Back To School" conditioning that we all get while were growing up that will likely be with me for the rest of my life. I've got a Christmas Card to design, and time to manage, so that I can make it happen.

...and then there is this new addiction to walking.........
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Spring arrives.

Shadows of Midsummer Night's Dream...
A soft choral of frogs.  
A passing of a warm wind.
The smell of trees and warm earth, sweet pollen of blooms, fill the air.
Music, soft and familiar, pulls at memories.
An image of a paint brush...
An idea for a story...
Creativity blooms with the growing green.
Thoughts grow form with the  Midsummer Night's Dream.


Mar. 27th, 2008 07:12 am
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I got up at 6:15. That's two plus hours early for today's work schedule. I couldn't sleep any more. We've got a light dust of snow. Unusual for this time of year, but it does happen. Other places are on snow routes and there are cars in ditches.

I think my early rise is due to a combination of things. I still have a convention high. To my inarticulately screaming muse I ask, let's keep that going, okay? I've been eating better, more nutritious food. That may have something to do with it.

And today I find out what that car count test was all about. That doesn't bother me to much, other than curiosity. We'll see.

I also want to get up early on these late shift days. There will only be four more, ever. April 1st the scheduled hours change completely. We will only be open until 5pm 5 days a week instead of 'till 7pm 7days a week.

I've had my iPod plugged in to my ears while I've read, and for that matter, while I've sat at the computer. It's been playing Anime soundtracks. So tell me... why do Anime soundtracks keep me in mind of NorWesCon? I blame [personal profile] miko2 . In NorWesCons of the distant past he would play Anime on his laptop and I would scrounge a soundtrack out of the dealer's room. I suppose I could go further back to the very beginning for me. In 1980 my collage roommates of Mythos Manor introduced me to NorWesCon 4. We wanted to put together StarBlazer costumes but never got around to it. [I eventually got a round tuit for Christmas but I lost it somewhere.]

I've got about an hour and a half before I need to get dressed for work. I could go to the gym. I may just walk around the neighborhood. Something.

According to WinXP LJ is using a scripted window to ask for information. What's all that then?

So good morning all. Have a great day.

iMind meld

Jan. 10th, 2006 12:05 pm
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My free time for the past few days has been eaten up by loading the iPod. It's also been an interesting excursion through my music library. I've been playing things I haven't played in a long time. There are some things that I may cull and other things that I'll keep for "oddness" reasons. What's fun is that I'm finding the time to listen to it because I'm loading it. And, as I am wont [see [ profile] genebreshears? =^_^= ] to do, I've been reading a lot more. I tend to read while I have music playing. ...or, and this is more fun, I tend to be creative, as in write or draw. That hasn't happened yet, but I fully expect it to.

At this point the iPod says I have a 1.5 days of music contained in 591 songs. I've filled 2 gigs and I have 28 gigs to go. That will eventually turn out to be three weeks of music, 24 hours a day. WEEE! Gimmy gimmy.

I mentioned yesterday that I figured out how to shuffle in one file. Now that I've figured it out I'm having more fun ignoring it. So far I've had in this order;

Veronica Mars Soundtrack: I Hear the Bells
Sting: We work the Black Seam
Bruce Mitchall: Zone II
Nausicaa Soundtrack: Interchange With Ohmu
Peter Buffett: Hard Reflections
Key the Metal Idol Soundtrack: I'll be There for You [Japanese]
Spirited Away Soundtrack: Kaonashi [No Face]
Colin Chin: The Belly of the Beast
Disney's Happiest Celebration on Earth: It's a Small World
Radio Sunnydale: Stop Thinking About It

AND MY BRAIN DIDN'T MELT!!! Even on hearing "It's a Small World"! [Right now it's playing "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow". I'm afraid my brain may melt on this one.]

As I load more odd disks it's going to be even more eclectic. What's more fun about this shuffle is it tells me what it's playing. When I played the six disk CD player on random I lost track of what songs came from where. Now I don't lose track, and I can back track through it's randomness!


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