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This was pre-arraigned.

I reported to work today, not knowing if I would be working or not.  They didn't have the software working yet.  I volunteered to wait in the lounge for 30 minutes, just to see if they would get the information that they needed.  After 30 minutes, no luck.  So I didn't sign in.   Now, I know that if I report to work I should get the four hours on my time-sheet.  But since I volunteered to show up, just in case, I feel that they aren't responsible for me being there.

I called the temp agency to let them know.  They said that was important.  They would note in the files that there wasn't any work.  That way the payroll department wont freak, thinking I'm a no show or that I'm not calling them when I'm going to miss work.  Keep the temp agency happy.

Instead, I took advantage of already being halfway to Redmond and headed off to Fry's.  That was the only reason I volunteer to go to Gig Harbor in the first place.  I'm hunting for a new computer.  Juli says I get one for my birthday.  I already have a nice 500 G portable HD, and it's busy backing up the important files off of the company graphics computer [we just call it the Graphics computer]. 

On my way there I listened to lots of the audio book

[personal profile] miko2 lent to me, "Hat Full of Sky" by Terry Pratchett [It's a TIffany Aching story.].    Fun stuff!  "Crivens!"

On the subject of the computer though...  It seems technology has advanced a bit since I've gone computer hunting.  I looked over their display until my eyes started to water.  All sorts of cool things, but many things I'm clueless about.  "Ach, Crivens!"  I don't think "hitting it with my head until it does what I want" will work, so I may need a little help with this one.  Maybe I can work a deal with [profile] miertam.

Came home.  Juli still hadn't left for work yet.  You know, you can get a lot done in the morning if you get up early.  Today Was spent shopping for Halloween.  I dropped $50 on trick or treat candy.  We will need it all.  I expect at least 400 ghouls or it's "lights out" for us.  Purchased a couple of pumpkins.  Despite the dire predictions, they weren't too expensive.

At 4:15 I gave a call to work to see if I would be going tomorrow.  At 4:30 I was taken out of the waiting cue and found out that, yes, I can go to work tomorrow.  ...and that I was not to call the main number.  I'll need to find out what number I am suppose to call though.


That was my day -ish.

Final Daze

Jul. 29th, 2006 10:21 am
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We're starting to wind it down at work. ...well, that's how it should feel anyway. There is a lot of echoing space and very few tables. We have to sort through all of the bits and pieces to decide what stays and what goes. I'm trying to juggle two different tasks. I have to run the office which entails getting taxes paid, payroll, bills, submitting statements to customers etc.etc.etc. and I have to disassemble the office and move a smaller version of it to Rollinbay. No interruptions allowed.

The work that I do in the office will be volunteer work, about two hours a week or less. Actually Monday is my last pay check. least I think it is. I'll have to discuss that with the folks. We turn over the keys of the property to the new owners on Friday, so there may be a few more regular working days. ...or I'll be volunteering those. I know our staff will be getting paid.

I get the graphics computer. I'll be maintaining the website from home. I had to think about that for a bit. The graphics computer is a P III 2.7g with a small tower. My home computer is a P III 1g with a medium tower. I'll have plenty of time to noodle out which direction I want to go.

Today I'll be taking old computer bits to e-recycle. Two of the monitors are from 1986 and look amazingly like the one on the tv show "Lost". One of them is even older then that. I'll be loading up a bunch of computer crap from my own garage and taking advantage of the company paying for disposal. Oddly enough the oldest bit of equipment is staying. Juli is still using the Apple II e/c clone.

I'm liking the weather today. As long as it doesn't stay this way I'll be fine. I'm wearing long pants today. There has always been at least one or two days in July that have been too cool for shorts. Here it is the last weekend so I almost made it through July.


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