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After spending 6 hours sitting in the mechanics lobby I drove out to Hansville for the Volksmarch there.  This particular hike is mostly about the green-way trail.  While it's fun hiking the trail, there isn't much to take pictures of, at least ones that can characterize the hike.  The sounds and smells were wonderful though.  There's nothing like a hike through the woods to relax the soul.

There were other parks of this Volksmarch, of course.  There's the Lighthouse. I mean really.  Can't have a Volksmarch that's near an historic sight without going there.  I've taken a lot of pictures of the Point No Point light in the past, as I use to live near it. Though I don't recall having the digital camera with me then.

As for the car and the repair:  I was seriously thinking that the Subaru was on it's last elbows.  It was feeling like the transmission was failing.  Though it took two visits, one for $400 and one for $600, but it looks like I have another $60,000 miles left in it.  ...that is unless something unforeseen crops up.   So, Yeay!
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I'm drinking Black Onyx coffee.  Tastes like I'm on vacation.  Not like I'm at a convention though, that would be Boyds, Denney's Bestest Brew.  No, Black Onyx tastes like I'm outside a pastry shop, on a boardwalk, under an umbrella, by the ocean.   ...and I know where Paraguay is.

Today can be called "Anticipatory".  I drove to work in the daylight.  Saturday starts work an hour later then the other days of the week.  The sun was out.  Definitely the days are getting longer. 
My car works, so there are no worries.  It feels good to drive with a healthy car.
Four hours of work, then a return.  Juli had removed all of the Amaryllises from the Kitchen Window box.  As soon as I saw the light coming in I had to agree with her.  Even though the Amaryllises are 20 years old, they have to go.  ...or they need a new location.  We don't have many super sunny places inside the house.  I saw once were  Ciscoe planted a 1 year old Amaryllis outside, just to see what would happen.  I never found out.  That may be the way we go though. 

Tomorrow the Outdoor lights come down.  I might get some winter gardening in.  There is some work to do on the garden beds that will make Summer work a little easier.  I've got more work to do on the C.A.J. website some more.  I need to get the art room workable.  So I've got lots of things that need my attention, and the energy to do it all.
The weight
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Juli had to get up at 3AM in order to be at work at 4 to conduct the tag sweeper crews working the merchandise before the inventory counters.  The problem is that coffee shops don't open until 5.

So on my way to my mechanic at 7 I stopped by her store and dropped of a 20 once Latte.

The mechanic...  Well, my "check engine" light has been on for the past week.  Previously when that occurred my mechanic said it was the [insert Charlie Brown adult trumpet here], an expensive and unnecessary repair, but this time I just wanted to be sure.  Turns out I needed new spark plugs.  That would explain the drop in gas mileage this last month too.

On the way home I stopped at Barnes & Noble and found a couple of books out.  Both were by authors that I read and one i did not expect.

The rest of the afternoon was bill paying and working on getting the C. Alan Johnson Company Website back up and running.

Tonight... Baked Potato.
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Morning started with Bill paying.

My intention was to drive to Silverdale and stop in person at Telebyte to Update my credit card and discuss the C. Alan Johnson website registry.

I stopped by their offices only to discover law offices and no Telebyte. I gave them a call and found them in East Bremerton. I stopped by Best Buy to find a program for websites similar to the old Front Page 2000 that I had been using, only to discover what many of you probably already know... No one really uses those programs any more. I stopped by Barnes and Noble to pick up "Web Pages for Dummies". I already know quite a bit. I'm self taught with HTML and I just need to fill in a few holes. I also picked up the latest "Inu Yasha".

Then off to East Bremerton. I found Telebyte off in a building in back of a medical facility. I understand that they bought and own the building. I walked into the main door. More surprises. There was no front desk. I wandered down a hallway and found someone talking in an office cluttered with paper. She finished her conversation, smiled and asked if she could help me. I asked for Telebyte.

A voice further down the hall shouted "Back Here". I went clear to the back of the hall and found a very small office cluttered with paper one laptop and one desktop. It was clear to the back of the building cause I could look out the window and see the dandelions growing just outside. The man was munching his cheeseburger lunch, he had just got back into his office.

We talked a bit about the website and updated my credit card.

Before we really got going my cell phone rang. My cell phone rarely rings except at Norwescon. It was Juli. Juli would only call in an emergency. Her car was dead in the driveway and she had to get to Edmonds so she and her mother could go to the ballet. SOooo I canceled my work with Telebyte and hightailed it off to Port Orchard. Juli's battery was dead and COVERED with discharge.

This problem was relatively convenient. I drove her to Kingston where she walked on the ferry. Her mom will pick her up on the other side. She had planned to stay overnight. Tomorrow I go to writers night in Ballard. I'll drive up to Edmonds afterward and pick her up. Perfect!

After dropping Juli off I came home and studied her battery. Then off to Fred Meyer where I bought the correct replacement . 5 hours after Juli called me at Telebyte I have her car up and running. Now my clothes are going for a quick wash. I know I was careful not to get the discharge on my clothes, and I know water with car battery discharge is a bad thing. I'm hoping.....

Oh! You want to be completely blown away?  Check out Susan Boyle! She is so cool!!!  [clicky]
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Two miles from home, on my way to pick up [ profile] chuck_melville  and go to Writer's Night, my car flames out.  :::poof:::

Going down hill, it stalls, and then can barely start, but cannot keep the flame.

Fortunately I have my phone and call for a tow. Since I have an All Wheel Drive I get a flat bed tow.  $109   :::poof:::

So now my car is at Peninsula Subaru.  I had to drop it off after hours, and they aren't open on Sunday,  so no loaner.  Had to call a taxi.  Haven't done that in a LOOOOng while.  A little more $::poof::$.

So Monday I need to take an hour or so off and see about that loaner. 

And oddly, through it all, I wasn't stressed.

It is what it is.


Mar. 20th, 2009 10:22 pm
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Back on Sunday, while driving in the snow, I turned left and my car didn't.  I smacked into a curb and bent my wheel rim, just enough to dimple the tire and give me a subtle steering wheel shimmy at 65 mph.

Today I went to Les Schwab and had them look at it.  A pair of pliers later I'm back on the road.  No charge.  Like Les Schwab!.

I also stopped at a printer and asled about return address labels.  She pulled out a book and showed me what I could attach my own artwork two.  $55 for a package of one color labels.

My next stop was Office Depot where I picked up some labels.  After an hour and a half of work in Photoshop with some lighthouse photos from our latest California adventure, and a little work in Word [yes Word] I've demonstrated that I can create my own labels.  Now I will have no excuse not to paint something, cause I'll need some real artwork rather than photographs.  

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A week ago Friday I had scheduled the Subaru for an oil change and, more importantly, to discover why there was smoke coming our from under the hood while we scaled the Siskiyous on our vacation.   The mechanic I prefer is 26 miles North of me in Poulsbo.  After looking it over Ken, my mechanic, asked "Can you bring it in on Wednesday?  There is oil all over the frame.  This could be an engine killer."  We settled on the following Friday, though it might have meant I would need to rent a car for the week.  Such is the case for working a 9 hour shift 20 miles South in Gig Harbor.

Last Friday I drove to Ken's and arrived right when they opened.  I sat in their lobby and read for an hour and a half.  I picked up the latest Patricia Briggs book "Cry Wolf"at Powell's on the way home from vacation, one of the $170 worth of books that we bought.  {It's Powell's!  Come On!}.

At 9:30 I hiked out a mile and a half to the county bus stop for Silverdale.  [More walking. I think I'm beginning to enjoy this.]    I haven't yet ridden any of the county buses.  I haven't had need to.  I needed to shop at the mall for shoes.  I got the word at work that, though the shoes I had were indeed black, they were tennis shoes and were not acceptable.  {Juli argues that they are "Athletic Shoes" not tennis shoes.  No dice.}

The bus between Poulsbo and Silverdale is one of those squat buses that seat only 20 people.  I had to stand.  That was okay, because, oddly enough, riding the bus gave me flash backs of being on vacation, though it was strange seeing the familiar landscape without a steering wheel in front of me.

I found my shoes fast.  Payless shoes had a buy 1 pair get the second for 1/2 price.  So I picked up a new pair of tennis shoes for $14.  Since the 26th of the month was coming up I had to pick up a card at Hallmark.  I get Juli a card every 26th of the month.  We were married on 9/26.   I then sat in the food court and read some more, listening to the ambient mall sounds and music.  Again it felt like I was on vacation.

I caught the bus back to Poulsbo in time to catch a movie if I had to.  [another hike back to Ken's first].  However after reading for an hour in Ken's lobby he called me up.  The car was ready.  It wasn't as bad as they thought after all but some bad crank case seals.  It still had to be fixed. the tune of $412.  Ah well.   I haven't had to drop money into the car for a while.

On the road again.

Other bits?   Did I mention hearing the surf report while we traveled South through Redding?  it was delivered by Zeuf [pronounced Zoof] "The Girl in the Curl".  It was Monday, Monday's are beautiful even though there was nothing going on, everyone was likely at work, but work is good, not much in the surf news, wave at 1.5 to 2 feet 14 seconds apart in Santa Cruz, other stats in other areas,  some laid back commentary, some philosophy...     YIKES!  You couldn't get more zen-ish laid back-ness then that.  Welcome to California!

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This Saturday is Fuchsia Saturday at Fred Meyers!!! Buy your fuchsia starts for cheep. Bring your own pots, and they will pot them for you in black gold potting soil!! ...or some brand like that... for free!

So since I will be working on Saturday I went down today and bought 10 starts. Yes, I potted them myself.

I have to start planning my yardwork. I could have gardened up a storm today, but I'm still enjoying my post con days off. I've got music playing and books to read and art to

I got my car back today. They called me as soon as they opened, around 9:00. All fixed for $1,850. Make the credit card melt. But it's doing good now. And they washed it for me. I should do that more myself. It's still a spiffy looking buggy all for being 11 years old.
Part of the deal with the loaner is that I don't smoke in it [no problem there. smoking bad], and that I top off the tank before I return it. 1.5 gallons. $6. Two days off and the job is done.

As soon as I had my buggy I went directly to Silverdale Barnes & Noble. I was looking for "Little Grrl, Lost" by Charles deLint. I'd seen it at Norwescon but held off because it's a hardbound. I can get a better deal at B&N as Juli pays for the year long membership. [and we buy lots, or I should say Juli buys lots].
Turns out that B&N does not plan to stock the book. They will order it, but walk in looking for it? No. I called Juli to see if she wanted anything. COFFEE! ...Oh and "Cat in a Red Rage" by somebody or other, and "Sharing Knife Book II: Legacy" by Lois McMaster Bujold. I found her cat book, but she was wrong about the Sharing Knife II being out in paperback.

I finished "Sharing Knife: book 1" yesterday. It's a fun book. It starts off with some action adventure. We [that is many on my friends list] heard Ms Bujold read most of the action sequences at Norwescon 29. The rest of the book is Character Interaction. It's still a great read.

I ran into some unknown person at B&N, and we got to talking. I got to suggest the 'Sharing Knife" to him which he picked up. He's read most of the others. We were both in agreement the Laura Hamilton has gone off the deep end. I suggested Patricia Briggs, but he's read them all. I suggested one to me called "Embrace the Night" by Karen Chance. I took a chance {PUN!} based on our discussions of what we liked.

That was my day. Tomorrow I find out what that car count test was all about.
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I'm still on a convention high.  

I had the day off today and I will have tomorrow off as well.  I suppose that helps.  A change in habits helps as well.  I've waxed on before about returning to my music and getting inspired.  Well Sunday night I was intent on getting my last con report entry in.  I had my music playing [love iTunes!  love iPod!].  After I finished I went downstairs and saw that Juli was not watching the box.  She was in our lightly used living room, reading.  Yes!  Plugged in my iPod and sat in the living room with her to read as well.  This seems to be extending the Convention High..

Today I took my Subaru in to get it's work done.  They have loaned me a 2008 Impreza Sport.  Mine is a 97 Impreza Sport Outback.  It has an "outback" where this loaner does not.  This loaner is a spiffy little buggy.  And you can get at the environment controls without moving the cup holder.  Finally they got that right.
I don't like the transmission controls.  They don't look  or feel friendly.  I could get used to them I suppose.

Bit of a side story here, but it comes back to the car.  At the con I was somehow reminded of Expo 86 in Vancouver, BC.  I managed to locate an Oscar nominated short called Rainbow War that was introduced at the CN pavilion.  There was another great live show at the GM exhibit.  One of the parts of the show the old storyteller told of a canoe that you could get into, point in the direction you want to go, and stroke the paddle once and you would be there.
The Loaner Impreza is a little like that.  Twitch on the gas pedal and not only may you get where you want to go, but if you're not careful you may over shoot it!  Wow!  Too much get up and go!

So tomorrow I will have my own car back.  IT will need to be replaced someday, but for now Juli and I will put money into it and think about replacing her Prism.

Where Am I?

Dec. 2nd, 2007 11:13 am
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Well....    I like my job.  I like to help people.  I suppose that I like it enough where those people that are irritating don't bother me enough even to note them in the customers suck live journal.  Tuesday we're having some super high muckymucks visit.  I've been asked to be a show piece.  I told them that I would turn up my hearing aid [sarc] and put on my game face.

Snow!!!  We've had enough to make the scenery look purty, but not enough to cause excessive problems.  Kitsap was mentioned in the news for the number of spinnouts.  I headed out early this morning to get coffee for Juli.  Not much to worry about for driving, in fact I'll still say I have had no experience in snow driving in my subaru since I bought it in 2001.

Hmmm.   I've had four different vehicles in my life.

1972 Pinto hatchback:  I learned to snow drive in Bellingham with this one.  Even though it was rear wheel drive, the weight ratio on the axles was nearly 50/50.  It was great driving in the snow.  The only problem I had was on the second day of cold weather when the fuel line froze up.  It was a simple yet time consuming fix.  I dropped in some fuel additive and pumped the gas peddle every 10 minutes for an hour.  Then she started, no problem.  Love driving in Bellingham in the snow.

1984 Toyota Tercel Hatchback:  Loved to drive in the snow with this one.  We had a BIG snow in 1985.  I volunteered to drive all over Bainbridge Island to pick up our associates and bring them to work.  I had that buggy for 14 years, until it was rear ended on Sedgewick on a dry spring day.

1995 Dodge Colt hatchback:  Sucky car, even though the previous owner tricked it out with sport wheels, tinted windows, and detailing.  It would rattle for about thirty seconds after hitting a bump.  Snow driving?  Never had a chance.  Actually I didn't want one.  I had that one for 2 years until it was totaled by another driver on Sedgewick.

1997 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport:  As I've said, I haven't had a chance yet.  But with all wheel drive it should be very good.

It's raining now.  Juli doesn't have to go to work until 2:30, so we're relaxing and watching the Hawks play.  So far we're ahead, but it's getting ugly.

We've been discussing Christmas gifts.  It's getting late so we need to scramble a bit.
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The car was sent home without a $bill$. The mechanic said that when they plugged it into the computer the error code indicated a throttle positioning error. It's an expensive fix and he suggested that I continue driving the car, that if the "Check Engine" light came back on then we would talk.

Eddie has returned home. I get to pill him for a while so he hates me now. I get to feed him NF [kidNey Function] for the rest of his life. He hates it so he hates me. NF gives him diarrhea bad so I get to boil rice and let him drink rice water. He... Well he kinda likes the rice water so he thinks I'm a little bit alright in his book.

I need to talk to the vet tomorrow. My questions;
How much life could I reasonably expect is left in Eddie?
If he returned to his regular food which he likes, how much would that conceivably shorten his life?
I'm thinking that he's lived to be 15. He's still fairly energetic. We're working on healthy, but he deserves to be happy as well. I'm just thinking here....

We be stuck in the Sargasso Sea, matey! Arrr! )
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Edward is better. I stopped in yesterday to pay a visit. I whistle at him before I enter the room and he perks right up. For some reason the attendant got it in her head that he could only have dry food. While he's perfectly happy with dry, he has no teeth. Wet is better. I taught the attendant the "Gooey food" call, and Edward now responds Favorably to her.

So the problem: His kidneys are getting old, as I said before. They're at about 30% of the function. Kidneys are like batteries, they run out. Fortunately they just needed to be flushed out. He dehydrated himself again and got a toxic buildup. So now what he has left will work fine.

As he gets older, he's 15 now, he'll need to go in for a visit and get himself cleared up again. Eventually the flushing out wont work and that will be it. There's perhaps two or three years left for him. 17 or 18 is an excellent run for a cat.

Car goes into the shop today. I'll drop it off on my way in and walk the 2.5 miles to work. I think I reported it as 4 miles once. I measured it.
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I had a good time at the BBQ this weekend, despite my distraction. I was very impressed with Valentines skill at croquet! Whoa! He was whipping us all there for a while.

Over the weekend my Subaru decided to act up. the "Check engine" light lit up. The last time it did that was during the Union 76 tainted gas incident. I passed that one by as there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the car, and the light went out after about 20 minutes anyway. This time the indicator light was persistent, and the car was behaving sluggishly. I felt compelled to leave the BBQ early and catch the ferry home rather than drive around.

Sunday saw other problems, not car related. Edward has lost more weight then is healthy. He's way off his feed and he seems a little out of it mentally. Not very alert etc. I decided to call in to the vet on Monday and make an appointment for him.

Monday rolled around. Edward decided to eat hearty, which is a good thing. But doesn't it always seem that when you decide to act on a problem it starts to correct itself? "I'm okay! I'm okay! Really!"

I drove cautiously to work. I called the mechanic as soon as he opened. He can't take the car until Wednesday. As soon as I made the appointment for the Subaru the "Check Engine" light went out. As to the sluggishness of the ride, I removed a blockage... of the floor mat under the gas peddle. D'oH! Again, doesn't it always seem that when you decide to act on a problem it starts to correct itself? The mechanic says that the car should come in anyway. The indicator light came on for 'some' reason.

I made an appointment with the vet's office for Edward for that afternoon and left work early. After an hour and a half stay at the vets I find out what I've known. Eddie's getting old. That and he's dehydrated again and his kidneys are faltering. So he's getting another hospital stay, getting some water pumped back into him. He may still have a year or two left. I can hope.


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