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Juli had to get up at 3AM in order to be at work at 4 to conduct the tag sweeper crews working the merchandise before the inventory counters.  The problem is that coffee shops don't open until 5.

So on my way to my mechanic at 7 I stopped by her store and dropped of a 20 once Latte.

The mechanic...  Well, my "check engine" light has been on for the past week.  Previously when that occurred my mechanic said it was the [insert Charlie Brown adult trumpet here], an expensive and unnecessary repair, but this time I just wanted to be sure.  Turns out I needed new spark plugs.  That would explain the drop in gas mileage this last month too.

On the way home I stopped at Barnes & Noble and found a couple of books out.  Both were by authors that I read and one i did not expect.

The rest of the afternoon was bill paying and working on getting the C. Alan Johnson Company Website back up and running.

Tonight... Baked Potato.
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Today was more of Get Thing's Done.

Love the weather we had!!!   I'm way out of shape, but I'm certainly ready to get the yard worked on.   SO today I started by....   finishing book 5 of the Kitty series.   I picked up book one at Powell's on the way to Cannon Beach at the beginning of March.   I liked what I read and picked up the other 4 the next week at Boarder's.   Then I saw from Amazon that book 6 was out so I grabbed it.

Unlike Juli, who will space out the reading of a series by reading a bunch of other books, I have no problem with total immersion.  I'll be reading book 6 from now until Norwescon, though I suspect I'll need to bring the Bujold 's next "Sharing Knife" novel  to the con.

My next task was to get garden bark and makings for a stew.  I needed to find a slow cooker recipe that could be completed on high and in 6 hours rather then on low and in 12 hours.  Found that on the web.   Then with recipe in hand, off to Freddie's.  

After the stew was assembled and cooking begun [and I must say it's smelling nice now], I swept the driveway of the snow sand left behind by the melting piles of December snow.   That was followed by intense hoeing of the primary garden bed and then bark spreading.  During the task I spoke with a few of my neighborers whom I haven't seen since fall.  We're all coming out of hibernation apparently.


Last Hours

Mar. 1st, 2009 08:38 am
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Happy March everyone.

We're enjoying our last few hours here at the beach.  It's raining lightly.  The tide is out and the, "Don't go out on Haystack Rock!!" car is out there with pamphlets and nature walks.  Juli is still snoozing and I'm reading another book.  We have our slider open and we are right next to the stairs to the beach.  So I hear the conversations as people head down for their beach walks.  "No it's too cold for swimming."  "Get Karly's  leash!  Get his leash!  Karl!"  *bark bark bark yap bark!*   "Don't Feed the Seagulls [that sounded official]"  "seagulls:  Mine!  Mine mine!  Mine!  Mine!"   "I got up before sunrise and watched the world come alive."  "Coffee's ready!"



So now we're going to lounge a bit, and then check out and go to breakfast.   ...or lunch.

I finished "The Accidental Sorcerer" by K. E. Mills [a.k.a.Karen Miller]. )


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After spending 3 hours at Powell's World of Books we drove out the Sunset Highway, up through the snow, and down to Cannon Beach.   Our room is fine.  It could be better.  We're on the first floor next to the beach access, and the bed is a pull down without reading lights.  It's got a couch though.  And a gas fireplace and the sound of ocean surf.   ...and isn't that why we're here.

While we can receive email, we can't send it.  So here's as good a place as any to communicate.

It's all good.


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Thunder, Hail, Rain, Wind, all sorts of fun spring weather.  Temp in the high 40's today and the mid 30's tonight.

Spaghetti with alfredo sauce tonight.  I added asparagus to mine.  Yum.

Reading.  I wrote a review about "Embrace the Night" a while back.  I just looked over my unread books on my end table and discovered that I already bought the first book in the series.

Replanted some house plants yesterday.



Apr. 11th, 2008 11:59 pm
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Paid bills this morning.   Ouch!  NorWesCon is now  paid for.

I cleaned out my chest of drawers today.  [4/11/08]
There were many cargo shorts that were sent away.  Size 34 just doesn't cut it.  Maybe someday again, but not now.

I did find a few things that I can't wear that will not go away.  A very faded NorWesCon 4 t-shirt [no way I was that small!!!] and many NorWesCon t-shirst from cons past.  They are now stored away.

Now I have LOTS of room on my side of the bedroom.

I bought a book on impulse from Fred Meyers yesterday.  "The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Volume 1" by Diana Wynne Jones.   I brought it home and showed Juli....  
...I should learn...   If it's any good we have it already.

So I took this pristine book back.   Sure, they took it back no problem, but then she just tossed it into a plastic bin from across the aisle.   "AHH!  IT's a BOOK!"


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Okay, I've I'm about a quarter the way through it and I'm ready to report. That in itself does not bode well.

This is an Earth where Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, fairies, shrunken heads, ghosts, Elton John and Laura Croft all come out of hiding. Okay, Laura Croft is just a video game, but the main character makes reference to her quite a bit. In fact close your eyes and you can imagine that the main character is Laura Croft. Really! Close your eyes and stop reading the book.

Okay, I wont stop. It's a bit of a dark action adventure romp. ...on crack. While it doesn't change point of view it does changes settings rapidly. The main character can blip about space and time. At one moment she's in the catacombs under Paris in dire peril, and *blip* she's in a casino in Chicago. At one moment she's trying to get information from a vampire friend, then *blip* she's making out with another vampire friend who starts to bight her, then *blip* she's on an ethereal beach talking to her godlike mentor. Then we blip in reverse.

Talk about Slaughterhouse Five without the Vonnegut . Only she has control of her blipping. ...most of the time.

I think this is book three in the series, but not to worry. There a couple of paragraphs interspersed around the "What the Heck just happened" moments that catch you up on what the heck just happened. I suppose that's okay. The paragraphs are small enough where they don't interfere with the story much. ...which doesn't say much for the previous stories if they can be explained in a couple of paragraphs.

Okay, she's looking for a Codex that has a spell which will break a gies placed on her and the previously mentioned "make out" vampire. Plot described. Oh, and she's clairvoyant.

Hmmm. When described like that the book is rather fun. ...which I don't think was the author's intention.
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Juli left for work early. About two hours later I followed. TJ Maxx was having its employee, and spouse, 20% off weekend. So I picked up 4 shirts and 3 cargo shorts.

I stopped by at Barnes & Noble to search for some manga. Instead I found "Black Powder War" by Naomi Novik. Del Rey has done something interesting with Novik's books. I'm sure it's been done before, I've just never seen it done. Novik's trilogy was completed some time ago and only released just this year. "His Majesty's Dragon" in April. "The Jade Throne" in early May, and "Black Powder War" just recently. I've read the first two already. I just think that's an effective way to release the work.

My next task, come back home and check movie times for "Over the Hedge". FUN FUN FUN!!! Even with the full theater of kids. BECAUSE of the full theater of kids!!!! A side note here; Juli likes to watch "The Apprentice". One to the episodes the winners got to do voice work for "Over the Hedge". They did the voices of people being bowled over by the rottweiler, and watching the credits, sure enough, there they were.

My final task was to cook up "Caribbean Chicken" for dinner. I haven't made that for about 5 years. Tasty dinner. It takes about 20 minutes of prep time and one hour to cook. I finished just as Juli got home. Tasty Dinner!!! We'll have Ben & Jerry's New York Chocolate Chunk later tonight.

Here's that Caribbean Chicken recipe )


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