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For some reason the walking challenge from work has kept me form doing things... like yard work and posting to LJ. Don't ask me why, or try to tell me why. It just is.

In any case, the challenge ended yesterday. I've walked 294 miles. I had the average miles per day up around 6.5. The average per day dropped off near the end to 5.5 miles per day. I burned 61,200 calories and lost ... 4 pounds. Yes, there are still a few changes to make. However I have far more energy to do things then I've had recently. I can work in the yard for the day rather then burning out after an hour and a half. Walking to the bank, 4 mile round trip, doesn't seem like a big accomplishment. And I can run about taking photos at my brother-in-laws wedding and not feel exhausted.

Speaking of which, that was a cool wedding. It was a Wiccan ceremony. The bride was dressed in a traditional wedding gown while the groom and his attendants were in kilts with the Colquhoun [Cowan] tartan. Bagpipes provided the music.

We had a little bit of trouble getting the very Catholic older brother and his family to come, but they did, and were happy to have done so. They had a good time. The food was just enough to get people fed once and then send them on there way. The DJ's music was old school 80's with a brush of current tunes.

Chris has himself a good wife I think.

And how about this weather?!

Friday was the last sunny Friday of the step challenge. There was a power in the air as the cold front started to give notice that it was coming. The air felt warm with a few circulating puffs of cold. I put in 9 miles that day.

There was a Tornado in South King / North Pierce that destroyed an old barn, took a roof off, and tried to make a water spout on Lake Tapps.

We had a Cougar in Discovery Park. They suspect that he was living off house cats. **whimper** But they caught him, got him good and scared of humans, and then released him in the Cascade foothills.

Tomorrow the are expecting a very busy day at work, but I don't know... The last few after holiday weekend days have been less then expected.

I'm getting my "Fall creative push" on. It happens every year. Something about "Back To School" conditioning that we all get while were growing up that will likely be with me for the rest of my life. I've got a Christmas Card to design, and time to manage, so that I can make it happen.

...and then there is this new addiction to walking.........

Booga Booga

Sep. 4th, 2007 08:30 pm
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We had a thunder storm last night at about midnight.  [User pic is of an actual Puget Sound lightning strike during that storm.]  The  kittens were getting a little wide eyed before the storm really got rolling.  We've been putting them into the small bathroom at night, until they get a little older.  I put them to bed as the storm started to strike.  

It passed by at about 12:30.  When I let them out this morning they were still huddled together under the toilet.
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Cats are laptop professionals.

Here is River demonstrating the proper use of a laptop.

Kaylee's method needs to work though.

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Juli will be home a a few hours.  She will get to meet the kitties in the home environment.  

Both River and Kaylee are best buds now.  We've decided to keep them closed in a bathroom at night with food, littler box, and pillows. I found them both on one pillow when I woke them up this morning.  River had been sleeping in the litter box, but I guess someone had to use it last night.

They do everything together now.  Eat, drink, sleep, play.

Here they are after their introduction to the vacuum cleaner.

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O%ay, thea ar3 s3\LING in n()w.  tAY BOTH wast to sibt on mie koyberd.
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River is settling in, she's not so skittery.  Yesterday, while I was upstairs loading the picts and posting the entry, River woke up alone.  She saw she was in a strange place, got scared, and hid behind the dryer.  I had to get a broom handle and carefully nudge her out.  She was covered in dryer lint.  That could account for the sneezles.  She's got some bad sneezles so I'll have to take them both in for their comp vet visit sooner then I thought.  I set both cats up in the bathroom with pillows to sleep on, but river chose to sleep in the litter box instead.  Actually that's where we first saw her at the humane society, sleeping in the litter box with her sibling.

Kaylee is no longer frantic for attention, but River is.  River is also stumbling around a bit and seems lethargic.  As I recall Kaylee did the same thing.  Now Kaylee is eating the Christmas Cactus.  That cant' be good, but it's not on the poison plants list.

Juli is having fun [sarc] in Bellingham.  The store hasn't been up to snuff.  While it's not the worst store in the district is running a close second to last.  The dress code has slipped a bit.  Lots of lip piercings,  bandannas,  jeans, flip flops, and flashing boxers.  Sure, may be cool on the street, but behind the cash register.  Nuh uh.  A clothing store isn't a head shop.

However she's not the manager, she's an assistant manager.  When the district manager showed up Juli didn't have to say a word.  First on Joe's instruction list of things to do was reign in the dress code.  Thing is, the staff is good.  Except if some procedures are lax than others get lax as well, like getting the merchandise out of the back room and onto the floor.  

So it looks as if the Bellingham store is going to get a little more organized under the watchful eye of the district manager.
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We have two new housemates.


River ................................. and .................................. Kaylee

Kaylee arrived Monday and River arrived today.

Juli decided on Monday that she was ready for more cats. We were going to search when she had a vacation at the end of September, however she wanted to go the the Humane Society on Monday to see what it would take to adopt. Well, you know how that goes. Unfortunately, for both Juli and Me, Juli had to leave for Bellingham on Tuesday, so she's not here for the breaking in period. ...and I'm the only one with two kittens until she gets back.

Kaylee was born domesticated. She was huddled in the corner of a cage with two rambunctious larger brothers, which spoke to me right away. It took her a few hours to get used to the idea that she was free of that. As soon as she put it together that Juli and I were friendly she went on a tare. This little kitten is racing around the house, up the stairs and down, leaping into our laps and purring up our noses.

River is a different story. She and her littermates were strays and haven't been fully domesticated. Juli was drawn to River because the kitten looks like Apie. [click here for more info on Apie ]   This is the only picture that we have of Apie.  Thanks to

[profile] julesong for taking it.  Torbies [the color designation] are hard to photograph.

River is Very Very cautious. She just had "the operation" so she needs to be a little quiet. That's difficult if she wants to run from everything. I'm betting she'll relax as she settles in. She is larger than Kaylee. That may be an age difference or Kaylee may just turn out to be a small cat. Timid Kaylee was not so timid with her greeting. It's the first time I've heard her vocalize. River is all about the vocalization.

So now we have cats again. I was hoping for a vacation first, but...


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Juli wrote this and wanted me to post it.


The house

The house is very quiet now.


It’s not as if Saavik made a lot of noise. She had a typical Siamese/alley cat cry. She didn’t really mew, but she definitely meowed. Sometimes, with demand and authority. “I want to be fed, NOW.” “Pay attention to me, NOW.” But she didn’t cry all the time.  No, the reason that the house is quiet is because we’re not filling it up with the sound of Us talking to Her.


We talked to her all day. I would ask her questions. We would seek her out when she wasn’t around. Saavik  had several favorite spots all around the house. I’d go from place to place to see which she’d chosen for the day. And then I’d stop and chat with her. 


Everyday was filled with little rituals that we miss. We would wake up in the morning with Saavik at the end of the bed. As I brushed my teeth she would sit quietly behind me waiting to be fed. And she would sit as close to my heels as she could. I marveled that I never stepped on her. She would stare at the closet door where her food was hidden patiently waiting her turn. Up to a point. If Keith or I were taking too long, in her opinion, she would make her objections known. Loudly. It didn’t matter if there was already food in her bowl, there had to be new food. Now.


Throughout the day either she would come and find us or we would find her. She liked to spend time just down the hall in the dining room where she could see and hear us but we couldn’t pester her. She would spend time in the computer room where Keith was working, but usually curled up in a ball behind the chair. She always wanted to be near us but didn’t want a lot of attention.


Saavik was not a lap cat. I usually had to place her on my lap and she’d let me pet and cuddle her for a few minutes.  Ten minutes was about the max. After that she’d start to wiggle and let me know she’d had enough. But on rare occasions, she’d jump up herself and settle in for a bit. I never knew when she’d be in the mood so I always accommodated her for as long as she wanted.


When I came home from work she was always waiting at the top of the stairs. And if she wasn’t, I would yell, “Where’s MY CAT!” And she would come from down the hallway looking grumpy and sleepy.  She always got a cuddle even before Keith got a kiss. After all, Saavik and I had been living together longer than Keith and me.


At night, Saavik would jump on the bed as Keith and I were reading. She would settle in beside me and wait for me to pet her. She loved to lie back on her side and have her tummy rubbed. She would purr as loud as she could, which was not very loud. Sometimes you had to feel under her throat to tell if she was purring at all. This ritual could go on for quite a while but eventually she’d had enough and would jump down off the bed and go into the bathroom for a late snack. When Keith and I turned out the lights I would say, “Good night” to my girl. It was the last thing every night. Every night.


I keep seeing her out of the corner of my eye. But she’s not curled up in the dining room. She’s not at the top of the stairs when I get home. She won’t be jumping up on the bed while I read.  I stop myself from telling her good night.  And the house is very quiet.


Again, thank you to everyone for their sympathies.  It is very much appreciated.


Time Enough

Aug. 6th, 2007 09:32 pm
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Juli's Home!!  Juli's Home!!  

She hasn't talked about Saavik yet.  I've come to terms with it and have moved on somewhat.  Juli hasn't had the chance yet.  She's been too busy, and she hasn't been home.

We've been watching "Survivor Man" on Discovery.  The scenery is great.  The survival is interesting.  I've been DVR'ing through the commercials, however I accidentally hit the off button and lost 15 minutes.  Oh well.  Now we get commercials.
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Things are better.  The house is clean.  I've put Saavik's things away and mopped the floor.  

Juli comes home tomorrow.  They had their Grand Opening today.  It will be interesting to find out how it went, though I don't think she's has had a chance to process losing Saavik yet.  We'll see.  At least I've gone through a lot of it and can help her.

I've been remembering the small things the cat did while she got used to me being around.  She would sleep on my back...  more like lie down on my back and stare at me, dare me to move.  She would like my fingers if I got them wet, but I didn't dare touch her.  

Now I see other cats in the neighborhood and...  well, the feeling of "Life goes on" makes sense.

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I've been cleaning up litter boxes and cat food stations.  My mind is not yet clear.

I took time out to watch the Athletics beat the Angels.  Yeay!  That means the Mariners have a chance to move up one on the Angels and go into a three way tie for the Wild Card race.

I'm still seeing Saavik around the house.  The base of a lamp will catch my eye.  A dark sweater in the corner or Juli's bag on the floor.   I keep expecting the lever on my office chair to vibrate as she rubs on it.  It was never a request for attention.  It was always a request for food.  She was Juli's cat, though she gave up trying to drive me from the house a long time ago.

Juli went back to work and hasn't had a chance to process anything.  At least tomorrow the store will open and then Monday she can come home.

It was sad

Aug. 3rd, 2007 02:31 pm
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Thanks to everyone who wished us well. It was sad to let Saavik go.

Stuff of cats behind this cut, and thoughts about the final moments of pets. )
Juli returned to Everett early this morning to finish with the store.

Will we have another cat? Of course! likely 2 or 3. This house needs cats. Right now it's just too empty. I keep wanting to find Saavik before I go to bed.


Aug. 1st, 2007 05:43 pm
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Roller Coaster Day.

The vet called this morning.  Said there was no hope.

I gave the vet Juli's number.  Apparently by the time he called her they had a thread of hope.

I saw Saavik today.  She has her "Very Mad" face on.  She hasn't been eating.

She will continue on antibiotics tonight and we will see what tomorrow brings.
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My interview with Company X, which I will now identify as "Splyce", got canceled one hour before I would have left for it.  They filled the position yesterday.

Saavik is curled up and sleeping at the vet's office with an IV drip.  As long as she's comfortable the vet wants the IV to work.  He wants to disturb Saavik as little as possible.  I didn't mention that he dropped her yesterday.  I wasn't happy about that.  She looked as if she was docile, nose in the corner, "can't see me," so the vet was just going to carry her back using the bottom of her carrier as a tray.  She lashed out and down went the works.   Come on!  Her charts say in bold letters "Bites!" and "Lightning Fast!"

He will take tests tomorrow to see how she is responding.

Outcome still is unknown.

Good Vibes still needed.
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Saavik, Juli's cat, apparently has never fully recovered from the 100 degree day a few weeks back.  I will be taking her to the vet in an hour.

Juli understands that Saavik is 17, but she doesn't want to lose her due to any inaction on our part.  Unfortunately Juli is in Everett, I took her back this morning.  So Saavik has to have someone she doesn't like take her someplace she doesn't like because of a health issue she doesn't like.

Good Vibes Needed

Addendum:  4 day hospital stay.  Outlook uncertain.
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As seen on [ profile] wolflahti's LJ

Your Score: Serious Cat

40 % Affection, 25 % Excitability , 57 % Hunger

Hungry for knowledge in any internet forum, you demand decorum. Any off-topic remarks, absurd statements, or tomfoolery on the interweb is deeply frowned upon by you. Truth has no room for drollery.

Link: The Which Lolcat Are You? Test written by GumOtaku on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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Juli snapped a winner of this Gianormous Cat!


Mar. 15th, 2007 08:49 pm
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Fred Meyer has been selling asparagus at 98 cents a pound. I've been pigging out on asparagus! Love asparagus!

So I've had asparagus for breakfast the last two days. Odd that. On the other hand, perhaps I haven't been getting my veggies lately, because I've been feeling pretty good for the past few days. So maybe there is something to this Popeye and Spinach thing.

Meanwhile I've been working on scanning our family archive of slides from the early sixties using the wonderful, yet abandoned, Epson Expression 636 scanner. Fortunately it works fine with the Win2000 driver.

Here's a blast from the past. On The Fourth of July, 1961 our cat was born. We named her Lucy van Pelt, because she was the ultimate crabby cat. One day in 1965 she scaled this door. She did it all by her self. This had nothing to do with her crabbiness. She just felt she needed to get high. It was the 60's you understand.

Well, cameras weren't digital back then, but my mother was very quick with her camera anyway. Because of her speed with the shutter we have managed to immortalize Lucy's "trip" in the family archives. Here she is, direct from 1965.

Lucy van Pelt
1961 -- 1979

I wonder if she was related to Eddie?

Edward Scissorpaws
1990 -- 2005


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