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Birthdate:Nov 4
Location:Washington, United States of America
I met a beautiful woman in 1980. We were friends until 1998. Now we are friends and married. We chase Lighthouses on a regular basis.
I'm a dreamer. I love fantasy. I enjoy Science Fiction. I read, write, sketch, and explore new avenues of creativity daily. I have a small voice inside my head. It's my frustrated muse. While some people complain that the have no muse I have one that won't shut up. I ignore her consistently.
I work out in a gym. Married life agrees with me too much.
I am a philosopher of sorts who preaches to myself alone. I'm Zen, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and I've read the Koran. My conclusion? You can't be more "IS" then Mickey Mouse.

Interests (140):

adobe, ah! my goddess, alaska, amazing race, amg, angel, animation, anime, anthropomorphics, art, art nouveau, asterix, autumn leaves, babylon 5, babylon5, biking, books, bookstores, brian froud, british sf, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, california dreaming, cartooning, cartoons, cats, cetacea, cetaceans, character art, clannad, color pencils, comics, computer generated art, computers, conventioneering, conventions, cooking, cowboy bebop, cowboy beebop, creative sketch groups, creativity, curry, david brin, dealers rooms, digimon, digital art, digital photography, disney, disney movies, doctor who, dolphins, dr who, dr. who, dragons, drawing, enigma, enya, escaflowne, faerie, fandom, fantasy, fantasy art, farscape, firefly, friends, goonies, hayao miyazaki, heroes, holidays, hurricanes, illustrating, illustration, ipod, ipods, itunes, james burk, jean michel jarre, joss whedon, kantele, life drawing, lighthouses, lois mcmaster bujold, manga, miles vorkosigan, mountains, movie soundtracks, movies, muppets, music, my wife juli, mythbusters, neil gaiman, norwescon, ocean surf, painting, pen and ink, photography, photoshop, playing mood music, porpoises, ranma 1/2, reading, red dwarf, sci-fi, science fact, science fantasy, science fiction, scifi, scifi conventions, sea, serenity, sf, shared universes, sinja's world, sketching, snow, spring, star trek, stars, storms, storytelling, sun, sunsets, tai-pan, tales of the tai-pan, terry pratchett, the amazing race, the ocean, thunder, thunderstorms, trails, vangelis, veronica mars, walt disney world, wandering, whales, wind chimes, winnie the pooh, world music, writing
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