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I wanted to get another walk in today, but the only two that Juli wouldn't be interested in [she's at work] are hikes up Green Mountain.  There was a threat of rain today, and I'm not equipped for Mountain hikes, or at least my equipment has been so far in mothballs that the moths have put up "For Lease" signs.

But the house is is in desperate need of attention.  So I tackled some domestic cleaning while Juli was away.  As it turns out the deep cleaning of the kitchen took all day.  I suppose having anime on demand in the background might have slowed things down a bit.  I can say, at least, that I didn't sit and watch it.  I kept moving.  But hey, the kitchen looks great.   ...and the laundry is done.

While the rain didn't make an appearance we're are under a wind advisory tonight.  Late storm moving in.  I should probably set my phone as a back up alarm.

Juli and I plan to go to Cannon Beach in a couple of weeks.  I did some internet searching and I've found there is a Volksmarch at Cannon Beach.  I wonder if Juli would be interested...
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Maybe it's a hold over from working for CAJ. At CAJ we would unload a years worth of files every January, load and label them into Banker Boxes and stash them away. The end result is loads and loads of Banker Boxes filled with stuff we don't want to get rid of because there may be history in there.

Today, in an effort to find all the TaiPan records so that I can turn over the record book, I took on the cleaning of the Computer Room Closet. I've discovered that most of the clutter in the closet is unfiled filing from sporatic off and on organization of the last ten years. The interesting thing is, everything I need I've found. And everything that needs to be shredded, that I've found as well.  

[Note to Tai Pan staff: I've found everything needed by the record book.]

There is also "New Leaf Turning" going on.  Actually It's more like raking a pile of autmn leaves.  Less clutter and more space.

It reminds me of the year CAJ got audited by the state. We needed to find receipts for every expenditure for four years. That would be every gas receipt, every food receipt, every pencil and postal receipt, everything! Ether that or take a hit as the State guessed what we actually got to pay in taxes based on their
Great Book of Guessing.

It took us two weeks, but we did it. We missed two items; one for $23 and one for $8.95, but everything else we found.

So, as to the current office closet?  Yes, there is clutter in there, but it's organized clutter. ...and it's all there. I just have to learn that I don't need to hang on to all the papers in the household.  There is still work to do, but in the end I think Juli and I will actually find an unused closet in the computer room.

Meanwhile, the fuchsias are thriving. I repotted and pruned some other plants. Juli watched the Mariners mostly lose.

Day [a good one]


Apr. 11th, 2008 11:59 pm
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Paid bills this morning.   Ouch!  NorWesCon is now  paid for.

I cleaned out my chest of drawers today.  [4/11/08]
There were many cargo shorts that were sent away.  Size 34 just doesn't cut it.  Maybe someday again, but not now.

I did find a few things that I can't wear that will not go away.  A very faded NorWesCon 4 t-shirt [no way I was that small!!!] and many NorWesCon t-shirst from cons past.  They are now stored away.

Now I have LOTS of room on my side of the bedroom.

I bought a book on impulse from Fred Meyers yesterday.  "The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Volume 1" by Diana Wynne Jones.   I brought it home and showed Juli....  
...I should learn...   If it's any good we have it already.

So I took this pristine book back.   Sure, they took it back no problem, but then she just tossed it into a plastic bin from across the aisle.   "AHH!  IT's a BOOK!"



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