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Spring arrives.

Shadows of Midsummer Night's Dream...
A soft choral of frogs.  
A passing of a warm wind.
The smell of trees and warm earth, sweet pollen of blooms, fill the air.
Music, soft and familiar, pulls at memories.
An image of a paint brush...
An idea for a story...
Creativity blooms with the growing green.
Thoughts grow form with the  Midsummer Night's Dream.


Mar. 20th, 2009 10:22 pm
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Back on Sunday, while driving in the snow, I turned left and my car didn't.  I smacked into a curb and bent my wheel rim, just enough to dimple the tire and give me a subtle steering wheel shimmy at 65 mph.

Today I went to Les Schwab and had them look at it.  A pair of pliers later I'm back on the road.  No charge.  Like Les Schwab!.

I also stopped at a printer and asled about return address labels.  She pulled out a book and showed me what I could attach my own artwork two.  $55 for a package of one color labels.

My next stop was Office Depot where I picked up some labels.  After an hour and a half of work in Photoshop with some lighthouse photos from our latest California adventure, and a little work in Word [yes Word] I've demonstrated that I can create my own labels.  Now I will have no excuse not to paint something, cause I'll need some real artwork rather than photographs.  

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Something interesting happened at the gym.  A crayon mark on the locker wall caught my eye.  It wasn't a special mark.  It wasn't in the shape of Jesus or Mary, and it wasn't weeping.  It wasn't even graffiti.  It was just a random line in red crayon.  But it got me briefly into the mind set of drawing.  ...that  in the zone  feeling that Betty Edwards calls "The right side of the Brain".   I ... think I hear the drawing room calling. 

Aaaaaanyway...  today was to be a day to get things done.  

While I didn't get everything on my list done, I got the important things out of the way.
Valentines Day Gifts stashed.
Workout at the gym.
Bills paid.
DInner prepared for.

Waited on hold with credit card company for 45 minutes.   Last month they said they were sending me a new card with a different number.   No fraud on the current card and I could use it until the new one arrived.  It hasn't been mailed yet.  They just now put in the order for it.

At least it will be good for our trip to the Ocean at the end of the month.   And for Dinner at Anthony's tomorrow Night.

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[posted as if it were the 12th]

Work was slow enough today that I managed to catch up.  Yeay!

It was only a 4 hour shift.  I sat in the parking and talking to my mother on the phone afterwards.  It is her birthday today.  She's 78 and still going strong!
My dad made a bacon and waffle brunch for her and my brother, Brian.  It was certainly a beautiful day for birthdays!  High 70's and sunshine.
She spent quite a bit of time on the computer, learning the ways of the laptop as opposed to the WebTV.  Conversing with her friends across the nation.
Brian and my dad are digging out the bronze casting equipment and setting it back up after 30 years.  IT seems my nephew is interested in casting, and suddenly my brother and my father are interested again. am I.
Tonight they are going to a grand opening of an art show in Kingston.  A friend of ours is displaying her work there.

While I was talking on the phone with mum I noticed a coyote nosing about and the three trees and large rock that pass as forest in the parking lot.  A moment later I heard a coworker scream in delight.  "It just ran across the parking lot!"  Poor coyote.

Tonight is the Tai Pan Corp board meeting.  As soon as Juli gets home from work we'll head out.

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I've mentioned that I've been working through Betty Edwards' "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". Actually the title is now "The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". One of the things I've discovered is that I'm not the same "beginner" as I was when I first went through the book back in the early 80's.

The first exercises is to draw 3 pre-instruction images. One is a self portrait seen in a mirror. Two is to draw someone else from memory. [[ profile] miko2 I have a picture of you which you will likely never see.] The third is a drawing of your non dominant hand. We're supposed to set these aside and compare them to drawings we do after going through the book.

The examples in the book are more in line with my 1980s pictures, where many "hurry up" symbols for images step in. Things like round head, almond eyes near the top, a crumpled "U" shape for the nose, perhaps you get the idea.
My 2006 pictures show that I have, indeed, left a lot of those symbols behind. Some of it has returned as I haven't practiced. I've never practiced. That's some, if not all, of my problems with drawing. But the fact that I "Do" know how to shift my way of thinking and I "do" know how to "See"... All of that is very promising.

Why am I going through the book again after 25 years? One, the book is updated. It's got some new things in it. One of the first things I've found that made me say "Ah Ha!" was that she's acknowledged two other levels of learning. That's drawing from memory and drawing from imagination. My frustration with those two aspects has kept me from pushing forward with art. Here she says that those two are beyond the first steps of learning. [stating the obvious? Sometimes we need the obvious stated.]
The second reason I'm doing this now is because I have the time. I've pulled back from non-work and I'm focusing on the "Next" in my life.
The third reason is that these techniques in drawing, or shifting the way you think, can be transferred into many many other walks of life. So the third reason is extremely philosophical in nature.

My day has been spent reading and drawing. It's been a good day.


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